Ariel's mom Allison worked late Friday night and slept in Saturday morning, so Ariel didn't get to talk to her about the dreams she'd had Thursday night.

Ariel wore different cloths then she had in her dream but when her dad pulled up at Hannah's house to pick the red head and Melissa up on the way to Phoenix's Founder's Day both were both wearing exactly what Ariel had dreamed they would be dressed.

Joe, Ariel's dad told the girls that as long as they checked in with him they could explore the market without him, as long as none of them wandered off from the group alone. As much as Ariel wished she could have talked to her mom she was glad it was her dad setting the rules for the day. Her mom's job with the DA's office and some of the things she saw in her own visions tended to make her overprotective.

Ariel tried not to think about the dream to much and just enjoy the beautiful day with her friends, after all the last dream she'd had ended with nobody being hurt. They had fun trying the foods and shopping, a couple times Ariel saw something she might have bought if she hadn't bought the cell phone that was in her purse. Buying it sounded kinda silly now but had seemed important the day before.

Hannah wondered why Ariel seemed distracted but didn't push it, Ariel would talk to her when she was ready. Ariel had gotten back to normal and was laughing then a few minutes later when Melissa put a purple hat on Hannah's head Ariel got quiet again.

Things had gotten back to normal a few minutes later with the only tension being trying not to say anything that would get Melissa thinking about her recent breakup again.

It was almost time for Melissa to meet her cousin and the girls were getting hot from walking around in the sun but they stopped at a jewelry vendor before taking a break. There were some earrings that had a stone that nearly perfectly matched Hannah's eyes. Aside from drawing attention to her eyes they looked really good with her red hair and light complexion but Hannah decided not to buy them. As the girls walked off Ariel hesitantly picked one of the earrings up and wasn't comforted by the fact that they were a couple times heavier then any earrings she owned.

Melissa spotted her cousin and walked off to meet her, Ariel and Hannah walked over to the smoothie stand. Ariel was scanning the crowd as they stood in line, then the two girls walked over to a shady spot near the entrance.

"I'm so glad it didn't rain this year." Hannah commented.

"What? Oh yeah.."

"What's wrong Ariel?"

"I don't see them."

"See who?"

"I had a dream last night or two versions of a dream, something bad is going to happen but I don't know how bad."

"Two dreams? What happened? Or is going to happen?"

"Part of the lighting is going to fall. For some reason if some of the guys from school are here then nobody gets hurt."

"And they aren't here? How do they make a difference?"

"I don't know why it matters but they aren't here."

Suddenly Ariel starts digging in her purse and pulls out the cell phone. She remembers Kerry's number from seeing it on David's phone id in her dream.

"Kerry, hi this is Amy, I'm David's friend." Hannah looked at Ariel like she'd lost her mind. "He's got his hands full but he wanted me to call you.." "Yeah everything's ok but he want's you to meet him by the stage, yeah around front." "He wants to show you something and he wants you to hurry." "I don't know, that's all he said, oh he didn't say just you so whoever's with you is cool."

Ariel hung up and looked at Hannah for support.

"Why did you just do that?"

"I think I was supposed to, I hope it's not to late."

Ariel saw Hector wearing the purple hat and waited hoping Kerry and the others would show up soon.

About a minute later Kerry, Mike, Sonya (Ariel had found out her name for sure the day before) and the other guy walked by. Ariel crossed her fingers and hoped. She walked behind the group to get a better view of whatever was going to happen.

As they walked toward the stage Mike waved at Hector and Kerry with his southern accent called back to Hector asking if he'd seen David. Hector said he hadn't and Kerry kept walking.

Ariel could only hear bits of the groups conversation but it seemed similar if not the same as what she'd heard in the second dream. Ariel was relieved that the group seemed to be moving faster then in the dream.

Hannah half whispered "So they make everything turn out all right?"

Ariel was still leading them behind and to the left of the group of older kids but trying not to get to close to look suspicious..

"They were the only thing different in the two dreams and Kerry ran off toward the lights as soon as things started to go wrong,"

"Kerry? So you're on a first name basis with him, nice when did that happen?"

Ariel could tell Hannah was trying to break the tension but was probably honestly curious too.

"I've never met him, just seen him around school. Me calling him a couple minutes ago was the first time I've ever talked to him."

"So what happens now?"

A high pitch noise drew everyone's attention. Kerry had just pulled out his cell phone and quickly shoved it back in his pocket. Kerry started running through the mostly empty crowd area in front of the stage, Ariel ran trying to keep an eye on him. The lighting on top of the scaffolding started to sway. Ariel lost sight of the southerner then caught a glimpse of him again, she was impressed by how fast he was. She lost sight of him again and after searching decided he must have climbed the fence somewhere.

There was a crashing sound and the lights continued to sway and she knew this could go either way. The screams chilled her especially the ones from the kiddy ride section.

Maybe, she should have made an anonymous call to warn about the lights of even get the day canceled but she hadn't thought anyone would believe her.

Adults have shut down the rides and are getting the kids out as quickly as they can but no one knows if there will be time. The light leans further back and Ariel tell's herself that this is more like the second dream but isn't sure. She absentmindedly grips the fence with one hand looking at the lights but not knowing what's going on. It looks like the last of the kids are getting carried to safety and Ariel finally exhales, she hears Hannah yelling her name but doesn't look back. The lighting array pivots to the side then falls, Ariel is the only person that doesn't flinch at the sound when it crashes down onto the empty ride then the pavement.

She walks along the fence looking up at the scaffolding searching for Kerry, for anything. She finally sees him climbing down the side adjacent to the storage area. When he's maybe 20 feet from the ground he lets go and drops to the ground. Ariel almost screams. Where he lands is downhill from her so she doesn't see the impact. Hannah reaches her.

"Ariel are you crazy? Why did you run off like that?"

Ariel walks along the fence trying to get a better view "I'm sorry I just.. just wanted to know what happened."

"Your plan worked, I don't think anybody got hurt."

Ariel is worried that Kerry may be the exception to that. Suddenly she sees him walking back toward the crowd, he was sweaty and kinda tired. He glancing behind him once but otherwise acting normal or trying to. He doesn't even look in her direction.

"Yeah your right" Ariel says hugging her friend "I think everybody is ok.".