Chapter 1-A New Legend

A young black dragoness skimmed over the top of a lake, her purple wings extended as far as they could go. Her purple eyes glanced occasionally over the water but for the most part she continued to fly while looking straight ahead. Her egg had been abandoned before she was born and, as such, she had grown up without any parents to look out for her. For six years and six months she had been alone, on her own. She had seen no other dragons during that time. Rumors had spread about a black dragoness murdering countless of their kind and it worried the young female slightly but she figured she was safe if she stayed on the move. The distant shimmer of land caught the female's attention and she growled pleasantly before flapping her wings to give herself more altitude.

Several puffy clouds overshadowed the approaching land and the dragoness banked accordingly to avoid them. While it might have been better for her to go into them to avoiding being seen for a little bit, she figured it made no difference. Besides, her visibly was reduced while flying through anything other than clear, calm weather. Adjusting her flight for the slow descent that was coming, the black female flared her wings. It was something she knew by instinct, not by experience. She hadn't flown much but in the times she had, she'd grown to love it. Such freedom in the sky. It felt like she was master of all the earth while she wasn't held by gravity.

Suddenly catching the faintest flicker of yellow out of the corner of her eye, the young female turned her head accordingly. A majestic beast, another dragon who was considerably many years older than she was approached steadily on weary wings. His body trembled every now and then and his brown eyes appeared dim as well as his scales not having near the luster she would have thought they would have. What had happened to him?

Opening her mind to the older dragon, the young dragoness attempted to speak with him. It was her first time ever speaking with another dragon but she thought she could handle it.

You look tired, she growled as the male opened his mind just enough to her for them to speak.

I am. The older dragon trembled once more as he eased into flight beside her. How far are we away from land, hatchling?

An hour, maybe two. Not that far really, the black female responded excitedly.

Your name, what is it?

The younger dragoness paused before speaking. She had never considered a name, nor did she had any real need of it. Only one thought came to mind when she thought on it: Verdra. It sounded good enough for a name, she mused before finally responding to the yellow dragon beside her, his eyes not exactly focused on her.

Verdra, she hummed pleasantly, enjoying the sound of her name.

You look so much like her, the older male muttered.

Who? Verdra questioned, her curiosity perking at possibly learning the name of another dragon.

Arxa, she rules our lands now. Driven by grief and rage she holds an iron claw over all dragons. Stay careful to not fall into her grip.

The yellow male sighed and flapped his wings as the sunlight bounced off his scales. Verdra growled softly, her eyes going to the older dragon. Was this a warning to keep flying until she felt she could not anymore? Would no place be safe?

Why do you say that I should be careful? She asked.

Arxa holds many abilities now. In her grief, she has made herself unstoppable. No dragon can get close without dying, the weary male sighed.

She's that strong?

The yellow dragon snorted. No, I meant she is difficult to get to. I've heard she secludes herself in a small cave on the northern boundary of our lands, waiting for something.

Something? What it is she's waiting for? Verdra growled, confused the more she spoke with the older male. His words were starting to make no sense to her.

I don't know, the older male hissed, his tone filled with what Verdra could just make out as misery and agony.

Alright, Verdra muttered, dropping the subject. What's your name?

Taurus, the male growled, flapping his wings as land drifted closer to them. I appreciate the company Verdra during our flight. May you stay safe.

With that, Taurus began to slowly coast down, his claws skimming over the water before making contact with the grassy land. He glanced back up at her for a moment before walking away after folding in his wings tightly against his body, his shoulder sagging slightly.

Once Verdra saw that he had landed safety she followed suite, although being more graceful with her descent than Taurus had been. Flaring her wings as she landed without injury, the dragoness glanced around for a moment to make sure she was not being followed as she folded her wings against her onyx scales. Deciding the it was safe to move, she snorted and set off toward a dense forest only miles away that she had seen from the air. Her wings hurt and they probably would for several days after what she had done with being so young to cross such a large lake in a single day.

You happen to be Verdra, correct? The deep growl of a male caught her attention and scared Verdra slightly.

Who wants to know? She asked, trying to be as brave as she could but realizing the shakiness in her voice.

I do, the male snorted as a flash of red scales caught in the corner of Verdra's right eye.

What's your name? She inquired as the male growled raspily.

My name is . . .