Hey people,sorry it's been forever sinse I was on fanfiction but it's been hard past couple months but I'm back and it's summer so I will try my hardest!okay,this takes place sometime after Kallik finds Kissimi and Lusa saves the bears.

Lusa`s POV

Lusa stared at the King and Aisha up there yet?It had been awhile sinse she left the Bear Bowl,she imagined Yogi had grown up,like she and her friends had,maybe he and Stella had cubs.

Of coarse there would be other bears at the Bear Bowl…probably getting annoyed by Yogi and Stella`s possible cubs could be nowhere near as annoying and hyper as she had been..

But that was in the past and she couldn't go back now,it was too late.

"Lusa!" Toklo snapped, "Quit daydreaming and eat before the food's gone!"Lusa realized he and Ujurak had come back with two rabbits,both very skinny.

She did as Toklo asked and tore off a chunk of the second snow hare,she noticed Kallik trying to get Kissimi to eat some but was failing because Ujurak kept destracting him,playing in the snow.

"Ujurak STOP!I have to feed him" she snapped clearly annoyed.

"Sorry…" he felt sorry for Ujurak,it was obvious to everyone but Kallik he had a huge crush on her,that was one of the reasons he played with Kissimi so much,to act like the father he would never have.

Ujurak ripped off some of the hare for himself,sitting next to Toklo and snorted at his friend`s embarrassment,Lusa rolled her eyes at him before pressing her pelt to his comfortingly.

"It's okay," she said, "she's just a little stressed,she is trying to be a mother..She just was trying to feed Kissimi." Kissimi was now old enough to eat meat instead of milk,which everyone was thankful for seeing as he couldn't have lived much longer without milk.

"Thanks Lusa…" he said ignoring other brown bear`s rude snort.

Ujurak`s POV

Ujurack lied his head on his paws,sad that Kallik had snapped at him.

He jumped when he felt a small,fuzzy body slam into his looked down,Kissimi`s bright eyes stared happily up at him,the reflection of the twinkling stars shining on them.

Ujurak smiled his best bear smile and gently bent down and picked him him up by his scruff,then suddenly,with a jerk of his shaggy head he flung the small white bear across the snow where he landed with a resounding thud.

Kallik opened her mouth to protest before Kissimi`s head popped up,back out of the leaped back onto his paws and jumped onto Ujurack,where an eventful play fight suddenly exploded in front of the other three bears.

Kallik shot a quizzical glance at Lusa who shrugged her sholders.

Isn't this great!ha ha ha I don't think it is but oh well!and who else thinks it's funny how Lusa said all the stuff about Kallik and she didn't even notice?no one?maybe I'm just crazy…R&R!(sorry I know it's way short)