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Part: I

It looked exactly like some kind of jungle with all the racket that went on out there. Threatening facilities that stood tall (casting long, frightening shadows), uneven terrain, screaming 'animals' that jumped and growled toward one another and worst of all – the jungle gym, where the most dangerous tribes of 'the animals' kept themselves. Yes, all put together, it became the fearful playground of Young Justice Kindergarten, aka the Justice League's Day Care for superhero children.

There was no doubt in Richard Wayne Grayson's mind – he would not step out of his father's Batmobile. Not ever.

The small child, who had glanced carefully out the window, now ducked away from the view and shook his head. To the tall, muscular man dressed in his Batsuit this was a silent statement that the dark haired boy would not be moving any time soon. This caused his companion to sigh deeply.

Bruce Wayne, secretly known as Batman, moved a hand across his – currently unmasked – face before he reached over and stroked the same hand through his adoptive son's black, soft hair. When said boy didn't look up to meet his eyes, the billionaire unbuckled and took a hold of the child by the arms, hoisting him up so he was seated in his father's comfortable lap.

"Richard, we talked about this," Bruce said calmly, using a rather strict tone though on the inside his 'only-cold-to-everyone-but-this-particular-boy-and-sometimes-my-butler' heart shattered by the youngster's devastated expression. His son still didn't look up and it caused another sigh to escape his guardian. "Dick, you remember what we talked about, right, son?"

Like expected, the change of name-use caused him to look up. The youngster's dark blue eyes stared right into Bruce's onyx coloured ones and the child pursed his lips. "I really don't wanna go," complained the young boy and crossed his arms as Bruce let his grip on him slip. "Why can't I come with you, huh? You promised I would!"

"Now, Dick, what I said was that I promise you will one day. When you're bigger and I'm sure that you'll be able to handle it, then I will let you come with. But now, you're too young. I'm sorry, but that's how it is," Bruce explained, saying each sentence very clearly for the boy to understand.

True, Richard was the most intelligent and great child Bruce had ever encountered (this also through his career as the Batman, protector of Gotham City and now much more), but he was still just five years old. Sometimes, he had to say the same things twice before the younger understood the wholeness of the sentences.

"But…" the young boy frowned. "But… if you're there, then nothing will happen!"

A part of Bruce (the soft-hearted part that he had developed after taking in the boy) wanted to smile when he heard this. It was fascinating that a child, even the overly smart ones, strongly believed that their heroes just couldn't lose. Bruce didn't have the heart, at that very moment, to break it to Dick that, despite him being the Batman, who almost never injured himself far too seriously when out on missions, the days where only Gotham villains were his responsibility to handle was over. Batman was part of the Justice League now and therefore he had more serious matters to attend.

"Dick, there is nothing to worry about," the Caped Crusader finally said after a pause with silence only. "You will do fine here in Y.J Kindergarten. You will get to know kids in… the same situation as you."

"Si-tuation?" repeated the dark haired boy.

"What I mean is, kids with… fathers, like your dad. Who fights crime and is…"

"A superhero!"

This time Bruce did smile softly and ruffled his ward's hair fondly. The enthusiasm Dick uttered whenever he got reminded that his adoptive father was a superhero could just be described with one word: adorable. Then again, Bruce (and definitely not Batman) didn't use words like those, so the Dark Knight had to settle with just thinking it. His thoughts were private at least.

"Yes, a superhero," confirmed Bruce, before he cleared his throat and looked his boy straight in the eye. "Now, remember that you promised both Alfred and I to be nice and not argue. Kindergarten is going to be… fun, I'm sure."

"Why couldn't I stay with Alfred?" The child asked, as if to avoid what Bruce had just said.

"Because, Alfred has a lot to do around the manor, as well as the fact that he can't watch over you all the time, which is needed. Also, Alfred... and I, agreed that you should meet other kids your age. Kids you can play with."

Dick looked far from convinced, but even so he, reluctantly, left the car with his father, who now had dragged the cowl of his Batman suit over his head. The young boy made sure that their hands were strongly intertwined before they started their stride through the… (Dick gulped)… playground. However, as soon as that thought had entered his mind he quickly shook his head. He was going to be a hero, like his dad and if that was going to happen then he would have to be brave, right?

So, with a strong will of making this through, the five-year-old was led by his father inside Y.J Kindergarten's area, undetected due to the entrance was somewhat hidden from the playground.

To say that Dick was overwhelmingly happy when they reached the building and had laid the possibility of being spotted behind their backs was an understatement. His shoulders relaxed to a certain degree and he daringly stepped a bit to the side, so he wasn't standing completely against his father's side. Even though he had made some space between them he did not let go of the secure, large hand. He still wasn't happy about this. No way.

