"Like what?" I ask in desperation, as I turn around. Tears fill my eyes under the words to haunt me. "Embrace" Suck"

That's what I had said at my speech. "Best embrace the suck."

What a jerk I was, but how could looks not matter? That's why I was so popular and got all the chicks. I didn't dare touch my bald scalp. My hair. My short, wavy blonde hair that i liked wearing around the ears and back of my neck, was gone. Possibly forever.

I touch my face. It can't be mine. No hair at my cheekbones, scars all over. Stupid tattoos. I take off my shirt. More of them. All over. It was hopeless. I'll be some bald freak until I'm old enough to be bald and not considered a freak.

Of course, I'd be considered a tattoed, scarred up freak again after college. I can't break this spell in a year. Who could ever love a beast?