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If Germany had known the Italian was such a messy eater, he proabably wouldn't have moved in with him. Screw that, he knew that he couldn't resist the tomato loving tsundere. There was something about him that almost made Germany smile whenever he saw him.

Maybe those eyes, full of pride and stubbornness...

Maybe those lips, shaped and as red as a tomato...

Maybe those hands, so small but still so bold...

Maybe those hips, so delicate yet so seducing.

Maybe that ass..-'NO! Don't even think about it, Ludwig' he told himself.

Maybe that personality. Ever since the bold had first heard him talk in that oh so alluring voice, throwing insults at him and trying to put him down.

He always knew that Lovino would get nowhere with that. Germany was a strong man and it would need more than an arrogant little Italian to make him give up. All the teasing did was make Romano even more irresistible, his blushing being the most beautiful sight Germany had ever seen.

And now they were here. Sitting in the house they owned, eating a freshly cooked bowl of pasta, the man next to him having his whole face covered in sauce. Ludwig grinned, lifting his hand to stroke Romano' head.

„Lovino... you have sauce all over your face." he said, leaning forward and starting to lick off what was sticking to the Italian's chin. The southern part of Italy could feel his southern regions asking for attention. He groaned as his lover sucked at his chin, then at his cheek. „I this already turning you on? How dirty.." Ludwig purred against the man's face, arousing him even more.

When he paid attention to the thick liquid on the other man's lips, Germany also pushed his tongue into the other's mouth, tasting the spaghetti he ate minutes ago. They both groaned against each other's lips, the vibrations sending similar feelings to the German's groin.

„Take me to the bedroom, my night in shining armor."

„As you wish, my tomato princess" And with those words spoken, he picked up Lovino and there they went to have the best night of their lives.

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