Dark-blue eyes, covered by the small domino mask Bruce had given him, looked around, taking in the hallway. Red painted hangers were lined up on each of the walls, as well as a some letters formed the name of whichever child that, apparently, 'owned' the hanger. Backpacks in various colours had been placed on the hangers, but no shoes. They were being used out in the playground, of course.

Bruce squeezed his son's hand reassuringly, before he reached out and hung Dick's own black (with an extremely cool, red batman symbol and a red 'R' adorning it) backpack on the empty hanger that read 'Robin'.

Dick felt nauseous. He had a feeling that his daddy would leave soon and then he would be all alone here. All alone with no one, but these strangers who for all he knew could be real big… meanie monsters! Yeah, that was the word.

"Ah, Batman, sir, you've finally arrived!"

The voice caused the young boy to jump. Soon he had taken cover behind the Dark Knight whose face remained emotionless as a skinny woman with a bright pink dress, lime green tights and a too big smile approached them. Her blonde, curly hair was reaching to just above her shoulders and those bright blue eyes of hers looked a little too friendly for Dick's taste.

The woman clapped her hands together and came closer. A little too close to his daddy if Dick had to say it himself. Actually, everything about this lady was a little too much.

"I was wondering when you would bring young Robin," she said sweetly as she put her hands on her knees and bowed down just a little to take a look at the masked boy. "Welcome to Young Justice Kindergarten, Robin. The other superhero kids are currently out playing, but in a minute or two they will be called inside, ready to meet their new playmate, all right?"

Dick didn't answer. Instead his hold on Batman's cape tightened and he looked away from her intense stare. He had already decided that he didn't like her. She was far too... too... sweet. In a very creepy away, not the comfortable nice way. Not like the heroines his dad knew. Not like Wonder Woman who always acted and looked so kind on television or Black Canary who was so cool or… Hawkgirl. Yeah, they were not this creepy. Not at all.

"I'll be back as soon as possible," said Bruce emotionlessly. "Keep an eye on him and call if… if something's wrong. Now, if you don't mind I would like to bid my goodbye to him privately, Tantella."

The blonde haired woman straightened up and waved a hand dismissively. "Of course, of course! I should help M'onna in the kitchen either way. Just send him in when you're done, all right?" She then winked flirtingly at him. "And please, Batman, call me Alyssa. My I.D is no secret anymore."

Robin watched glaringly as she walked off and glanced up at his dad. "Who's that?"

"Alyssa Hart or Tantella as she is also called. Used to be a superhero, but her powers have been seriously reduced after an accident many years ago. She can extract tentacles out of her body, any place on her physique if I'm not wrong. She also looks incredibly young. Appears thirty when she is truly sixty five."

Dick sometimes did not quite understand all the words his father uttered, but he knew enough that the scary lady could pull out tentacles from her body and was actually old! It made him grimace just thinking about it and especially when he realised an old lady was… acting cosy with his daddy.

Ew. Yuck. Never.

Bruce crouched down so he was at Dick's eyelevel and then reached out to put his large hand on the boy's small shoulder. "Listen, Dick; everything will be perfectly fine. It'll only be for a couple of hours and if it turns out to be absolutely horrible you won't have to attend here ever again. Okay?"

"Okay," whispered Dick as he fixed his gaze briefly to his shoes, before looking up at his adoptive father with big eyes, that behind the mask was quite teary. "You'll be back soon, right? Right?"

Through the years Bruce had developed a lot of immunities. Fright, emotions in general, his gag reflex whenever Alfred was experimenting in the kitchen… Yeah, stuff like that he was pretty much immune for now, but if there was one thing he was sure he could never develop an immunity for, it was his son's puppy dog eyes. They worked even behind the domino mask, which said a lot. A lot, lot.

"As soon as possible, Dick. I promise."

A warm, large hand ruffled the boy's hair fondly, and, after giving his son a quick hug, Batman stood up. A bit hesitantly, he left his to-be-sidekick-one-day alone in the hallway, hoping that Robin would soon forget his nervousness and instead enjoy himself. That was, after all, the whole point with him attending Y.J Kindergarten, if one looked away from the obvious fact that neither Bruce nor Alfred had the time today.

Dick felt frightened already, but because he had vowed to be brave for his daddy all he did was gulp, inhale and exhale, before he slowly moved in the direction the scary woman with the big smile had gone off to. Truthfully, he didn't want to see that scary smiley-face again, but it was either that direction or the playground… Because he had no idea where the boy's restroom were, meaning he couldn't hide there.

