Aurthor's note: The beginning of the story is a little repetitive, it's consistent with the show but the repeating ends in mid 2nd chapter. After that the players are in place and the story becomes linear.

Ariel was enjoying the Founders Day activities it was a beautiful day and by Phoenix standards a comfortable temperature.. She, Hannah, and Melissa were taking a break from checking out the flea market and they'd just gotten smoothies from one of the venders

Melissa saw her cousin show up and went to meet her. Hannah and I found a shady place to stand a little relieved that they didn't have to be careful not to say anything that might remind Melissa of her recent breakup with Chad.

They were near the main entrance to the park where Founder's Day was being held and had a good view of the market. The vendors to our right and to the left was the stage. All they could see was the back and one side of the stage but it didn't matter since there wouldn't be anybody performing until that night.

There was a chain link fence at the back of the crowd section and on the other side of it were the rides for little kids. It wasn't a fair so those were the only rides there were. Past that was a big scaffolding with all the lights. There was a second fence covered with signs that surrounded a storage area to the left of the scaffold and kid rides.

Even without real rides Founder's Day was fun. Between the market, the artist, food, the bands and just having something to do it was a nice change. Her dad was taking Bridget around to see the market and as long as Ariel and Hannah checked in with him every once in a while they didn't get treated like kids.

"You should have gotten those earrings Hannah, they'd look great on you."

"They were to expensive and they were kinda heavy." The redhead answered.

We watched the crowd and the people walking by us. Hannah smiled and I followed her eyes to see Hector a guy from our school that's a year or two older then us wearing a silly purple hat. We'd tried a hat like it on and laughed about it at one of the tables but hadn't bothered paying seven dollars for it. Apparently Hector had decided it was worth it for laughs.

"I'm so glad it didn't rain this year."

Ariel agreed and ask what she thought about some movies that were coming out soon.

"Looks kinda sappy but the actor is cute."

Then we heard a high pitched noise coming from the other side of the stage. We moved to get a better look as the noise turned to crashing and we saw the top of the lights tilt backward. It was three maybe four feet tall and wider then that, she wasn't sure how thick it was or far back it went but it looked heavy as it leaned left and back.

People were screaming, the kiddy rides were all suddenly stopped and adults were running toward the rides. She feels guilt and relief that Marie didn't come today. Then the section of lights and bars fell. It hit one of the rides and Ariel was thankful she couldn't see clearly what happened very well from where she was. She and Hannah both turned away as the screams turned to pain and horror.

Ariel tossed and turned in her bed partially waking up then nodding back off to sleep.

It was great weather for Founder's Day. Ariel was having fun with Hannah and Melissa, they'd just taken a break from shopping the flea market and decided to get smoothies from a vender.

Melissa walked off to meet her cousin.

Four people walked by not far from them heading toward the stage. Three of them went to her school the new guy at school-Ariel was pretty sure his name was Kerry, a girl named Tonya or Sonya, Mike Brewer and a guy she didn't know. They were all a year or two older then she and Hannah.

Ariel and Hannah watched the crowd as Ariel told her best friend "You should have gotten those earrings Hannah, they looked great on you."

"They were to expensive and they were kinda heavy."

Further toward the stage.

"Is Amy his new girlfriend or something?" Mike ask.

"I don't know" Kerry answered "I've never talked to her before, she just called and said David wanted us to meet him by the stage and that he had his hands full so he ask her to call." His southern accent noticeable but his friends were used to it.

They looked around as they walked but apparently didn't see David anywhere. Kerry got Hector, who was wearing a goofy purple hat like the one Ariel and her friends had tried on and joked about buying.

Kerry and his friends walked over to Hector and ask if he'd seen David.

"No, I haven't seen him, I wasn't even sure he was coming" Hector answered.

Kerry took out his cellphone and called David to see what was going on. Ariel saw David take his phone out of his pocket look at the number and id seeing that it was Kerry he answered. Ariel saw all this even though David was riding in a car with his friend Brian and was still a few blocks away.

