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It's a Saturday morning. The wind is blowing at a gentle breeze. The outside has the right temperature. The sun is shining brightly. The plants are in full bloom. Birds are flying happily in the sky. The day seems perfect… at the Sanzenin Mansion.

Sitting in her desk, in her study, a certain mistress is thinking of what to draw. Thinking of what should happen next. Thinking, she pushes on the desk, making her chair go on its back legs, keeping her pencil between her upper lip and her nose. Becoming frustrated, she scowls. Soon becoming furious, she snaps forward in her chair, bringing it back to it sitting on its four legs. She yells, "Hayate!"

Coming from the door, comes a blue haired butler with slight long hair, blue eyes, wearing a dark blue butler uniform with a red necktie, and brown shoes. He walks to the Mistress. He stops just a few inches from the chair she's sitting in. He tilts his head in confusion. "What's wrong Milady?"

The Mistress stands up, and turns around to face him. Long blond hair in twin ponytails, green emerald eyes, and um…short. That's was the butler's, Hayate, Mistress. She crosses her arms. "Make me some tea and snacks please."

Hayate closes his eyes and smiles. "Yes Milady." He opens his eyes. "Anything else you need, Milady?" He stands still, waiting for her answer.

The Mistress closes her eyes and begins to think. After giving much thought, she answers his question. "Actually, yes, I do. Tell Haruki to come here. I need to ask him something."

Hearing her request, Hayate bows his head. "Yes Milady, right away." Hayate turns and heads to the door. As soon as the Mistress heard the close behind Hayate, she lets out a sigh. She falls back in her chair and begins to blush. She thinks, Man… he's so good. And it's only been four months since he's begun to work here. He's really become a great and handsome butler. She blushes even more. And not only that, but it's that long since we've been dating. It should be about that time that we take the next step. She puts her red face in her hands, in an attempt to control herself.

She gets pulled out of her thought when she hears the knock. She jumps slightly, surprised. She begins to shake her head, trying to get her thought and to make her blush go away. When she feels right again, she clears her throat and answers the knock. With a firm and clear voice, "Come in."

The door opens, and another butler walks in the room with red hair that's slightly spiked, and at a slight shorter length than Hayate's hair. With sliver eyes, wearing a dark red butler uniform, with a black necktie, and brown shoes as well. As well as wearing fingerless gloves, this was the butler known as Haruki. "You called for me, Milady Nagi?"

The Mistress, Nagi, turned her head to get a view of him. We she gets a view, she scoots up to her desk, where her work lay. She clears her throat again. "Yes. I did. I need your advice on how to proceed in my manga."

Haruki walks over to her desk and leans to Nagi's right. He fixes his glasses to get a better look. He begins to read. Nagi looks up at him. Seeing his eyes move left and right, blinking only when he had finished a conversation in the manga, he picks up the manga . He turns the pages only when he had finished that page. There would be times when he would stay on one page longer to get a better grasp. Nagi twiddles her fingers in patience.

When Haruki had finished reading, he put the manga back onto the desk. He crosses his arms and closes his eyes. Thinking of how he would proceed with the story. Finally… after a certain amount of time, he opens his eyes a little and turns his head to Nagi. Nagi, who becomes a little impatient, breaks the silence. Assuming he had finished thinking. "Well?"

Haruki, deciding of whether or not to tell the truth, stays quiet. Coming to a decision, "To tell you the truth… I had trouble understanding most parts."

Nagi's face is filled with shock. Then becomes a little angry, "What do you mean you didn't understand most parts! What don't you understand? It's very simple!"

Haruki sweat drops. He thinks. That's the point. It's only simple to you and Isumi. He gets down to Nagi's height. "Well… for one thing. I don't get story. This is first time I've actually read your manga. Which is why I was surprised you asked me for advice."

Nagi's face is now filled with surprise. "I thought you read it? You told me you were going to."

Haruki shakes his head. "I didn't get a chance to read it." Haruki holds up his hands in defeat. "Sorry."

Nagi pokes Haruki's forehead. Haruki closes his eyes. "Why didn't you say anything, instead of just going with the flow?"

Haruki opens his eyes. "Well… because you looked frustrated. And I took the opportunity to help." Haruki flashes a smile.

Nagi turns back to her desk. She curves herself forward to the desk. "Well… in that case, let me read it to you." She motions her hand for Haruki. Haruki stands up and walks to her. He bends down to get a better view. "Okay. My greatest creation: Magical Destroy! Here's the story."

Nagi's mouth begins to go off explaining the story and how its world works. Haruki just looks at her and smiles. Thinking back, Haruki's mind begins to ponder. He begins to think at how his life was before his Birthday and how it had changed on the day of his Birthday.

He's lost in his thought's when he hears Nagi's voice. "Haruki?"

Haruki's face is filled with confusion as he looks back at Nagi. "What? Is something wrong?"

Nagi shakes her head. "No. You just seemed to be out of it. Were you thinking?"

Haruki nods his head. "Yeah, I was thinking of how we met that day. Four months ago."

Nagi's relaxes. She turns her swivel chair to him. "Yeah, that day changed my life too, in more ways than one."

Haruki nods. "Yeah, I remember what I was doing before the incident."

Nagi puts her feet in her chair, hold onto them with her hands. "What were you doing before we met?"

Haruki sighs. Thinking back he looks at Nagi. "Well… it was like this…"


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