Chapter 1

A look at her phone told her it was almost 9 p.m - still about an hour left until her next client would arrive. Somehow she was relieved he wasn't going to take her out for dinner tonight, she enjoyed eating by herself from time to time, all alone and in front of the TV, wearing only a comfortable sweatshirt. Now she was dressed up again, short skirt, high heels, as most men preferred it - yet she looked classy. The bar was a place for people with money and even though she had money, she couldn't get over the feeling she did not really belong here.

She ordered a Sex on the Beach - alcohol made these nights more bearable. It wasn't that she entirely hated her job, it was definitely well paid, but who was she to fool? Having sex with strangers was something you could get used to, but nothing you would ever truly enjoy. A cocktail here and there definitely helped.

The bartender smiled at her, most likely trying to flirt. Brittany flirted back, giving him her well practiced seductive smirk - it came so naturally, this act she constantly put on when surrounded by men during her working hours. He knew exactly who she was - what she was, and it just seemed to turn him on even more, it was as if his eyes were eating her alive.

She turned away from him on her barstool, looking around in the only slightly illuminated room until she spotted her. The pretty Latina, probably in her mid-twenties, sitting there all by herself and staring at her Martini. She seemed lost in thoughts, kind of frustrated even. Brittany felt the need to get up and talk to her, even though she knew it was never a good idea to get involved with people who really interested her so close before meeting a client. Yet there was something about this woman, her olive skin, her beautiful hair, her well-shaped figure - and the fact she didn't seem to waste one moment of her attention on any male human being in the building. Brittany watched her take a look on her iPhone, sighing and shoving it deep into her black fake leather bag before emptying her Martini. She just looked at the bartender, pointing at her empty glass with an annoyed expression on her face before returning her attention to her remaining olive.

"Having a rough night?" Brittany asked friendly, suddenly standing next to the Latina who slowly looked up from her glass. The blonde could feel the other woman's eyes wandering up her body and resting for just a second too long on her cleavage before finally meeting her piercing blue eyes. 'Yep' Brittany thought, 'my senses weren't wrong'.

"Kind of.." the Latina replied frowning, apparently not sure if she wanted to have a conversation with the stranger.

"Mind if I sit down?" the blonde wanted to know, pointing at the empty chair next to the other woman.

"Sure, whatever.."

Brittany eyed the brunette closely who was doing so well trying not to care whether she had company or not. She tried to plan her next move, considering time was working against her and she didn't wanna leave for having sex with some middle-aged rich New Yorker before she didn't at least have the girl's phone number. It would give her something to distract herself with when they were getting it on, something to be happy about.

"So here's what's gonna happen.." she started, earning herself a confused look by the person next to her.

"You're obviously going through a crappy night, most likely trouble with your ex considering you try not to care about your phone but are still not brave enough to just turn it off. You don't know me and I don't know you, but I happen to be here right now and you caught my attention. So you can just get it all out of your system, tell me what's going on, bash on whoever made you feel bad tonight. I'll buy you a drink, tell you the girl is a fool for letting someone like you go and afterwards you can text her that you just met a super hot blonde in a bar and make her furious. What do you say?"

The blonde's self-confidence was almost intimidating but it seemed to have its desired effect. The Latina couldn't help but smile a little, raising her eyebrow with a flirtatious smirk.

"So... 'hot blonde stranger'.. what makes you think this is about a girl?"

Brittany laughed, taking the new Martini from the bartender and putting it in front of the other women.

"Let's just say I have awesome gaydar."

Both women looked at each other for a while and Brittany couldn't help but wish her phone would just ring and her boss would tell her the appointment was canceled. Sadly this only happened in very rare occasions - no one in their right mind ever canceled a night with the blonde who was indeed quite popular in the scene.

"Soo.." Brittany started, leaning back in her chair. "Who is she?"

She took a pack of long thin cigarettes out of her pocket and fumbled for a lighter.

"I don't think you can smoke in here.." the Latina said, looking almost amused.

"Oh, believe me, it's fine" Brittany just replied, apparently having some unspoken deal with the bar crew. She lit her cigarette and inhaled deeply. "Want one?"

"I prefer cigars, thanks."

The Latina's eyes were lingering on the blonde's lips, taking in the sight of the thick white smoke sensually escaping Brittany's mouth and she swallowed hard.

