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Ch. 8: All Hell Breaks loose

It was a beautiful day in Japan, birds flying in harmony, a great gust of wind blew outside, the sun was shining brightly, citizens were walking happily in the street, minding their own errands. While the heat was somewhat unsettling, it couldn't ruin the day. On a beautiful day like this, nobody could be angry.

In the city is what our focus is at. Many people are walking through the streets, who are either going home, or getting to work, or even meeting a couple friends to hangout. Everyone had their own thing to do. There are no fights, gangs, or even cops out today. Nobody couldn't like this day.

Walking among the streets, was Haruki, one of the two new butlers working for Nagi Sanzenin. And in his hand, were grocery bags. 20 grocery bags, to be exact, 10 in each hand. Going on the grocery run for Maria instead, he packed what she had listed to obtain: Eggs, milk, bread, tomatoes, onions, apples, carrots, bananas, grapes, lemons, broccoli, cheese, seasonings, etc. Fortunately for him, he didn't have to use his own money. Maria gave him the sufficient funds to get it all. When asked if he'll have to pay it back, fortunately again, Maria said no.

He silently moved on the concrete path, with each step, being careful not to trip and drop the groceries. He began to ponder on what sort of shenanigans Nagi would request of him when he got back. After having him read her new somewhat 'normal' story, based on them, he had no idea of what would she tell him to do next. Hopefully, he thought, it isn't something abnormal and crazy. Although, just thinking about it, he can already expect what's to come.

He reaches a crosswalk and looks both ways before deeming it's safe. He starts walking when, for no unknown reason, he has this weird feeling. He sighs, trying to shrug this feeling off, but fails. He reaches the other side of the street, and turns around. As soon as he does, the strange feeling fades away. He looks at the buildings, dark alleys, and people, while pedestrians walk past him, looking at him with curiosity. His eyes shift left to right, looking for any signs of something out of place, but finds none. He shrugs, thinking he's going crazy. He begins to walk into the park.

He doesn't know why, but at some point in the grocery run, he started to get this strange feeling. He simply deemed that it was just his imagination. But after time and time again, it came back and back again. He tried and tried again to get rid of it, but constantly failed. When he thinks about it, it was only when he turned around that the feeling just earlier that it actually went away successfully. The feeling would usually attach for seven minutes, three at the shortest. He tries to rack his memory again, wondering where he went wrong. It's at the point when he remembers when he said bye to Maria that he starts to think, Maybe it was something I said to her? No. It couldn't be. I didn't say anything offensive, not even about her age.

It's when he remembers the 'unfaithful' encounter four months ago. He had walked in on her while she was getting out the bath, and had caused an awkward moment. Maybe she still keeps grasp of a grudge? But that was four months ago! He shakes his head, being sure not sure to shake off his glasses. I mean, it would have been better if she had been wearing a towel. Even a small one! The image of Maria in a small towel then appears in his mind. He blushes, then shakes his head again, still being careful of his glasses.

Why the hell am I imaging her in a small towel?! He stops, and thinks. Actually, I think it's sad that I can image it at all! It's so clear too! He sighs, then resumes walking.

It's when he treading past two vending machines when, for no particular reason, he stops, getting that strange feeling again. Okay. What the hell is- His thought is cut off from there. For from his right side, he sees a faint, but visible stream of light accelerating towards him.

Earlier, meanwhile...

It should be noted that there are different kinds of people out there. Some kind, some sympathetic, and some that really don't care. You never know when or how you'll meet new people. Haruki was about to be reminded of this.

By this hour, two black haired girls were simply walking at the park. Their hazel eyes shot through various directions, looking for a beautiful face or a beautiful body. After all, what is the essence of cross dressing if that person doesn't have enough appeal to the eyes? They would just waste their invention.

"We've been walking for hours. We haven't found a single trap yet!"

"We could have tried a girl first, but you wouldn't agree to it~"


"What are you, a tomboy?" a girl named Yuki, rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't be surprised though." Yuki muttered under her breath.

"I HEARD THAT." yelled Yuki's dark half, Yumi. Yumi pouted angrily. Yuki simply smirked, ruffled her dark's hair and turned away from Yumi. She smirked even wider once she spotted a possible target.

Yumi sensed her light's emotions, it went from calm to being a major fangirl, which has happiness and mischievousness mixed into one emotion. Yumi grabbed Yuki's shoulders and looked over her shoulders. Her slightly sharper eyes squinted, in search for that target Yuki saw.

