"Ow...my back." Vinny said for like the hundredth time in the past thirty minutes as he rubbed the area just above the waist of his pants and looked uncomfortable as he slowly pulled out a chair in the dining room and sat down with a grimace. He didn't know what in the world had possessed their A'lrose this morning when she had scared him into practically flopping himself right out of bed, but he wished she wouldn't do such things in the near future.

Honestly he'd never met such a nervous, ill mannered creature before... Well aside from Throttle when he was lacking proper rest that is.

"Still sore huh?" Modo asked as he poured himself a cup of 'coffee' that had just been made by Throttle and took a small sip before moving away from the sink. Obviously testing to make sure the bitter dark liquid was a good batch or not since Throttle had this bad habit of turning foods and liquids into- well sludge monsters. An odd skill sure, but a useful one when on the battlefield.

Still the fact that Modo was taste testing spoke volumes about how much he didn't want one of Throttle's food or drink mishaps to get near Rain. Which again was perfectly understandable since she was the only female in their family unit and thus didn't know that she should be wary of certain things. Whereas they had grown up together and lived together and even fought side by side together and knew each other and their habits really well.

"I think I slipped a disk." Vinny said as Modo cringed a little bit.

"Sorry bro, my fault," Modo said in an apologetic tone before saying, "Rain seems to be the type of gal that wakes high strung, but I didn't realize she'd be that high strung." At which point Throttle snickered.

He'd known that Rain would probably freak if she woke up with the three of them in her bed this morning, he just hadn't expected her not to scream the place down like she had when he had slept with her. It was strange. Like in her own weird way she had been trying to be considerate.

Though once Vinny had fallen out of bed she had started to get riled about the fact that they had all been sleeping with her.

She had even started to yell at them, only to stop herself and with an angry growl stalked over to her dresser and grabbed a few things then disappeared into the bathroom before any of them could so much as call dibs. That had been almost forty five minutes ago. And Throttle was beginning to wonder if perhaps their little hellion of an A'lrose was maybe using up all the hot water to punish them for sneaking into her bed without her permission.

Humming as he tried to think about what to fix for breakfast this morning, he was only slightly aware of Modo suddenly picking up a heavy pan and smacking at something dark slithering along the counter a mere moment before Rain walked into the room wearing jeans and a long sleeved sweater, her damp hair was being held back by her bath towel.

She opened her mouth to say a possibly scathing remark but then stopped herself when she saw Modo being pulled towards her sink by some sludge monster while Vinny watched on in amusement from across the room while Throttle pretended that nothing was going on while his elder brother and the sludge monster duked it out.

After all, his cooking talents or lack there of had always been a source of both amusement and embarrassment to him. And as long as the sludge monster didn't eat one of his bro's or possibly Rain then he felt no real need to jump in and try to help.

"Hm... What should I fix today?" He muttered to himself as Modo started to whack the sludge monster pulling on his arm with savage velocity while shouting in a slightly alarmed tone,

"Let. Go. Of. My. Arm!"