YYH (c) Shonen Jump

This is a series of shorts depicting the beginning of the Blood Brothers universe, all the way through the end (of what, I'm not sure yet) and all based on prompts taken from dailyprompt web site.

prompt: dragon's lair


It was the bandits that caught our attention, Yomi and I. They had valuables – diamonds and the like, nothing major but enough to intrigue us. It wasn't a challenge. It was practice. They were easy targets, and we needed something to boost our egos after a few failed missions. So we snuck into their hideout and took their things while they were still sleeping.

Yomi had already left. I entered the last room. The last room did not smell like goblin bandits. It smelled like something far more intriguing – smoke and anger, a scent I wasn't familiar with. So I cautiously looked inside.

This one wasn't sleeping. He was standing on the other side of his cot, sword drawn, blood red eyes narrowed in distaste. My rose was still in my hand. I could easily have decapitated him then and there. But I didn't.

"So? What do you want?"

I grinned. "To steal your valuables?"

Whatever answer he was expecting, it wasn't that. His eyes widened just a bit, then he started chuckling. It was a soft sound, and the others didn't wake. He returned his sword to its sheath. "Look around if you like. I have nothing of worth, thief."

I couldn't help the smirk. "You seem awfully confident."

"You would never get close enough to hurt me, least of all with a flower."

I gave him a look of polite disbelief. "Perhaps one day we should test that."

He returned my look. "Not today? I'm surprised, fox."

I bowed with a flourish. "Unfortunately, no. I must take my leave before your companions wake and discover what I have taken. Good day to you." With that I vanished back down the hall.

It would be years before I saw Hiei again.