"There." Yuki pointed to a young male carrying lots of bags. Indeed, he seems like he has a girlish stature. He has a pretty cute face too.

"Perfect." Yuki smirked once again.

"Why are you so keen is this kinds of things?"

"Because I am an expert in this things." Yuki winked at her half. She grabbed their invention from her bag.

That invention was a wand that was designed like a wand that would be found in a magical girl series. IT was gold and pink all over. However, it happens to be a cross dressing wand. It will shoot out a ray that will change the clothes of a person according to the owner's fetish. Whatever is the image inside of the owner's mind, it will be done.


Both of the girls ran quickly, discreetly chasing their target. Both of them took turns in shooting the rays. Even though both of them have really good aims, the young male always seem to dodge it! And he might be clueless about everything!


"I THINK HE'S STUPID. OR WE ARE. HE'S DODGING IT...UNINTENTIONALLY!" Yuki said as she shot out another ray.

Both of them stopped running as the ray Yuki shot out made its way to the target. They smiled at each other. Though, they celebrated a little too soon.



Back to Haruki

Obviously, Haruki didn't wait to find out what the 'harmless' light did, nor did he want to find what it would do. With quick reflex and agility, Haruki threw up the bags of grocery in his left hand, sending the bags to fly up in a little disarray. He quickly moved his now free left hand up towards his glasses. He took off his glasses, and with just enough time, the beam of light hit the right lens and was deflected completely in the opposite direction.

Using his speed again, he quickly put on the glasses, and looked up. The bags were coming down, and fast. Haruki quickly grabbed the first one, and the ones that soon follow. By the time he caught the ninth bag, the final one was a little too far off. Lunging a little, he successfully caught the last one, and almost lost his balance. When he regained his composure, he stood straight a little, and rolled his shoulders, smiling. A big smile.

"Hah! That was fun!" he exclaimed. "That might have given me the rush I needed for today." He stood laughing about it. He was just so thrilled! He kinda wished that it could always be like that. But at some point, he stopped. He sighed. He coughed, regaining a butler-like composure. "Alright," he said, "I should get these back to the mansion." He closed his eyes and started walking again, but even before he took a second step...


He stopped completely. He reopened his eyes, and stood completely still. His mind was still as well, but for the only thing that it digested and processed on that scream: It came from the right. Which was the same direction the light came from, and the same direction he reflected it back to.

He slowly, and hesitatingly, turned his head to the right. He closed his eyes, not wishing to see what happened. But, to take responsibility, he forced them open. He saw a puff of smoke a couple of meters away in a clear area of the park, but couldn't see through it. He was scared. For first time in a couple of months, he was scared. His mind raced on what had happened to a couple of innocent bystanders. He didn't mean for it to happen! He just deflected it!

He violently shook his head, not even caring if his glasses came off or not. He was severely shaking. But once again, he forced himself to look at the puff of smoke, which was starting to clear up. He stood silently, promising to himself that, no matter what, he would fix the problem he caused.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, he could finally see through the smoke. But... it was not what he expected. What he saw was two fourteen looking year old girls with black hair, standing in the middle of the now clear smoke area, with shocked expressions. But that wasn't what got his scared expression turned into a shocked expression as well. It's what they had adorned. They both had only one thing obscuring their bodies, and it was a small towel wrapped around them each. While it did successfully cover their chest, and between the legs, the small towel almost fell short on both parts. ESPECIALLY on the legs.

Haruki just stood still, unable to think for a moment. One thought did flow through his mind: WHAT THE HELL?!

However, while the thought was still flowing through his mind, he stood still when he saw something. One of them held a wand, that looked a little broken, having scratches and chips on it. And both girls shocked expressions then turned into very, VERY, furious ones. What was next, was something he didn't expect: One of the girls started running towards him at a frightening speed.

Meanwhile, the young girl simply rubbed her temples and sighed. She didn't bother chasing after those two. Yumi is enough for such a fellow.

"He would die if I got my revenge on him anyway." Yuki said darkly. She quickly dashed behind a tree and looked at the wand. It was full of scratches and it had a slight dent on the center. That spot is where the main microchip was.

"Why did I have to use this as a shield?" she said.

She traced the scratches and dents on the wand. It looked horrible.

"Damage isn't severe. I wonder if it would work somehow..."

