20 years ago, 14 years before the events of Sinnoh...

Within a small house in Anvill town, listening to a radio sat Ghestis; a man with a long sleeved white shirt, long unkempt green hair and khakis with open toed slippers. He was listening to a new device which spread the same electromagnetic waves that were used to prevent pokemon from evolving called a radio.

The world was changing.

"In Kanto bio-eingeneering was a booming industry," the radio said with some static coming out of it.

"The first cyber pokemon had been made and because of that a unknown computer scientist by the name of Bill invented a storage system for trainers so that pokemon can be kept in there. No longer will trainers need to carry 10 or more pokemon in their balls on a belt!"

Ghestis smirked.

If he could...break...the system, he could potentially steal other pokemon and be the only force on the planet WITH pokemon.

...His pupils shrank and he stood up.

A small smile cracked on his face.

This epiphany was going to help him reach a goal; to change the world.

He needed power and flew on his Hydregion to Nacrene City's library to do research...

He paid the fee to enter and read a book about the legends of Unova.

Two dragons, one power, one pure hero.

He needed a hero to awaken the dragon but he knew his intentions were not pure, he needed a child...

Present Day

An underground castle made of lime and stone, the interior a rich black and gold marble which lead to more halls and floors of varying material like rocks and soothing waterfalls flowing from the top floor, where the throne was. All of this under the pokemon league headquarters.

A castle 15 years in the making, patiently built by humans and pokemon all for one being...

Within laid a "prince" in his "bedroom."

His bedroom was more of a play room, with a single window that had jail bars on it.

The floor was just a carpet of clouds, the walls checkered patterns were shades of pink and the ceiling was black so that whenever the prince slept, glow in the dark stars that were on the ceiling shone.

Sleeping under this imitation of the milky way lay a young growing boy with long light green hair which reached to his waist and wore a simple black V trim shirt, light gray sweatpants and white socks.

He had been lying on a Zororak, a black fur pokemon with long red hair, long as the prince's and they were sleeping in warm embrace, the poor boy had no bed and merely used the mass of his pokemon as a pillow.

For as long as he could remember he was taken care of in the castle and was claimed to have had hurt his head playing outside and not remembering his roots.

The Sages, the advisers for the prince, all old men wearing the colors of the rainbow, were tasked with teaching the boy about the world and how to use pokemon in battle.

For 16 long years he had been kept indoors and only allowed outside with a retainer or a chaperone and that was only on to trips to the pokecenter on how to use the PC and buy stuff and heal.

Since he could remember, he had two human friends to help him when he wasn't learning and those two were Corcondia and Athena.

They had to babysit him and make sure that he was calm and never rebellious or throwing a fit.

They were like a mother to him and he accepted that he had no parents despite the fact that Ghestis refused to be addressed as his father.

He saw the misery in Corcondia and Athena's eyes as they were helping others and were forced indoors like he had.

He longed for the day to leave the dreary castle.