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What if Sabrina and Daphne hadn't have awoken their parents two years after the spell was placed on them? What if they did when they were older? 15 years older to be exact. This is what I would think would happen.


At sunset, as the Grimms got ready to send Younger Sabrina and Daphne back, a question popped out of Puck's mouth.

"Hey," He asked the sisters. They turned to him, and he continued slowly, "Didn't Charming come with you two?"

Sabrina and Daphne groaned.

Great. Now they had to go look for Charming.

"What are you doing?"

Older Sabrina nearly jumped out of her skin,"PUCK! Don't do that!"

Puck chuckled at the look on his wife's face. "What are you thinking about?"

Sabrina frowned slightly. "If I were Charming, where would I be?"

Puck rolled his eyes, "Standing in front of a mirror of course."

They glanced at each other at the same moment, wide grins upon their faces.

"We know where Charming is!" Sabrina and Puck said in unison as the approached Daphne, their hands entwined.

Daphne giggled. "So do I. It took you long enough."

"Yeah, well Sabrina got...distracted in the woods."

Sabrina smacked his shoulder. "Shut up! I didn't! I was just thinking."

Daphne watched them bicker in amusement. She wondered how long it would take Sabrina to tell Puck. She hoped it was soon, because she didn't like keeping a secret this big from her brother-in-law. Puck was bound to notice that something was going on, and when he did, the first person he would question would be Daphne. She knew Puck's intense, scary look would make anyone tell him right away.

"A-ha! I was right! You were thinking about me!"

"No I wasn't! No, don't tickle me!"


Daphne, Sabrina and Puck winched as they took in Henry's angry form. Puck bravely kept his hold tight on Sabrina, not letting her go, which made Sabrina's father angrier.

"We found out where Charming is, Dad." Daphne told him. "I sent Basil, Elvis and Red to find him."

"And my pixies," Puck added with a slight glare in Daphne's direction.

"Sorry about that," Daphne smiled apologetically at him.

"And what was that?" Henry asked, obviously meaning Puck tickling Sabrina.

"We were...er...celebrating?" Puck responded, though it came out as more of a question.

"Stay away from my daughter, fairy boy." Henry growled at Puck.

"Dad!" Sabrina shouted in rage.

"And you missy, you're grounded!" Henry pointed to her.

"For what?" Sabrina asked, laughing harshly. "For being in love with him? For marrying him? For being with him? What is your problem dad? Are you that mad about me being happy?"

"You can be happy, just not with him." Henry stated, his voice steady while in the inside he was still fuming.

"Well how about this? NO! I am staying with Puck, even if it means I have to stay away from you!" Sabrina hissed, then grabbing Puck's arm, she dragged him back into the woods, where they had just come from.

Henry ran a hand through his hair and turned the Daphne, who was frowning disapprovingly at him. It was a look that reminded him of his mother and his wife at the same time.

"I messed up, didn't I?"

Daphne just shook her head and walked away.


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