Yuki closed her eyes shut. She calmed herself and focused on one image. She tried her best to imagine the exact clothes she was wearing earlier. Within a few minutes, the wand was about to fire...
It fired smoke. If Yumi was there, she might have said that it counts...

"Agh, I think it just got worse!" Yuki slapped her own forehead. Holding herself back from breaking the wand, she jumped from tree to tree. She spotted Yumi and their target at a secluded spot. From the looks of it, Yumi was ready to kill the young man using her bare hands.

"It's such a waste to let such a trap depart from this world, Yumi!" Yuki said. Yumi glanced at Yuki.

"There are many traps out there. So why should we spare this one?!" Yumi yelled as she cracked her knuckles. Her hazel eyes looked at the male again. Her eyes reflected anger and embarrassment.

Yuki jumped down from the tree and hugged her dark half. Suddenly, Yuki's dark expression deteriorated and turned into a sweet and calm one. Her expression calmed the frightened male.

"I couldn't let you kill him, Yumi-chan! That's selfish!" Yuki said in an innocent tone. Suddenly, Yuki's sweet something turned scary. Even scarier than her dark half's. Perhaps a single glare would be enough for someone to beg for forgiveness.

"Because I want to kill him too, my dearest. I can't let you do it by yourself." The demon duo both smirked evilly as they chuckled softly.

Haruki's face was one of fear. To put it bluntly, he was screwed.

After the one of the girls chased him around the park for approximately 7 minutes, the other came over and added even more effect to the devious and dangerous vibe. He doesn't understand how these two understand each other so extremely well. It's like with him and Hayate, only they're much more scarier. He stands there, waiting for the upcoming onslaught as they got closer, when, his memory clicks.

"No matter what, I'll fix the problem I caused." he promised to himself. His thought: Shit.

With a deep breath, he puts on a serious expression, he puts up both his hands up towards them, and with a slight authority in his voice, says, "Hold up!"

To his surprise, they actually stopped, but still retained the scary faces. I best do this fast, otherwise, I'm a goner. he thought. He keeps his serious expression. "Look, obviously, you're pissed. I can see it, and feel it. And by the looks of it, I somehow did it. I don't know how, but that doesn't matter. I want to make it up to you."

He puts his hands down, bends down slightly to put down the groceries down carefully, and surely. After putting them down, he starts to take off the expensive cashmere coat that him Hayate have to wear when going out. Next, he takes off butler coat, being sure to not get the two coats tangled. After being stripped to his white button-up shirt, he tosses the coats to the girls. The cashmere coat to the one who chased him, and the dark red one to the other one. Both catch them and look at him with suspicion.

He continues. "Obviously, we got off to the wrong start. I'm sincerely sorry about what happened." Even if I don't know what the hell I did in details. "And to make it up to you girls, I'd like to invite you to the mansion I work at, give you some clothes, and work this out. And no matter how long it takes, I'll make sure we work this out." He stopped before he said his most scared words. But...

"I promise."

Both girls stared at him silently. Yumi glared at him intently, while Yuki calmed down. Yuki's expression calmed and she let out a small smile. She knew about the cashmere coat. It is truly expensive. This guy will have perks that they can truly see and experience. Letting out a sigh, she smiled widely. Her big, "innocent" eyes stared back at the young male's eyes directly, as if she can read his thoughts, his soul.

"Yumi-chan, looking at him now, I think he's saying the truth." Yuki said. She hugged her dark half and whispered something in her ear.

"Yumi-chan, that cashmere coat is expensive. One of my uncles has that. I bet we can get the clothes he promised us. And probably food too. And he did say mansion! Let's try!"

"But Yuki-chan, what if he's actually a pervert who molests little, cute girls?!"

"That won't be a problem for me. I can always kick at his crotch before he even dares to do such lewd action~"

"Hnn...alright then."

Yuki smiled widely.

"We approved of it, then." They both said in unison.

"That's great!" said the young male.

"However, I bet that you can jump from tree to tree like us, right? I want all of us to jump from tree to tree to get to that mansion you're talking about!" Yuki said.

Haruki face is shown of him smiling, with not a problem in the world. Truth be told, that wasn't what he was feeling.

First of all, jumping through trees while carrying twenty groceries bags is NOT a picnic. Haruki had trouble keeping hold of the bags. He had make sure that he jumped perfectly and properly, for if he didn't, the contents in the bags would fall. And he would get yelled at by Maria if he did, which was something he was not looking forward to.

