Knight 37 Chapter 10

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Iseult couldn't believe how powerful Emrys had been. She really shouldn't have made him angry. 'But he looked kind of hot when he was mad,' she thought to herself, as she stumbled around in the nearby forest. 'And even when he wasn't angry, he was really cute. And he was kind, and caring, and brave…' And at that moment, Merlin earned himself a new ally, and a new fangirl.

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The sorceress was finally defeated, and Camelot was now safe again (until next week). There hadn't been too many fatalities (none that really mattered), and the kingdom was currently being rebuilt (for the 704th time).

"Allen, for your bravery, you deserve a reward." Arthur declared. You see, Allen got the credit for getting rid of Iseult. That way, no one would be suspicious of Merlin.

"Um, as my reward, m-may I quit my job as a knight?" Allen asked hopefully.

Arthur looked confused (as always). "Wait, you're a knight?"

"Yes sire, that's why I wasn't given a name. I was raised from birth to be a knight and be killed in battle." Allen explained.

"Why would you be killed in battle?" Arthur asked ignorantly. "Oh well, yes you may quit being a knight. Though I've no idea why you would want to quit. It's an honour!"

"Um, sure. I suppose it just isn't for me."

"Well what other employment do you want then?"

Allen pondered this for a bit. He remembered seeing that little girl grinning, as she ate a loaf of warm bread.

"Well you see sire, I think I'd enjoy being a-"


Allen loved being a baker. There was no violence involved (except for slicing innocent bread and butter), and he created things people loved. He loved nothing more than to have someone smile while eating his creations. There was nothing like the satisfaction of making others happy. His humble bakery, was filled with a warm glow and the smell of newly baked breads. And Allen met lots of people, and was allowed to express his feelings freely! Oh, and there was a reduced chance of him dying! Yes, being a baker was the best job he could have hoped for.

He created the finest bread in all the lands. Even nobles had to admit his creations were perfection in the form of bread. And so for years to come, Allen happily baked for anyone who desired his food, whether they had the money to pay for it or not. He didn't need payment anyway. After all, he was friends with Arthur, the King of Camelot, and Merlin, the powerful warlock. He could never be low on money, his friends wouldn't allow it. And they often visited him, and enjoyed his baked goods as much as anyone.

Allen was no longer the weak, dull knight. He was no longer Knight 37. He was Allen, through and through. And he had never been happier.


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