Light and Dark

By: Izzy

Author's Note: I couldn't help myself but to make this. The idea was a murderous plot bunny I tells ya! XD Anyways, the reason I wrote my name as to who did this is apparently some people don't fully know that I'm the more active one on FF instead of Des- actually, I'm the one who perfers horror and scif-fi films, meaning I'm the only one who writes Hellraiser fics. XD

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything god dammit!...Just my OC's which include the twin children of Kirsty and Pinhead.

Full Summary: Kirsty Cotton is gone- for good this time. But she hasn't gone empty though- leaving behind a set of young newborn twins seperated at birth. One is sent to the trusty hands of her closest friend Tiffany, while the other is unfortunately and accidentally sent to a cruel orphanage. Five years later, Tiffany notices a darkness within her foster daughter that seems rather familiar to the man she suspects is the father, while the son is about to come face to face with his father and his 'aunt and uncles'. Who is the father? How will the little 'family reunion' go? Especially with their being a fine line between the young children, one being pure and kind like the mother- and the other wicked and mischievious with a growing darkness within like the father...

Prolouge: New and Stolen Life

"Push Kirsty! Please you must keep pushing!" the nurse encouraged in between the horoundous screams of pure pain and the increasingly growing hellish pain of the endless labor.

The brunette let out a broken sigh, taking something of a break for only moment to let her mind relaxen for just the slightest bit and simply think through this all, as to how she knew and could feel her body slowly weakening. A pain she had never experienced before, and that no self-proclaimed Cenobite of the past could ever make a comparison to. Not now, and certainly not ever.

Her vision was fading, growing dimer as much to her dislike the pain only continued, and hot tears streamed down her cheeks. This had gone on and on for simply hours, though it felt as though she were trapped in the deepest pit of the heart of Hell itself. She arched her back for a moment when another sharp spike of pain hit her, the source most likely her heavily swollen abdomen as from her lips in response came another shriek.

Heat increasing, she was sweating, her hair soaked and damp, and she was so damn tired. She was so weak that it took two doctors by then to hold her legs up, the tight grip she had held on one of the other doctors weakening gradually. Her body and mind screaming to her that she just couldn't do this anymore, that it was too weak to continue no matter what stakes in store.

But for her heart, it was the reward to it that mattered, and so she remained as she was. Weakening, practically the feeling of dying slowly and painfully through it all- for the simple reward of love. A very creation to love, that no other thing in the world could ever subsitute for. It was the only voice out of the million screaming ones in her mind that encouraged her to go on, besides the nurses and doctors practically in her face with stern looks of heavy concern.

She had to live- for the sake of her baby.

Upon learning of her pregnancy in the early months, there was many assumptions from strangers who had only learned of her past and 'tragic' losses that her late husband, Trevor Gooden, was the father. Behind their backs she snarled and rolled her eyes at the very mention to that name- though she hadn't done that before. A part of heart had been in deep worry that perhaps the baby growing inside her had such a powerful mind to influence her into easy anger at the things, but she shook that off of her mind and just figured it was a symptom of just being emotional.

So as her belly had grown, so did her worries. Soon, when the child was to become older, of course they would be filled with questions as to the identity of their father. Perhaps she could marry another man while the child was still young, one honest and pure and willing to keep cover in as the 'father' he was not. But the problem was, if the child had a natural strong sense of curiousity or was intelligent, then it would be able to tell that physically they looked nothing of their father. So with that, she just left those concerns off of mind and decided she'd find an answer later.

But now, everything was in place- and the child (whom for a small joy had decided to not learn of the baby's gender just so she could be personally and pleasently surprised) wasn't even born yet. All there was was screaming loudly enough to possibly shatter windows, and a hellish misfortune of pain that to a small dark humor she quickly thought of was something those Cenobites would've never took enjoyment to, or to the very least of a specific one most important to her mind would find any sort of 'pleasure' within the pain of her unholy grip crushing her hand, and then wondered if the female Cenobite knew exactly what she meant, that if in her human life she too had been a mother once.

In between screams and pressure, in between the increasing weakness of her body and mind losing will to live, she couldn't help but think of them all. Especially the one those in fear addressed as 'Pinhead'. She knew that wasn't certainly his name, the one she had encountered more than once and how funny was it she hadn't learnt of his name until last moment, but wondered of his current position and his updoings. Whether a plot or another murder of a fool opening the Lament Box, wondering just what actions he would ever plan of in the future if he were to learn of-

"AAAHHH!" Kirsty screamed, as the pain rose to something as though her whole body was on fire, and for a moment- it seemed to relaxen. As though the flames were dimed, but she was still sweating, and the intense pain still remained as the nurse proudly held a screaming, crying bundle wrapped delicately in a blankt to keep it warm.

"It's a boy." the nurse smiled softly, though her voice was as loud as it had been.

"Benjamin-Elliot!" was the immediate, gasped response of relief from the pain. Kirsty smiled, seeing as though it were finally over and that she was soon leave with her newly born, perfectly beautiful son.

But all that joy quickly faded when another sharp, stabbing pain of the familiar labor quickly returned, and she screamed yet again in horror.

Another child?

Though of course she was overjoyed to that, it was otherwise not much of a celebration since there was still more hellish pain to endure, and knew that this would be pushing her body too far, that she could no longer hang on. Any second, if this were to keep up- she was bound to die. That she was dying right now at this very second as she continued to grow weaker, but it was too late to turn back now. So, Kirsty summoned up as much energy she could and find whatever strength was left within her, and let out the roar of what had to be the loudest shriek heard.