Second, he was leading the way to the mansion, while the two girls trailed behind him. Seeing the way they acted at the park, all scary and evil, was just enough to make anybody paranoid of having them behind you. While they did accept his offer on good terms, how could he be sure that they wouldn't just jump him, and sabotage him? That was the thing, he couldn't. He just had to hope that they didn't attack him.

Beyond that, he was really surprised that they could jump through trees like he could. They didn't look it, but apparently, they're pretty athletic. He had to commend them for that. And while at that, he had to say this as well: They were pretty cute.

After looking at them without their evil looks, they were. And with only those towels on, he almost had a nosebleed moment. But thanks to the coats they were wearing now, it was less possible that that would happen. And underneath those cute faces, he thought to himself, are demons. He shivered.

While he was good at combat, not on the same level as Hayate, he obviously wouldn't feel right hitting them. Although, he probably would have died. No. He WOULD have died.

A couple of meters away from the mansion, they continued jumping through the trees. "It's not much farther!" he yelled. "Just a couple more jumps, and we're there!" They pressed on.

While jumping, Haruki starts to think to himself. He knows he gonna have to explain to Maria about this. Just thinking about it, he can easily see that she'll be anxious and curious about his 'grocery run'. He understands that it may seem fishy, but it'll take time for him to convince her. Her and Hayate.

More importantly, he'll have to explain about these girls to Nagi. He begins to ponder on how she'll react. Of course, it is her mansion. She may be angry. Or, she may think he's trouble. Either way, he's going to have to face a lot when he gets.

Finally getting to the mansion, Haruki lands at the gate, and the girls follow suit. Seeing as there's no trees outside the walls, and that the gate and walls are way too high for them to jump, the only option is to walk through the front gate.

He carefully places the groceries in his left hand on the concrete, puts his hand in his pocket, and pulls out a key chain that carries two keys. One key for the front gate, and the other for the mansion's front set doors. Using the gate key, he puts it in, turns it, and hears the natural sound of the gate unlocking, which sort of brings a smile to his face. Pushing open the gate, he moves out of the gap, looks at the girls, who are gawking at the mansion, and beckons them forward. "Ladies first." he says with a grin.

The girls move forward and walk through, while Haruki once again picks up the groceries, and follows. When he walks through, he closes the gate, locks it, and then make their way to the front set of doors.

Hearing his own footsteps, and also hearing their bare feet hit the concrete behind, he says, "I'm really sorry for what I did." he says sincerely. "But I hope that this will be enough to pay you guys back." They start to walk up the front steps. "Also, I didn't properly introduce myself. My name is Haruki Masako. I'm a nice and considerate guy who just started working here four months ago." They finally stop in front of the set of doors. "And don't worry." he says. He turns to them. "I'm not some pervert who molests little, cute girls." He smiles as a slight expression of shock is shown on their face.

He turns back to the door and grabs the door key. He's about to put in the key, when he stops. "Actually," he says, "I hope you mind me asking but, what are you're names?" He turns and faces them again.

For a moment, both girls stayed still. Yumi's expression remained stoic. Yuki sighed then poked Yumi's cheek.

"Forgive her, she get awkward sometimes!" Yuki said as she smiled. At the same time, Yumi pouted.

"Am not..."

"My name is Yuki Shiriashi."

"Yumi Shiriashi..."

"Yumi is my other half, kinda like twins. But she's my dark half. I hope that makes sense to you~" Yuki let out a small giggle. Yumi remained stoic, but she seems pissed off for some reason. The boy named Haruki let out a nervous laugh. Yumi grabbed Yuki's hand and whispered something in her ear.

"Are you sure we should trust him? For all we know that mansion might be some kind of training facility for prostitutes or hidden mafias..."

"You watched Reborn too many times, deary." Yuki whispered back.

"But you'll never know!"

"Come on, he said he doesn't molest cute little girls!"

"They all say that!"

"If that ever happens, I'll be by your side. I'll save you when you're in a pinch! As long as we're together, whatever Haruki has in mind for us, we can easily terminate it!"

Yumi nodded. Yuki smiled. The light grabbed her half's hand, and faced the young male, Haruki.

"Shall we go now?" She asked with an innocent smile.

Haruki smiles back and nods, and without turning back, he unlocks the door, puts the key back in his pocket. He faces the doors, and grasps the knob. He takes a deep breath, hoping that everything will go alright, thinks, Okay. Here we go. No turning back. He turns the knob, pushes the door, and braces for impact.

Te be continued...

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