Chapter 1 - The Plan

"It's good to have you all here as this will have effects for all of you. The Ootori group is looking to purchase and American medical management firm. Part of the negotiations is the current President, Elrik Stevenson, wants to remain involved somehow... and yes, that does defeat the purpose of a buy-out, but part of the reason why his is successful is due to his name and reputation. He is swift and calculating, he is a shrewd business owner, but he has the support and loyalty of his staff. It is much different from how we operate business in Japan or even in Europe for that matter. Many firms have tried to emulate what he's created, but none have succeeded. While his management style may be considered softby our standards, his specialty facilities are beginning to rival our own," Yoshio paused and looked at his sons.

"Why is he stepping down then," the eldest brother, Yuuichi, asked.

"He wants to have a better 'life-work' balance he says. He is looking into different companies for purchasing and the remaining involvement is to ensure his company is not hacked apart or the vision changed from what he grew. A few years ago, he visited Switzerland and now he's looking at Japan, specifically the Ootori Group. He spent a year in Switzerland immersing himself into the company he was researching. The man is truly a genius. He learned from them as well as absorbing and blending into the Swiss culture - the work ethic, politics, all of it. He researched ways his company could merge within the Swiss way of life and business. The Ootori Group is planning on offering the same. As you can guess, here are your tasks."

Yuuichi, although a doctor, was responsible for being at every facility Stevenson visited. He was also tasked with researching the facilities that were run under Stevenson in the United States to see how they operated and what made them successful.

Akito, the middle son who graduated with his MBA, was responsible for being the business liaison for Stevenson. As much as it went against the culture to have the second son hold such an important position, Akito was to act as the representative for the Ootori Group when it came to business matters. Any major or final decisions would be made by their father, but everything else would have to be with Akito. Yuuichi, as a doctor, could not be taken away from his hospital duties, as research discovered that Stevenson, himself, made rounds and involved himself in the staff. It would be against Stevenson's very philosophy to have if Yoshio had Yuuichi taken away from 'the care of the patients.'

They were all digesting their informationand, of course, wondering what Kyoya's tasks would be. There didn't seem to be anything else, but he was a son, and as such, was involved in discussions, even if his role was marginalized.

"Kyoya, my boy, you will have the hardest job." At this the brothers made the slightest movement of shock. They were well trained to not show emotion after all, but this did get to them.

Kyoya, who was already sitting upright, made no motion he was even fazed by what his father announced. "Yes father," he simply replied.

"Stevenson has a daughter, Anna. She's your age. Much like I requested you to get close to Suoh, I'm expecting 10 times more from you."

Kyoya knew there was something else, because Tamaki and Kyoya were best friends, much to his father's pleasure. Quickly, thoughts raced through Kyoya's mind: He wouldn't be arranging a marriage would he? She's not even Japanese or from a culture that supports that. Akito's last arrangement was just a farce which he had me break through.. .what is he getting at...

"In Switzerland, Anna went with her father. They both stayed with the CEO's family as that CEO refused to have him stay elsewhere. Anna went to school with the CEO's daughter."

"Father," Akito broke in, "You're not saying that the Stevensons' will be living with us are you?"

"Father, I must agree, this is far beyond protocol," Yuuichi interjected.

"I don't see why this should be shocking to any of you," Yoshio snorted at his sons in disgust. "If the Swish firms did this, then Ootori Group can do this as well. It's not like we have to play up some story about a family that goes hand in hand flocking through fields of flowers. Stevenson is well aware of what it takes to run a business as successfully as he's done, and it's part of the reason why he's choosing to step down."

"How old is Anna," Kyoya asked, wanting to get back on track.

"She's 17 and has already taken the placement exam for Ouran. She will be in class 3A with you. I heard from Yuzuru that she flew in, took the test via translator, and passed without even having to write anything down. She placed 3rd based off of test scores. However, her records show she should be in 3D instead. Technically speaking, they would have placed her according to her history as the test might have been a fluke, but considering as how this is a special circumstance, she will be in 3A with you. I want you to keep an eye on her and make sure she's just a child."

Akito spoke, as Kyoya knew he would, "So you think Stevenson is using his daughter as some sort of spy?" Kyoya was glad he knew his brother would ask questions he wanted answered but knew his father would reprimand him for.

Yoshio sipped his coffee, "Don't be ridiculous. She's a child, but she is brilliant. Her scores indicate that she's lazy at school. Do not forget that she is intelligent despite that. Also, her opinion weighs heavily on him according to our research. She is not to be taken lightly. Be careful of what you say around her. But, as she is the only daughter, do not let her out of your sight. If anything happens to her, we can consider this contract lost. That being said, the Black Onion Squad will be at your disposal should you need it Kyoya, but I believe your personal squad should suffice. Inform them after this meeting. If they have any questions, deal with it. I don't have the time."

Yoshio rang a bell and servants showed up, one collecting his plates and another arrived with packages. "Thank you," he said to the servant. "These are files for you. They all contain the same thing regarding Stevenson. Kyoya, you have the most detail about Anna, the rest of you have enough to know the basics. Your focus will be on the man, yours," he looked at Kyoya, "will be the girl."

The boys stood as their father excused himself from breakfast, Yuuichi leaving with his father. Akito and Kyoya sat back down to quickly go through the packages before leaving.

