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What if Sabrina and Daphne hadn't have awoken their parents two years after the spell was placed on them? What if they did when they were older? 15 years older to be exact. This is what I would think would happen.

15 Years into the Future

"Sabrina!" Daphne called to her older sister. "Sabrina, it's time!"

Sabrina Grimm rushed down the stairs towards her sister, long blond hair fanning out behind her. Her eyes sparkled with hope and she caught her sister's eye. Daphne bit her lip, trying to hide her excitement.

Basil Grimm, the sisters' younger brother, was right behind Sabrina. Basil was not the young boy he'd used to be. He was now nearing fifteen years old. His red hair had gotten darker and matched the shade of Granny Relda's hair in her youth, though his was shorter and blossomed gently outwards at the tips. He and Daphne shared the same sparkling eyes that seemed to find the little joy that was left in their world and smiled over it, though Daphne's were a warm brown and his were a gentle green. They both had a round face, which they'd inherited from their father, and he'd inherited it from his mother. Daphne's hair, however, was raven, like their mother's.

Sabrina felt like the odd one out in her siblings. She was said to look the most like her mother, after having the same face as her, but she had blond hair and blue eyes, like her father. She could often pass as her uncle's child, since he and Henry looked so alike, though at twenty-seven, Sabrina Grimm was no child.

Daphne was a little younger, at the age of twenty-three. Her features had matured greatly from when she was a child and the undercurrents of her beauty had begun to peek through as she aged. Both of the sisters were of stunning beauty, and Basil was very handsome too. All in all, the Grimm family were served more good-looking traits than almost every other human/Everafter family.

Why was Daphne calling to Sabrina? Why were Sabrina and Basil running down the stairs at full speed? Well, today was the day that they would finally wake up their parents. Today was the day that they would finally be able to talk to them.

Sabrina hoped that they'd be proud. She knew Daphne wished the same. But poor Basil didn't know his parents at all, as they had been in a sleeping spell when he'd been born. Sabrina and Daphne had managed to save him from Mirror, and now they felt they were getting their repayment for their years of grief.

Their parents' spell would be broken.

Sabrina worried over how they'd react. After all, they'd left behind an eleven year old, a five year old, and an unborn child. She wondered if their parents would recognize them. Would they believe them? Would they think that fifteen years had really past?

Sabrina knew that her father was over-protective over his girls, and she wondered how he'd react to Sabrina's marriage, Daphne's magic, and Basil.

She knew her mother would be heart-broken.

The whole family gathered around Henry and Veronica's bed. No one said a word. Puck took Sabrina's hand and squeezed it. Daphne bit her lip. Basil held his breath.

Goldilocks leaned forward.

Everyone leaned with her, wanting to see if Henry would awaken.

She kissed him and….


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