Tony and Ziva had been going out for eleven months now in fact it was nine days till there one year anniversary. It hadn't been long since they both decided that it was time to take a step in their relationship and move in together, as Tony had the bigger apartment Ziva moved in with him. When they first got together Gibbs was not happy at all, he was worried that if it all went wrong then there team would fall apart, but Gibbs knew that they had been in love for years and decided to let the relationship happen, it's not like he could have stood in the way of the two anyway, they would have craved each other and would have went behind Gibb's back. Tony and Ziva respected Gibb's like he was there farther and would have hated to have gone behind his back but if that was the extent they would have had to go to to be with each other then they were willing to do it. When they started to go out Tony and Ziva both made a pact that if things were to end badly then they were going to go on as normal, as it was before for the sake of the team.

"Morning sleeping beauty" Tony leaned over and kissed Ziva's lips lightly.

"Hmm what time is it?" she opened one eye and smiled.

"It's 9am. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes thank you. It was really nice of Gibbs to give us nine days off work. It's not like him to stick to the law that we actually need time off work"

She reached her arms out in front of her signalling Tony to come to her. She still kept her eyes shut as Tony leaned slowly over and placed soft pecks on her lips, she returned each one not wanting him to take his lips of hers. Tony slid his hand under her back and under her T-shirt to feel the warm soft skin. Once he finished leaving small kisses too her lips he started to leave kisses along her gaw and down her neck. Ziva's head tilted back as his lips and tongue reached her sweet spot.

"Mmmm best wake up I have ever had. I could get used to this."

Tony carried on kissing behind her ear and down her neck.

"Ziva, I've been waking you up like this from the first time we shared a bed"

Ziva giggled lowly and pulled his head up to hers, he rested his fore head on hers as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes. What felt like hours had passed before Ziva opened her mouth to say something, before she could even get any words out Tony pressed his lips hard against hers. They lingered there for a while before he opened his mouth sucking Ziva's lips as he closed his lips on hers, it did not take Ziva long to react to this and start to mimic Tony. Her hands came from Tony's waist up to his head were she pushed his lips closer to her, she tangled her fingers in his hair. Slowly Tony touched his tongue lightly on Ziva's pulling out as soon as he felt hers, as the kiss deepened so did his tongue, by this time they were both battering for dominance, completely invading each other's mouths in one of the most deepest kiss's they have ever shared. They both pulled away in need of oxygen.

"What was that for?"

"I missed you Ziva."

"I did not go any were Tony."

"Well I missed you while we were asleep Zee-vah."

She smiled, Tony could be the most romantic person on the universe and that's the way Ziva liked it. She had never been in a relationship with a man who treated her like she was the only one on the planet.

"So what are we going to do the nine days we have off?"

"Well I thought that I would surprise you. I want to make this special yeno."

"Please tell me Tony."

She gave him her puppy dog eyes that he could never say no too.

"If I told you... I would have to kill you. I really don't want to do that."

"Well then I will just have to force it out of you Tony. Did I ever tell you I am a trained interrogator? Whatever I need to do to get information out of someone, I will happily do."

"Ooooo I'm scared."

Before he knew it Ziva had flipped him over so she was straddling him and somehow moved him so his head was dangling over the edge of the bed, she dug her fingers in to his sides causing Tony's legs to fly up pushing Ziva over Tony's head landing with a crash on the floor. Tony burst into a fit of laughs as did Ziva. She tried to pull herself up while in hysterics. Tony was still laying with his head over the edge of the bed. Ziva placed her hands on either side of his head to stop him from laughing and she lightly kissed his lips while they were both giggling.

"So are you going to tell me what we are going to do?"

"Well once you are showered and dressed I will tell you what we are going to do tonight. But only what we are doing tonight."

"Okay then hairy butt. But you have to shower with me."

She took his hand in hers as she walked him to the bathroom shutting the door behind them.

Once they were dressed Tony started breakfast. Ziva was still in the room getting changed when she could smell the cooking, she opened the door and quietly walked into the kitchen. She slowly slid her arms around Tony's waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Mmmm that smells nice."

"I should think so too, I'm the one who cooked it."

He spun around taking Ziva by the waist and lifted her up onto the counter behind them. Ziva parted her legs to let Tony get closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, she placed her arms around his shoulders and placed her fore head on his. They could happily stay like that forever, just staring deep into each other's eyes. Tony closed the gap between then and kissed her bottom lip then her top. This sent Ziva's heart racing, she reached for his hand and placed it over her heart.

"If you keep doing that to me, it will kill me."

"I'm sorry Ziva, I just can't stop, your lips are too kissable and I'm just too much of a darn good kisser."

Ziva smiled and taped him lightly on the cheek.

"Are you saying I am a bad kisser, Tony?"

"Well I don't know, I guess I will just have to let you show me then wont I?"

Ziva slowly moved her head towards him and lightly grazed her lips against his before a loud beeping noise started to fill the apartment.

"Ah Shit!"

Tony turned around to see the bacon burning in the pan. Ziva bit her lip and watched as Tony quickly turned the cooker off and took the pan off the stove.

"Told you you will be the death off me, my little fire starter."

She laughed as Tony turned around and grabbed her head pushing her cheeks making her lips into a fish pout, she was so adorable, he kissed her hard in one peck.

"What use are you too me dead Ziva? Plus I wouldn't be able to touch you like this if you were dead would I?"

He lightly moved his hands up her legs past her butt and up her shirt, feeling every inch of her back.

"Well I do not know, Palmer has not trouble touching dead naked people so maybe he could give you some tips."

Ziva jumped off the counter and went and sat on stool.

"So what are we doing tonight Tony?"

"Well Ziva for the next 9 nights I am taking you on a date. Tonight is for a meal but there's a slight twist, we are going to pretend that we don't know each other like we do, sort of a first date."

"Tony, you are the most romantic man I have ever been with. I love you."

"I love you too Ziva."

He leaned over and kissed her head, then her nose.

"You deserve all the love I can give you and more."

So what did you think? Thanks to Christina for the first date idea. I have some ideas for the next 8 but I would really like all you're input on what you would like to see, the only thing I won't do it Sex scenes. I would LOVE to be able to do that but I am not experienced in that department just yet, but anything else just let me know.