"I can't believe father's letting them move in... for a year..." Akito said rifling through the files.

"Well if he wants to compete on equal ground, he doesn't have a choice," Kyoya pointed out.

"And it doesn't faze you at all to play sitter to the girl?"

"I did it with Tamaki."

"This is different."

"Potentially," he paused at a picture of Anna. She had long brown hair, slightly tanned skin, large brown eyes. She was very typical as far as American characteristics go. Akito searching his own folder for the bio sheet with the same picture.

"She looks good in yellow..." he said glancing at the picture. "She's 5'5", she's 17, born in she's almost a full year younger than you. She went to a private school up until Switzerland, and now she has a private tutor... Wait, that's it?" Akito flipped over the paper... "No hobbies or interests? Is that in your file Kyoya?"

"I have the same thing you do," he said puzzled, although his voice and action did not give that away. I wonder why father said I have more information. There's nothing here that couldn't be found in public records. Was that just a rouse to see how well I can do without it? Or is this all they could find on her?

"Well, I have to go. Don't screw this up."

"What?" Hikaru, Kaoru and Tamaki said in surprise.

"I'm sorry," Kyoya adjusted his glasses, "I just don't know if I'll be able to do both, and she will be my priority until I'm told otherwise."

"Well, can't you show your dad you can do both? I mean, I don't see why you should have to give up the host club," Tamaki pleaded.

"Maybe she'll be like all the other girls and enjoy it, that'll make it easier for you, right?" Hikaru hoped.

"If she's anything like Haurhi, then she'll never come near this place. You remember how she was when we first met her," Kaoru nodded in her direction.

"Hey leave me out of this," Haurhi sighed. "Tamaki's enough of a handful for me to deal with." Tamaki ran to Haruhi for hugs, this now being his preferred method of comfort as opposed running into a corner.

"This is burdensome. But regardless, I wanted to let you know my intent. I do plan to keep my duties as Vice President, I don't think anyone else has my accounting skills or can keep Tamaki in check... host club wise. Haruhi has her hands full with the way they are already."

"What about Mori and Hani?" Hikaru asked.

"What about them? They're university students; they're not here often..."

"But we still should tell them. We are still a group."

"If you must, feel free," he said, walking towards the door. "We must get ready; it's almost time to open up."

Everyone came over Kyoya's house to check out the renovations to the guest room. "You're seriously putting in a secret door, Kyo-chan," Hani asked, reviewing the blue print.

"Yes, father requests it be done in case of emergencies," he shrugged in response.

"Like what? She locks herself in the room to eat chocolates and become horrendously fat?" the twins sang.

The blueprint showed that there would be an invisible door through Kyoya's closet into the guest bathroom, which is inthe guest room, much like a hotel style but much more extravagant.

The twins found the sample of furniture, which basically matched Kyoya's. There was a low lying platform bed with a down comforter and a very comfortable mattress, almost like an obnoxiously enlarged and ridiculously comfortable futon. "Kyoya, are you sure she's not allergic to down or that she would like this 'style' of decoration?"

"Well, it's not really a concern of mine. Father requested that a duplicate of my room be created, with the exception of the private bath. The down is hypo-allergenic, of course, we'd think about that. The bulk of the accessories are based off of our most expensive resort-spas. So I'm sure she would have nothing to complain about. They colors and textures have been slightly altered to provide more of a softer feminine feel."

"I really don't think she'd complain about any of it," Haruhi finally spoke.

"What do you think Haruhi," Tamaki asked looking up from the book of samples and blue prints. "Would you mind this arrangement?"

"Well yes, but probably for different reasons. I'm not rich like you guys, I'm don't understand half the things that you do or why. But if this is what the resigns herself to, then I really don't think she'd complain."

"You make it sound like a sentence," Kaoru said, sitting with Haruhi on the couch.

"Well, does anyone know anything about her family? Is her mom coming? Does she have siblings?"

Kyoya came over to sit with them and have tea. "Well, they're apparently very private. No one in our family found out anything about their past or Stevenson's wife, but that just means they're doing a great job at keeping it quiet. It will come out in time, it always does. It hasn't affected his ability to run his company, which is the most important aspect of this all. It doesn't seem to be influencing his decision about stepping down either, so I didn't feel it required much effort into researching. Right now, my focus is executing the plans my father has and making sure this Anna is comfortable."

"So what is the plan for her," Hani asked while Mori poured more tea for him.

"Just keep her entertained. Not much came in her file," he tossed it to the center of the table, "so until I actually meet her, I'm walking in blind."

"Kyoya, you talk about her like it's an inconvenience," Hikaru said.

"Quite frankly, it is."

"But isn't this how you met Tamaki," Hikaru pushed. At this Tamaki looked up.

"I was Class President, so it was my job to show him around. This Annais going to be living with me. This is different."

"Regardless, of why Kyoya started talking to me," Tamaki said looking up from Anna's bare file, "if we didn't get along, we wouldn't be friends right now. If Kyoya and Anna don't get along, she'll be staying here with him."

"Well, we'll be here to help you entertain her, just like Barcelona and Carmen" Kaoru said cheerfully.

"Yes, that might be helpful..." Kyoya said sipping his tea.