Just a massive author's note for you information -

So, I wasn't going to abandon this story, but several things happened. School got in the way, then I lost interest, then I lost my flashdrive. You know, the one that has the other ten chapters I had written out for this story and the rest of the prompts I was using. So basically, here's what's going to happen:

This story is complete as it. Prelude based on prompts is over. However, keep an eye out for Prelude part 2, which will pick up somewhat were this story left off, and will be another one-shot series. They will all be episode tags and not based on prompts. Songs maybe, but not prompts. I will also take requests for that series as well (PMs please, not reviews) as long as they arent' slash requests.

Once again, I apologize. Please go find Prelude 2 (as soon as I put it up) and keep enjoying this awesome series.

Yours truly,