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Chapter 1

"You're pregnant again?" Mia asked ecstatic. Emily nodded while she had a big smile on her face. After the rangers got together last Friday night, they decided it was about time to start the tradition again.

"No wonder this is called the 'Shiba House'." Mike nudged Jayden and Emily blushed.

"Hey, we are married now. We can do whatever we want." Emily laughed.

"I just have too much fun teasing you guys."

"Yeah and you rubbed off on our son. Emily and I can't even touch each other without Danny making some sexual reference to it."

"That's my boy."

"Your boy? From what I know, Danny is not in anyway related to you!" Emily sounded irritated at Mike's comment.

"I was talking about Leo." Emily gave Mike a look. "Alright I was talking about Danny. Someone needed to tease you guys twenty-four seven after I left."

"You could have done it when you still lived with us but you were too in love with Emily to be playful." Jayden teased.

"Not true, I just didn't want to be mean." Emily rolled her eyes.

"It seems like nothing has changed after fifteen years."

"It really hasn't!." Mia laughed with Emily.

"Any one into playing some video games? I want to see if I can still beat you two."

"Kevin, you never beat me." Mike laughed.

"You don't know that."

"Yes I do—"

"No you don't. Jayden, Mia, Emily! Help me out here! I've beat Mike before. Right?"

"Oh look at the time! Mia would you like to help me get the chicken ready!"

"Oh yeah sure!" Emily and Mia left the room in a hurry.

"Well how about that game." Jayden clapped his hands together and got up, trying to escape from telling Kevin the truth. "Let's go play that game."

"Guys!" Kevin yelled.

"Sorry dude, the friends have spoken." Mike chuckled.

Back in the kitchen Mia and Emily were talking quietly while the men went to go and play video games. "I can't believe they are going to actually play video games. They are all almost thirty-five!"

"Yeah, Danny bothers Jayden about it all the time."

"He must be so embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? Never! He is more embarrassed that his dad can beat him. He loves that he can play video games with Jayden. Hannah will sometimes do it with him but most of the time she gets mad at Danny because he doesn't play fair and isn't the nicest brother."

"That's sweet. So when is dinner going to be ready?"

Emily took a knife out of a drawer and then a cutting board. "Like an hour, I think that gives them enough time to play their precious video games." Mia laughed. "Can you pass me that big lemon?" Emily took out some sugar from the cabinet and caught the lemon Mia threw at her.

Emily sliced the lemon and then put some sugar in a plate. She picked up one of the slices and put it in the sugar. "What on earth are you doing?" Mia had a look of disgust on her face.

"Eating a lemon with sugar!" Emily took a bite and smiled.

"Why? That looks so gross."

"It is not gross!"

"How often do you have that?"

Emily shrugged her shoulders. "Only when she's pregnant." Jayden walked in with some glasses in his hands.

"It's so good!" Emily put another piece in sugar and then offered it to Mia who shook her head. "Well more for me!"

"How many has she had today?"

"Surprisingly, she has only had two. Just a few days ago she was eating five a day."

"I can't believe I never saw her eat these when she was pregnant with the twins."

"Oh she did, you guys just never saw her do it." Jayden picked up the glasses that were now filled with ice cold water. "Mia, do you mind stopping her if she goes for another one? Eating two in a row means she's going to be way to hyper for any of us at dinner."

"I'll try but I'm afraid that she'll try and kill me." Jayden laughed and took the glasses into the other room.

"Wait! Yes! I won!"

"Kevin, you are looking at the wrong screen again. I just beat you for the twelfth time tonight."

"But I'm the little blue guy! He's doing a little victory dance."

"No Kevin, you didn't choose the blue guy. You chose the green guy hoping that he would give you good luck because I usually use him."

"I need some water." Kevin took one of the glasses and began to drink it quickly. A few minutes later, another game was coming to the end. Kevin grunted in anger and dropped his controller defeated. It was now just Mike and Jayden.

"Wait! Yes! YES! Win!" Jayden cheered.

"Jayden Shiba, you did not just beat me."

"I think I just did."

"How is this possible? You've beaten me six times. SIX times."

"Well having a video game addict of a son has it's perks."

"I still don't get how you had the video game addict, and samurai obsessed child."

Jayden raised one eyebrow at Mike. "Are you really saying you don't know how Danny's obsessed with becoming a samurai ranger?"

"Well yes and no, didn't you hate training as a kid?"

"No, I didn't hate it. I just wish that it didn't control my life."

A loud scream and then a bang startled the three boys and Kevin was on his feet immediately. "What was that?"

"MIA JUST LET ME HAVE IT!" All of a sudden, Mia ran by and then Emily did, hot on Mia's heels.

"No! Emily calm down!"

"NO! I WANT IT! GIVE IT!" Mike and Kevin looked very confused and Jayden tried not to laugh.

"Umm Mia? Emily? What's the problem?"' Emily stopped chasing Mia and Mia took guard behind her husband.