With soundless steps, Dick followed the corridor until he ended up in a big, rectangular room. What he saw made his covered eyes widen. The room held various sofas and armchairs, but the floor was mostly covered with toys – so many toys! Blankets, teddies, other stuffed animals, plastic ovens, science kits, board games, picture books – this place had it all. However, the only thing that impressed Dick was he amount of toys, not the toys themselves. He had seen his daddy's equipmentthose were impressive toys.

He heard sounds coming from the room linked to the one he was currently in, but decided not to go in that direction just in case he met that scary lady again. So, he instead he decided to walk over and maybe make a… pillow fort. There were plenty of enough blankets and pillows all around, so he could might as well make himself comfortable. Besides, with his skills he could put together a big fort where he could stay until his daddy picked him up again. Perfect way to avoid all the stupid kids that probably went here.

With skilled hands Dick grabbed the first pillow he could find (which was one just centimetres from his feet) and then began his constructing. It wasn't that hard to build a fort, even though Dick had never done it before. Or, he'd tried to do it before, but Alfred had gotten a bit… mad. Apparently, all the pillows in Wayne Manor should not be used to make a pillow fort. They were a tad bit too expensive and Alfred was a neat-freak. At least that was what Bruce had whispered once.

It wasn't before he had placed the last pillow on its place that the sound of a bell rang through the air, startling Dick by its unexpectedness. It came so sudden and he was so into creating his fort that it made him trip and before the poor kid knew it he lay buried under a mass of blankets and pillows.

Terrific. At least no one was present to witness that.

Children's voices were heard and Dick lifted a bit on the blanket closest to his head so he could peer out in the room. What he saw made him blink. Kids. And everyone was wearing costumes! Like him. Some pink, some blue, some red and some yellow – many were just as colourful as him!

Well, not that it mattered… Pft, he still didn't like it here.

He blinked and silently counted them. They were eleven; five boys and six girls. Somehow, his imagination had made them seem like they were more outside.

With great caution, Robin wriggled underneath the blankets, but made sure that it wasn't noticeable. He just needed to find a better position to lie in. Once it felt all right, the Boy Wonder sighed out and turned back to look at the children that now came pouring in from the hallway. They chatted between themselves, two of the girls held hands and some, the more mature ones it seemed, kept a close look on the youngsters. Dick briefly noticed that the youngest kids of them were probably around his age.

Dick suddenly wondered if this hiding place was good enough, because all the other children kept coming closer and closer. He didn't get to ponder over whether to hide better or not though, because suddenly someone (or something?) came crashing abruptly into him, causing a yelp to escape him. When Dick finally opened his eyes a couple of green orbs met his vision.

A boy with bright red hair and freckles looked back at him, face showing a confused expression. Dick just stared back, not sure what to do about this situation. He settled for eyeing the kid in front of him. The freckled boy wore an outfit with a yellow upper-body, having a red lightning bolt in a white circle adorning it, and red coloured leggings. Around his neck, hung a couple of goggles.

"You ruined my pillow fort," said Dick, without even thinking over why.

The newly arrived boy blinked. "You made a pillow fort?" he asked.

Huffing by the idiot's reply, Dick glared without uttering a word. All right, so the five-year-old was, kind of, to blame for the destruction of his fort. But hey, how was he supposed to know this stupid day care had a bell? He thought they only had those in school.

Robin was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt the other boy inch closer. It made him glare harder. "My name is Wally, but here I'm Kid Flash. Flash is my daddy. Well, really, he's my uncle, but my parents died when I was…" the redhead, who obviously liked to talk much and deliver personal information right out of the blue, rose his hand. He then counted his fingers and a small smile replaced the brief look of concentration. "… three. They died when I was three, so I there's some things I can't remember 'bout them."

The other kid, now known as Wally or Kid Flash, paused enough for Robin to say: "You talk a lot… and fast."

Other kids around Dick's age usually got insulted whenever they weren't downright praised, but Wally just grinned so his teeth showed. Two of his front teeth were missing; one bottom tooth and one upper tooth. "I am fast!" he boasted and scooted even closer. Dick found it weird that he had no urge to make space between them. "I can run faster than all the other kids! Even Superboy. He's one of my bestest friends and he's cool, but not as fast as I am! I run faster! Do you run fast?"

"No, or, I don't know," Dick said honestly. "I'm an acrobat. I do tricks with the trapeze. You know, like… circus people do. I take somersaults… stuff like that."

"Really?" Kid Flash asked interested and scooted even closer. Dick could now hear his rather quick heartbeat. "What's your name? How old are you? Do you live around here? Who's your mentor-daddy?"

Dick, not used to people talking so fast and asking so many questions, just blinked at him from behind the domino mask. His daddy had forbid him to tell anyone his real name, but that was all right. Some of the kids in the streets often bullied him for his name, saying it was 'like a bad word'. Besides, he liked Robin better than 'Richard' and 'Dick'. It sounded cooler and one of the few memories he still had of his real parents showed his mother calling him that like nickname.