Suddenly a high pitched noise gets the attention of everyone in that part of the founders day market's attention. Kerry hung up his phone shoving it in his pocket and took off running toward the stage.

Ariel is filled with dread that she doesn't understand as Hannah's comment about a cute actor is cute off by the noise. She and Hannah move to get a better view of what's causing the noise.

There is a crashing sound and a section of the lighting rig sways. People scream, the emergency stop is activated on the kiddy rides, and adults run toward the kids. The lighting section leans backward. People are carrying kids away from the rides, the kids are scaring and either crying or screaming or both.

The lighting leans further back, it seems to Ariel that it should have fallen by now but she's so relieved that it hasn't. The segment pivots to the side a little then finally falls. There's a loud noise as it hits an empty ride then the ground but it looks and sounds like everyone got safely away.

Ariel woke up in her bed Friday morning confused about the two dreams she'd just had. Her dad was going to taker her and Hannah to Founder's Day tomorrow and she didn't know if she should do something to prevent the possible tragedy. She started getting ready quickly hoping she could ask her mom's advice. When she walked into the kitchen she saw her had finishing breakfast and Marie her youngest sister in a highchair at the dinner table.

"Where's mommy?"

"Her boss called, she had to go into work early. Something about a problem with paperwork on one of the cases she's worked on, so I'm taking you girls to school."

Ariel can tell her dad is trying to do a lot of things at once so she starts setting the table.

"Thanks sweety, when you get done will you check on Bridgette and make sure she'll be ready."

"Sure, dad no problem."

A few minutes later they are all sitting around the table finishing breakfast, Bridgette talking about Founder's Day nearly nonstop.

"Ariel is everything alright? It's a Friday you don't seem very happy."

"I'm just still waking up I guess."

That day at school Hannah ask if Ariel minded Melissa joining them the next day. Ariel said it was fine. Hannah's parents gave Ariel a ride home after school but stopped at a gas station on the way the two girls decided to go in. Ariel had mostly put the dreams out of her mind.

The best friends walked the isles deciding if they wanted snacks but paying more attention to the conversation then to the shelves.

"Tomorrow should be fun, Melissa is over the really depressed stuff but we should probably be careful not to talk about boys and stuff in front of her to much."

"I understand and I like Melissa it's cool." Ariel heard a faint high pitch noise but nobody else in the store seemed to notice. "Chad really was a jerk to her." The unnerving noise disappeared.

"Yeah, I'm glad they finally broke up. That sounds bad but you know what I mean."

Ariel started to agree but heard a screaming noise, not loud but the pain and fear in it made her suddenly start looking around the store. Other then her reaction everything seemed normal.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I just thought I heard something." Ariel answered still hearing the sounds and as they started walking again the screaming got louder. "I think I'm going to go back to the car."

Ariel started walking and Hannah set the chips she had planned on buying on a shelf randomly following her best friend. The noise faded to silence then started getting worse again. Ariel suddenly stopped and Hannah almost got a face full of Ariel's long blonde hair not expecting her to stop.

Ariel turned quickly walking around Hannah but the noise only faded slightly then started getting worse again

"Ok, you're scaring me."

"I just keep hearing.." as Ariel turned to look at Hannah she noticed the pay as you go cellphones behind her friend's shoulder and the noise vanished.

"Hearing what?"

Ariel grabbed one of the phones off the shelf and the memory of everyone being away from the kiddy rides in time from her second dream flashed in her mind.

"Ariel, hello?"

"Sorry, Hannah. It's just one of those feelings I get, you know." Ariel said embarrassed and not understanding what was going on herself.

"Your feelings are usually right but it's telling you to buy a cell phone."

"I think so."

Ariel bought the phone wiping out half of the money she'd planned to spend the next day. When she got home she didn't mention the phone to her parents but plugged it in to charge overnight.