Rating: M
Characters: Middleman, Wendy Watson
Disclaimer: I do not under any circumstances own the rights to these characters, the show or comic and I'm not getting paid.
Summary: Wendy, the Middleman and Johnny Cash
Spoilers: Refers to some information in the Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse.
Author's Note: Just a fun, song-themed drabble which came to me after seeing the key 'Obligatory Johnny Cash Reference' in the Sino-Mexican Revelation. This has been cross-posted to the MM/WW LiveJournal Community.

Song: Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)
Location: The Middlemobile. Always 3 miles below the speed limit. Couples Time.


"What, Dubbie?"

"I was just thinking out loud. Colton's okay, but – Clarence? Just warning you, I am so not yelling, 'Harder, harder, Clarence.' Ever."

"But you do call on the Almighty quite frequently, I have noticed. When you're coherent."

"Har. Seriously, how much did your parents hate you?"

"I told you I was named for my father."

"Multi-generational name torture. Kinky. Any kids at school ever try to beat you up because of your name?"

"One doesn't get to be a CO-punching hothead without practice. But nobody tried twice."

"So, you were like the boy named Sue, huh?"

"Johnny Cash was a man of many truths as well as talents, Dubbie. Speaking of which, pass me that CD."

"Oh, [bleep]."