"Tony, why are we on the roof?"

"Just sit down Ziva." Tony pulled out a blanket and placed it on the floor along with a bag full of food that he had picked up that day when Ziva was getting a shower.

"Tony, it is cold. Can we not just sit inside and do this by the fire?"

"Now where is the romance in that!" he bent over her and brought his lips to hers in a short but sweet kiss.

Ziva licked her lips and agreed with a simple nod of her head.

Tony had taken a minute to set out all the different food in front of Ziva. He saw her shiver a little. He groaned when he realised he left his coat in the apartment but decided she will soon warm up. He lowed himself next to Ziva on the blanket and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He lightly rubbed her arm trying to warm her up a little. Her head came to rest on his chest as her arms wrapped around his waist.


"Yeah Zee-vah?" he kissed the top of her head, leaving his nose nuzzled into her hair.

"I am starving! I could eat a hippo!"

Tony laughed as he squeezed Ziva tightly too him.

"I love you Ziva."

"I love you too." She turned her head up to smile at him. She moved her hands to his face and pulled his lips close to hers. She looked him deep in the eyes as he did too. She closed them tightly as she pressed her lips to his. The kiss dint last very long as Tony pulled away when he heard Ziva's tummy rumble.

"I swear your tummy is a bigger cock block then Gibbs was!"

"Cock block?" Ziva looked at him with a confused face.

"Doesn't matter. I think we should feed you before you eat a hippo." He ran his hand through her hair as she closed her eyes in pleasure of his touch.

Ziva leant over to the tub of strawberries she was dying to get her hands on only to be met by the slap of Tony's hand moving it away.

"Oi! What was that for!" she punched him in the arm, Tony winced as she hit a muscle in his upper arm.

"Hey! That hurt!" he rubbed the place where she hit him hard trying to get rid of the pain.

"Tony. I did not hit you that hard. Trust me, you would know about it. Any way I wanted a strawberry and you won't let me, which deserved a punch in the arm, yes?"

"No Ziva. If I just let you have one then that wouldn't be very romantic now would it? It would ruin my plan." the pain had now disappeared as he looked her in the eyes and winked. He went into his pocket and pulled out a thin piece of fabric.

"What is that for?" she eyed the fabric now placed on Ziva's lap.

"You are gonna tie that around my eyes."

Ziva looked at him with a confused look she always got when she dint know what the hell he was talking about.

"Just do it Ziva. It will make sense soon."

Ziva got up and knelt behind Tony. She lightly placed the blind fold around his eyes and tied it tightly around his head.

"Ow Ziva, not to tight!"

A low seductive giggle came from Ziva's throat as she lent in and whispered in his ear.

"This best be good." She lightly bit down on his ear lobe, bringing out a playful growl from Tony's lips.

"Trust me Ziva, you will want to bite me all over when tonight is over." Ziva laughed and walked back over to sit and face Tony.

"Okay so what now?"

"In each tub there is a different food. Pick one and eat it, try and savour it in your mouth for a little bit."

Ziva leaned over to all the tubs that Tony had brought, she opened them one by one. Her mouth drooled with everything that was hidden inside, one thing was for sure, Tony knew what she loved like the back of his hand. She tried to think about what he was up to but was quickly taking out of her thoughts when she saw the tub full of Nutella. She pulled out a spoon from the bag and dipped it into the brown delicious chocolate. Once she was satisfied she had enough on her spoon, well, that she had filled the spoon up, she put it in her mouth. She kept the spoon in for a while so that she could make sure she got every little bit of the spoon. Once it was out of her mouth she licked the remaining chocolate off of it. Ziva dint want to swallow it, it was her most favourite thing to eat, she would just grab the tub and a spoon and sit on the sofa or in bed with a movie and eat. Sometimes she would forget to stop and would end up eating most of the tub.

"Finished?" Tony said as he laid his hands on her waist to pull her over more towards him. Once he could feel her knees on his he took his hands off.

"Mmmmm. This is Yummy." She leant over to dip her spoon back in but Tony quickly grabbed her arm away.

"Ziva, just one for now." Ziva looked at him totally confused to how he knew she was taking another one.

"Tony! You can see, stop cheating!"

"I'm not! I guess being with you for so long has rubbed some Ninja off on me. Now did you leave it long enough in your mouth?"


"Kiss me."


"Just kiss me" he gently put his hands on her waist. Ziva took a second to think about what he was up too but didn't really care, kissing Tony was her second most favourite thing to do, and it wasn't hard to guess what number one was.

Ziva rose to her knees slowly and placed her arms on Tony's shoulders and slowly moved her lips to his. When Tony felt her lips against his he pressed his against hers harder. Tony demanded access quickly and Ziva let him. He slowly ran his tongue along Ziva's, being sure to take in the taste. Tony's hand moved up her thigh, gently going up her waist until they came to be on the back of her neck. Tony pushed his lips even harder against hers bringing out a soft grown from both of their lips. As the kiss kept its pace, Ziva knelt on either side of Tony's legs and sat down on them. As they kept kissing Tony completely forgot about what the whole point to this was due to the fact Ziva was rubbing up against him causing him to grown very loudly. With that he pushed Ziva onto her back quickly and hovered above her still lost deep in each other. Once he knew that if she pushed herself any more closer to him he wouldn't be able to stop, he gave her a soft kiss before he pulled away. Ziva opened her eyes to a smiling Tony.

"Good choice David, very good choice." Tony licked his lips as he remembered the taste of the chocolate Nutella that was enlaced with the taste of Ziva, perfect combination that made his taste buds explode with each lick of her tongue.

Ziva giggled at Tony who was now trying to push his lips against hers for another taste, she kept pushing back till he stopped.

"Comon Ziva. Pleaseeee" Tony smiled his perfect DiNozzo smile at her, he knew she always gave into that perfect look.

Suddenly Ziva had grabbed the spoon that was dipped in the Nutella and smothered it all over his mouth and on his chin where it had dripped down.

"Nice, yes?" Ziva laughed, Tony was sure she snorted.

"Oh so that's how you're gonna play it huh?" he looked down at a giggling Ziva.

He quickly pined her arms down to her sides and hovered his face right above hers. Ziva squirmed under his grip.

"Tony. Dont. You..." Ziva's warning was stopped by Tony's mouth rubbing all of the chocolate onto hers, missing her mouth at times and getting it on her chin and tip of her nose. They both giggled against each other's mouths as he rubbed the Nutella onto her face.

"Why did you do that!" Ziva shouted but with a smile, she couldn't be angry with him, not when he was smiling like he was.

Tony looked longingly into her chocolate brown eyes that always talked to him. For years, that's really the only way they communicated and it was hard to stop, they still did it.

"I love you too Tony" Ziva whispered as she placed a soft but meaningful kiss on his lips.