"Well.. she kind of kicked me out today. I've been living with her, in her ex-husband's house for the past couple of weeks. She's a few years older than me - not too old of course. It was no true love thing or whatever, but she's hot and I'm kind of in between jobs. We often fought but I never thought she'd actually break it off with me. I mean - let's face it - I'm not the type of woman others break up with, usually that's my job.."

Brittany had to grin, already loving the other girl's harsh attitude.

"I'd definitely agree on that" she admitted honestly, taking another deep drag. "She must be moody due to menopause, that't the only explanation I have."

The Latina seemed to like that explanation and just nodded.

"So, what are you doing here alone? You don't look like you need to get drunk for distraction..."

"I'm just waiting for a friend" the blonde lied, her tongue playing with the straw in her cocktail. Making up excuses for her true profession had become one of the easier things to deal with.

"Friend, eh? Is that a code for something?" the woman asked as if she needed reassurance the blonde wasn't in fact waiting for a date.

"Not that it's any of my business.." she quickly added, clearing her throat.

"I wish it was a code for a simple date, cause that'd mean I could just call and cancel to spend some more time with you..."

Their eyes met for a long moment and Brittany cursed herself for going through with all of this. It was hard meeting people she liked, never being able to be honest with them, always knowing that there was no chance of getting truly involved with them. This woman was just to die for, so fucking beautiful, and she actually seemed interested.

The blonde hadn't always dated women, she had always found them attractive but it was her job that made her realize she never wanted to be with a man in her private life anymore. Relationships with men had become hard, the many stories she had heard from her clients being just too deterrent. All these husbands who came to her for sex, willing to pay hundreds of dollars for one or two hours of pleasure to escape their marriage - trust had really become an issue for her.

Then there were the guys she dated for real, those who knew about her work. Brittany could never help but wonder if they were dating her because they truly liked her or if they simply liked good sex, if they liked the thrill of doing it with someone so skilled and experienced. It had gotten so hard to decide if men saw her simply as an object for satisfaction - cause if they did, she might as well go back to work and at least be paid for it.

It was almost time for her to leave and she glanced over to the door where she could see Karofsky, her driver and personal bodyguard, signaling her to finish her conversation and come over.

"Listen..." she started, almost nervously. "I really need to go now, but I'd love to see you again - maybe a little more.. privately."

The blonde whispered the last word, giving her companion a meaningful look while putting out her cigarette in her empty cocktail glass.

"If you want to.." she added, getting up and letting a hand rest on the Latina's shoulder, absent-mindedly brushing some soft dark hair out of her neck.

The brunette seemed to consider the blonde's offer for a second before letting out a sigh.

"Alright, what the heck.." she mumbled, searching for her phone to save the other woman's number. Brittany had been quicker and already made use of her red lipstick, scribbling her number on a napkin.

"Call me, okay?" she asked, appreciating the Latina's figure once more, not even bothering to hide her lingering looks.

"I don't even know your name.." the other woman stated, seeming slightly surprised by the blonde's sudden rush to get away from her.

In any other situation the blonde would have given her one of her countless pseudonyms but she couldn't help but feel the need to be honest for once.

"Brittany" she said softly. "Name's Brittany."

"Santana" the Latina replied, her features somehow friendlier than before.

Karofsky looked over to her annoyed, tapping the watch on his wrist while glaring at her. Brittany quickly moved her head lower so her face was very close to the Latina's and she could inhale her perfume. Strong and demanding - she liked it.

"It was very nice to meet you, Santana" she breathed into her ear, sending shivers over the other woman's skin.

With that she turned around to walk away - probably a bit slower than neccessary, giving Santana a last chance to enjoy the view and appreciate her long legs.


"Who was that?" Karofsky wanted to know, frowning at the smaller person in front of him.

"No one..." Brittany sighed, letting the red lipstick slowly slide over her lips - a typical habit right before meeting a client. "Is he already here?"

"Saw him park his car" the man told her, giving the blonde a somehow concerned look.

"You know I'm right outside, my phone is always right beside me, if anything -"

"Dave!" she interrupted him, petting his arm. "Appreciate your concern, but I'm fine alright? Got it all under control - as always."

The man's eyes turned a little darker.

"Good, cause I hate that son-of-a-bitch, he gives me the creeps."

"Well, good thing I'm the one who has to sleep with him and not you" Brittany just replied with a wink, pulling Dave in for a brief hug.

"See you in two hours."



It was time for a Brittana story that'd be entirely different from what I've written before - a little darker, probably sexier. Have quite a few ideas floating around in my mind for this, so tell me if you'd like me to continue ;)