So loud, she swore that she blew three of the doctors' hearings out, and caused a large crack from within the nearby window.

It was seemingly worth it, as her legs immediately plopped, throwing her head back in relief and the dizzy sickness rising though. The pain no longer intense, but a dying flame ready to pass and be carried through by a cool breeze.

Wait- it was just her dying.

The doctors were doing everything that they could of course, it was their jobs not to give up. But from the expression on the nurse's face, it was highly evident that nothing could be done. That it was all too much and far too late to be saved. Her body was too weak to protest, her heartbeats and breaths slowing, as Kirsty made a last effort in drawing strength to keep her eyes open at the very sight of her newly born child- a daughter as the nurse had whispered.

Kirsty weakly lifted her hand to carress the child's cheek softly, barely able to smile as her eyes began to close and her voice grown so low it was nothing more than a whisper.

"A- Aurora G-Grace..." she whispered weakly, as she began so to close her eyes.

"Kirsty..." the nurse began, but trailed, unable to say what so.

" Ti...T-Tell m-my ch- children th- that I l- love t- them and..." Kirsty drew in a long, broken breath before speaking finally.

"...As does their..father...Xi-" and with that, Kirsty no longer spoke, and her head slowly rested to one side, eyes shut and face calm with peace. Her body limp, and evident that the young woman was officially dead.

A doctor in the background of the nurse's ears had announced the time of her death, with a several others exiting to another room, most likely for other patients to attend to. The nurse herself remained still, cradling the small baby daughter in her arms while the son was whisked away suddenly behind the nurse's back.

The nurse, whom took off her cap and revealed long, lucious sun-glowing blond hair, began to have several tears fall down her cheeks, attempting to not have them land upon the small, helpless child- whom suddenly seem to know the truth on the fate of her mother, and her cries became louder- almost in pain.

Tiffany Harris turned her head to one side to cry horribly at the meer sight of her now dead friend, while one of the nurses she knew took the daughter out of her hands for health shots to be given, as the blond fell to her knees and cried on lower part of Kirsty's abdomen, the part that wasn't still swollen of a now empty belly, the horrible realization there was as her mind played over and over every minute to it. The very sight of her children, the sight of her dying and now dead, the last words...

Through her sadness, a very small part of the blond woman wondered just what of the name Kirsty never finished was- of whom was the father.

Or from the looks of the sound to it, along with the history plagued nightmares she constantly had of the events of the Channard Institute from so long ago, wondered as well as what the father was...

For now, she just weeped. For the joy of new lives, and mostly for the grieving, heartbreaking sight of her best friend's life being stolen away forever...

Meanwhile, within the depe pits of Hell and the Labyrinth itself- there seemed to be a silent uproar within many of those who looked to Kirsty Cotton as a menace. Those who had seen her personally, or those who had heard the infamous legends, seem to rejoice in small, wicked grins, or the currently-tongue-kissing-Dreamer cenobite Pistonhead flipping the bird as he never once plied his lips off who was technically his consort.

For those who had personally come face to face with Kirsty, those of the original four, remained silent. Not a word being said from any of them. Rather they were dressed unusually in black hoods, hiding their faces as though something a tradition in Hell of something close to mourning- almost.

Xipe Totec himself wasn't certain what to think the moment he was no longer able to feel the presence of Kirsty Cotton. Her fierce attitud and strong will lost forever, the one who dared stand against them all, defied them, and even outwitted them to an escape. It was almost to a dark entertainment- and they had even once admitted this to one another.

But he had found himself falling slowly through to an attachment with the human woman, unable to find her strong will something of an attraction. How he had once dreamed over her joining them- mostly with her standing by his side as somethng of high ranking power, proudlu something best to say as the favored daughter-in-law (or just perhaps daughter) of Leviathan.

But the numb feeling of shock seemed to have moved him. Never having to expect such a tragedy from ever occurring, how unexpected and surprising it was. How...heartbreaking? No! Of course not.

The Female Cenobite, formerly in her human name Nikoletta, seemed to sense from her Master, and sent something he hadn't often seen within her. A stare of compassion through her pale blue eyes, almost of sympathy and sorrow mixed, though he hadn't replied to her with a stare of graitutde- rather he turned away. Not even able to face the others, Nikoletta, or the small young one cradled in her arms with her familiar face, obviously curious and confused as to why sensing the infamous Prince of Pain suddenly was in pain himself.

Another thing to that was the sudden change in sensing something disturbing- the sense of two sudden beings entering within the world. Almost as though within a tie to him, though he had no such recall as to that. Simply shrugging, his mind still couldn't help but dwell and wonder as to the identity and familiarness of sensing these two strange- yet darkly powerful young newborn beings were.

Personally, it really broke my heart to have to kill Kirsty. So obviously, this is different. It's not really a Pinsty story, except for sweet flashbacks. Otherwise, this is one with him learning of the existence of his twin children- and the horror and drama to it. Especially with Tiffany in the picture- as in, do you think she's really going to let Pinhead get to her foster daughter (his kid in the first place)? Tiffany is still a sweetheart, but since she never really did get to know the Cenobites, I'm having it as she's a protective mother and strongly hates the Cenobites. QUESTION TIME FOR YA!

1. I need your opinions on this: Do you like the babies names of Benjamin-Elliot and Aurora Grace?

2. What do you think happened to Benjamin when he was 'whisked away'? Who was 'whisking him'?

3. What does Pinhead know and is hiding? What will his reaction be to learning he's a father?

4. And for a fun one if you caught this: What or who do you think is the bundle Female is holding in her arms?