Answering this, Wally, about all the other questions, however, he concluded was all right. "My superhero name's Robin. My daddy says I can't tell anyone my real name," explained the young boy and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm five," he then said and put up his hand, showing all the fingers. "I live in Gotham and my daddy is Batman."

The green eyes belonging to Wally widened. "Really? I've seen Batman on TV. He's awesome!"

For the first time since meeting this fast speaking boy, Dick smiled proudly. "I know! He's got no superpowers, but he's smart and strong and everything!" The dark haired boy then tilted his head to the side. "Is your daddy cool too? Does he run fast?"

"You've never heard of the Flash?" asked Wally disbelieved.

"No… Daddy doesn't tell me much 'bout other superheroes. Says I don't need to yet and that I should focus on knowing everything 'bout Gotham Villains first. I've seen some on TV though, but not Flash. I haven't seen him."

"Well, I know everyone!" Kid Flash said excitedly and then suddenly stood up, blanket still covering him. "I'll take you to meet Superboy! And, Miss M, Aqualad and-and Speedy, he's an archer, but he's kind of a meanie. I think arches are taught to be mean, 'cause Artemis, his sister, is too. Come, I'll take you!"

Before Dick could register what happened the freckled boy had grabbed him by the arm and dragged him, super quickly, out of the pillow fort. Then, he abruptly stood in front of three other kids, at the other side of the room, all glancing over at him a bit surprised and yet they seemed used to Kid Flash appearing and reappearing out of nowhere.

"Hey, guys! This is Robin; he's Batman's kid!" introduced Wally with a beaming grin. His hand was holding Dick's, causing the shorter boy's ears to redden together along with his cheeks. He wasn't used to being treated that friendly by anyone but Bruce and Alfred.

Wally's other hand then pointed at a taller boy with short, dark coloured hair and sky-blue eyes. He was wearing baggy, dark blue trousers and a black T-shirt with an 'S' symbol that Robin recognised instantly. Even though he didn't know much about other superheroes, one had to be blind not to know of Superman and his logo.

"That's Superboy! His daddy is Superman!" said Kid Flash, excitedly.

"Hi," the boy greeted, though he barely served Robin a glance. He was far too busy with his teddy bear, which also, ironically enough, had a similar T-shirt with the Superman logo.

Kid Flash then directed the finger toward a green skinned girl with red hair tied up in two pigtails and auburn coloured eyes. She too had freckles and if it hadn't been for the green skin she could've easily passed as Kid Flash' sister. She wore a white and blue dress with a matching cape. "That's Miss Martian, Robin, but we call her Megan, 'cause it's her earth name. She's lived twenty-four years, but is eight here on earth! Oh and she's Martian Manhunter's niece!"

"Hi," she greeted with a friendly smile. Robin waved back shyly.

Once again Kid Flash pointed, but this time to the black skinned boy with petite, blond hair. He was wearing what appeared to be a red and black swimsuit. Also, this boy had gills with a couple of webbed hands that matched. "That's Aqualad! He was adopted by Aquaman!" told Kid Flash with a big smile. "They're from Atlantis! Isn't that cool? You've heard of Atlantis, right?"

"Well, uhm," Dick mumbled. "Yeah. Batman told me a bit 'bout it."

"You're really Batman's son?" Miss Martian, or Megan as Wally had called her, asked and floated over to him. It made Dick blink, because even though he'd seen Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and the other flying superheroes on TV it was different seeing it in real life. "Uncle J'onn's told me about him! He's the greatest detective ever, right?"

Dick nodded silently, eyeing the flying, green skinned girl before him. She had a friendly, freckled face and somehow he imagined that if she was an earthling she'd had braces. It was just a feeling, really.

"Robin's going to play with us!" announced Kid Flash, tugging on Robin's hand. "It's your first day, right? Right?" The Boy Wonder nodded warily. "Then we're goin' to show you around and be your… your… what's that word again?"

"Guide," said Aqualad, before he smiled gently at Robin. "You can call me Kaldur and Superboy's name is Connor. We will be glad to show you everything."

"Yeah, the playground, the Lego room and the small library!" Wally added.

Since he was new and surely didn't want to throw away an offer to make his stay at kindergarten slightly better, Dick nodded. He felt sort of relieved, actually. True, he wasn't used to being around other superhero kids, but he supposed it would be all right this once. It was better than going around and sulk until Bruce finally came to get him.

Besides, all these kids were taller than him, which meant he could hide behind them from that creepy smiley-lady who thought she could just go around and flirt with his daddy right out of the blue.


To Be Continued…?

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