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"The truth is that, my dad really doesn't want me to see you and it's for a good reason but I can't tell you that. I couldn't let my mom see me yesterday because I was grounded and she didn't know that I lied about what I was doing. I'm so s-sorry for doing this to you." Hannah stuttered on her last words. The tears began to stream down her face as she relieved her new lie. "I didn't mean too. B-but, I really don't deserve you and that's why I'm letting you go. I don't want you to wait on me because you're a great guy and you deserve more. You deserve to meet a girl you can actually hang out with you and talk to you on the phone too. I didn't want to lose you but someone once said that if we're meant to be, we'll come back to each other." Hannah cried softly between the silence that Tyler was giving her.

"I—I love you too, Hannah." And then the phone call ended, no good byes, no I'll see you around, no closure, no anything. Just five words that Hannah didn't know what to do with yet. She texted her mom the news and then continued to cry into her pillow.

The next day, Jayden got up when he heard his youngest daughter crying. Emily was already and up and right behind Jayden with a bottle. "I almost forgot to feed her. Our other kids have been on my mind too much lately." Jayden took the bottle from his wife's hands and began to feed his daughter who slowly stopped crying.

"You never told me why you left the house so suddenly yesterday." Jayden remarked. Emily ran her hand through her hair trying to loosen up her knotted curls.

"Oh? I didn't? Well, it's nothing you need to know about." Jayden shrugged off Emily's secret. He had kept secrets from her before and knew that sometimes it was out of love and not out of hate. He finished feeding his daughter as Emily ran around the house like a chicken with her head cut off. Not having the kids around meant more of the chores fell onto her shoulders. At eleven, she left the house again. "Bye sweetheart, I'm going to the store and I'll see you in about an hour."

"Okay, Rosalie and I will find something to do." Jayden kissed Emily on the cheek and let her leave without any questions. "So what do you want to do?" Jayden asked Rosalie. She just giggled. "I'll figure something out." Jayden muttered. He hadn't spent much time with his daughter since she was brought home.

Jayden decided to take Rosalie to the children's museum and then to his Saturday class at work because he couldn't find a babysitter for her. He also realized this was the perfect chance to spend time with her. Rosalie liked the Children's museum. She giggled at the simplest things and absolutely loved the music playing. Jayden was happy that she liked music because it meant that maybe she would be like her mom personality wise but he still hoped some of him was in her.

Rosalie was placed with the receptionist who gladly watched her while went to his first class. After his first class, Jayden came out to see Hannah crying. He scratched his head and looked at the receptionist, "How long has she been crying?"

"Since you left, I tried to calm her down but she misses you. Maybe you should just try having her in the room of the next class." The young brunette suggested.

"Won't it be to loud for her?"

"You never know until you try. I would just bring her in. She's not helping you get more business. Her crying was making it impossible for me to talk to anyone interested in joining."

"I guess I better just take her with me. Sorry to cause you the trouble Michelle."

"It's okay Jayden, she's your daughter and she's adorable. I'll gladly watch her anytime. I think she just misses her dad. How much time do you spend with her anyways?"

"Not that much actually, Emily usually takes her with her. I don't mind but it's nice to have her around with me sometimes."

"I think Emily's just nervous about her and needs her in her sight. She obviously trusts you though, she didn't get overprotective over Rosalie when she left, right?"

"Oh, I wasn't doubting me and Emily's trust. She trusts me with Rosalie. I am the father and I have had two kids already. I think she just doesn't want Rosalie to leave her sight sometimes, like you said."

"Yeah," Michelle kindly agreed. She stood up from her chair and grabbed her purse looking at the time. "Well it's my lunch break and I'm starving. Would you like me to bring you anything?"

"No, I'm good." Michelle smiled and began to walk for the door. The studio was usually closed from noon to one so all employees could have lunch and a break. "And thanks for the advice. I'll try bringing her into the studio and I'll let you know if it stopped the crying." Jayden picked up his daughter and brought her into his office with him. He took out his lunch and began to eat while doing some paperwork. He had an hour and fifteen minutes until his next class so he decided to call his wife.


"Hey Jayden, I can't talk right now."

"Oh, I just wanted to make sure everything was fine."

"Yeah, I'm fine. We talked this morning. Why wouldn't I be fine?" Emily sounded nervous as if she was keeping something from Jayden.

"I don't know, I'm just wondering." Jayden said cooly, intrigued by his wife's tone of voice. "We haven't done a lot of things together in awhile." He missed the days when they got to spend more time together.

"Oh, well we've both been busy with the new baby and other things. I love you but I really have to go." Emily's tone changed from her sounding to nervous to her sounding rushed by Jayden.

"Okay, love you too." Emily hung up the phone but Jayden felt suspicious about the conversation. Emily said she was just going to the store, so why would she sound like she was in a rush?

Jayden taught his final class and Rosalie didn't cry at all. She seemed to be enjoying it more than hating it. The noise seemed to make her smile. This discovery made Jayden happy because it meant some of him was still in her. When he dismissed his class, he walked over to his daughter and picked her up out of her comfy portable car seat. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?" He cooed. Rosalie's eyes widened and she giggled. She was so small and innocent. He only had one wish for her and that was to never grow up.

It was mid-afternoon when Jayden left work with his daughter in tow. He was bored. No one was around now. He didn't have his other kids to hang out or bond with because they were building character and becoming stronger samurai warriors at Ji's. His friends weren't answering his calls and his wife was a bit too busy for him. He felt alone even though he really wasn't.

In town, Jayden walked down the street with Rosalie. He found it awkward when young woman would stare at him and try flirt. They all thought he was handsome and single. It old took a wave of Jayden's left hand for them to realize that he was taken by his beautiful wife. They would back off immediately. It was the older woman who wouldn't back off with just a wave of his hand. 'Oh it must be so hard raising a baby girl on your own,' they would say. He tried to explain what was going on but none of them seemed to listen. He lived in a world where some people didn't understand that you could just be a dad with your daughter spending the day together without your wife.

Later that day, as Jayden exited the small ice cream shop in town he saw something he didn't like. There his wife was, across the street, hugging another man. They are just friends, Jayden thought to himself, nothing more. Jayden wasn't the jealous type except when he saw this situation. Emily pulled away from the guy and kissed him on the cheek before turning in the other direction. Jayden stayed still as he watched the man look after her and then walk in the other direction. He usually wouldn't be that mad at her. He was probably over thinking everything but it was Mike. The same Mike that tried to get between Emily and Jayden when they first started dating. The same Mike that was like a brother to him. The same Mike that was married with children.

Jayden crushed the cup of ice cream in his hand and threw it away. He walked briskly back to the car and tried not to make Rosalie stir since she was sleeping. He was a good husband and they were so in love. But part of him still wondered if Emily was cheating on him and if so, 'why?', he asked himself. He was a good husband to her. He listened when she needed him too. They had fun together. He did everything he was told by her. He was faithful. He was romantic. He even tried to offer them to go out together today but she denied him.

The situation got worse when Jayden saw Emily talking to Kevin and laughing, having a good time later while in a toy store across the street from where they stood an hour later. Kevin was married too, and to Emily's best friend. 'How could they betray each other like this?' Jayden thought. He didn't care if he was being irrational because the side of him that reflected his kanji symbol was coming out now. One person, hurt, especially since it was Mike. Two people was far worse, especially since it was with people he trusted. Jayden was confused and angry. He got home and put Rosalie to sleep for her nap and tried to cool down. Maybe everything was just in his head, or maybe he was right. His marriage may be falling apart slowly but he didn't know. He didn't even know if he was going to ask Emily or just let it play out to see if he could catch it.

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