"Mia won't let me have another lemon!"

"Jayden said I couldn't give it to you!"

"He doesn't control what I can eat and not eat! Now just give me that lemon!" Emily took a step forward and almost tripped but she caught her self before she could.

"Wait why can't Emily have a lemon? I know that's weird but it's just a lemon. Right?" Mike asked confused.

"Well no it's not just a lemon. You guys never saw this, but when she was pregnant with the twins she ate lemons with sugar all the time. That pregnancy craving is back. Do you remember those nights that Emily seemed a little too over the top and crazy?" The three other ex-rangers nodded. "That's what happens after Emily has two in a row. I love my wife but not only is she uncontrollable during that stage, she becomes very tense later."

"But—all right! I won't eat it!" Emily sat down defeated.

"So who's winning?" Mia took a seat near Emily seeing that Emily could no longer hurt her.

"Mike but Jayden is really close to beating his streak."

"I'd probably winning if it wasn't for me being sent to get drinks. These games go by rapidly. Mike and Kevin probably played five games while I was gone."

"It was closer to ten because Kevin is so easy to beat when you aren't around."

"Am I really that bad at video games?"

"Yeah you are Kevin. I'm sorry. But you are a really good swimmer and you were a great Samurai."

"Oh whatever, I'm starving. When's dinner going to be ready?"

"I would say forty-minutes. I was expecting you guys to play for a lot longer."

"It can get very boring. What are you making?"

"Nothing special, just a pasta dinner because that's what I want tonight."

"Have you started it?"

"I guess I should go start the pasta and the chicken is already prepared. I just have to cook the chicken and then heat up the sauce. So if we are lucky it will take thirty minutes." Emily got up and went to go finish-cooking dinner.

"So what can we do now?" Mike looked around.

"Jayden do you still have the only practice swords? I'm in the mood for sparring."

"Sparring? Only you three would want to spar at this age." Mia rolled her eyes.

"We are still young."

"Young but we shouldn't be fighting."

"Our parents still had their powers at this age. I think it will be fun. So do you think you have them Jayden?"

"I can't remember if we gave them to Ji for the new house or if we got new ones. I'll check the closet in the study, Mike you can check the old dojo and Kevin you can check outside." Jayden walked into the office and ran his hand over the black desk. He looked at his hand and then at the table. His hand was now a shade of grey while the part of the table where he wiped his hand was cleaner. It had been a while since anyone had been in that room or even cleaned it. He opened the closet and found one practice sword.

Jayden walked through the long hallways back into the living room. He turned off the TV and waited for the other two boys to return. Mia had wandered off, more likely to the kitchen to help Emily cook. Mike came in a few minutes later holding another training sword and then Kevin with one more. "Well at least we found three. Hey Jayden what did you guys to do the dojo? I barely recognized it."

"After we helped Ji get the new house, we moved that stuff to the new head quarters. Now it's just an empty space. Emily and I can't figure out anything to do with it."

"Make it a studio. Doesn't Emily teach dance along with being a nurse?"

"No, we were thinking of doing that before because I do the martial arts and sword classes but we probably won't have any students come here. Come on, let's just go there to spar." The three men headed into the open area and got ready to spar.

The three friends continued to spar for the next fifteen minutes while Mia and Emily continued talking in the kitchen. "Do you know the gender yet?"

"Nope and I haven't decided if I want to know yet. I kind of liked that it was a surprise. Can you pass me that spoon?" Mia picked up a wooden spoon from the counter near her and handed it to Emily. "Thanks, so did I tell you about Danny's obsession with becoming a samurai yet?"

"No you haven't. I still can't believe they are already training with Ji."

"Well, he's obsessed. The morning we brought them to Ji's made him so happy. He loves it so much and really wishes he could use his powers. I couldn't believe him when he told Jayden that he wished Jayden hadn't sealed away Master Xandred."

"He said that to his own father?"

"He did, he did. We weren't angry with him because it's understandable. Training for what feels like your whole life and then not getting to use it in action must be hard. Jayden and I just told him that it's not all fun and games."

"Wow, well I guess that is kind of expected. Do you think we can send the other rangers to go train with Ji as well?"

"I don't know. I think they are only supposed to go if needed. The parents are supposed to be doing most of the training. I don't now why just Hannah and Danny need to go."

"Have you told them that they are going to have a little brother or sister yet?"

"OH! That's what I forgot to tell them. Wow, that's a big thing for me to forget."

"I thought you couldn't be in contact with them."

"Well Ji is letting us correspond with them but if Master Xandred or a new evil comes around we have to stop."

"That's nice of Ji. Are you going to tell them?

"I haven't decided yet. Jayden and I have to talk about it."

"I wonder how they'll react."

"I think Hannah will be happy. I'm not sure about Danny. He always surprises me with his reactions."

"I think you should tell them. Imagine coming home and finding a new sibling you knew nothing about."

"You're right. I probably should tell them soon."

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