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As I snap pictures of Olivia on her prom day, I am overcome with joy and sorrow. We have a happy life. Parker is now married and has a beautiful son, who he named Seeley. Olivia will be graduating very soon and has been accepted to every major Ivy League college in the nation. I am remarried to a wonderful man, Greg, who is my source of joy and laughter. All is well and we are all extremely happy.

But my sorrow is for Booth. He didn't get to watch Parker walk across the stage at his high school graduation. He didn't get to see him graduate from Harvard. He didn't get to hold the gun to scare off Liv's first boyfriend. He wasn't there to see Parker's wedding or hold baby Seeley only moments after he was born. And he isn't here now, on Liv's prom day. I am overcome by how much he has missed.

She looks beautiful and reminds me so much of Booth. She is strong and very just. All things must be fair and everyone must be protected. She has his eyes and his determination. She has his smile and his heart. She is so much more than he and I ever dreamed she would be.

As Greg straightens the tie around Olivia's boyfriends' neck, I am struck by how much Booth would have wanted to be here at this moment. He would have wanted to meet the boyfriend and check his intentions. He would have slapped him on the back and tested his character by the strength of his handshake. Greg is a wonderful father to Olivia and does all the right things, but I can't help but wish that Booth was able to partake in this day.


I met Greg four years after Booth's murder. Our hearts were healed as much as they could be, and we were all ready to accept a new person into the family. With Parker away at college, bringing Greg home was a much less daunting task. Olivia took to him immediately and I knew that everything would work out. A year and a half after we met, Greg proposed and we were married the next summer.

During Parker's junior year of college, he met his now wife, Jenna. They were friends for a long time and tried to date, but it failed. They remained friends and then after graduation, Parker confessed that he was still in love with her and they were married shortly after that.

Olivia thrived in school and excelled above her peers. She was so absolutely gifted, like I had been as a child, but was the social butterfly that Booth always swore she would be. She was well liked and it was no surprise that she was voted the favorite classmate and student year after year.

It was also no surprise that she was picked for valedictorian of her class this year. She is going to speak at graduation and although she is very secretive about her speech, I know that she will be dedicating the graduation ceremony to Booth.


I am still at the Jeffersonian Institute and all of our friends are as well. Jack and Angela have a total of five children and are raising them to be science, math, musical and art prodigies. Cam remarried as well and inherited three older children with the marriage. Wendell has come on as my full time partner and is married to a girl he met at a hockey game. They have twin three year olds who give them a run for their money. Sweets and Daisy finally married as well and although they have no children, they own a slew of AKC certified dogs that they take to shows.


I once said that if a man took me by surprise and helped me love again, that if he made the joy in my life outweigh the sorrow, if he was able to make me think only of him and not of Booth while we were together, he would be the one. Greg is all of this and more and while I still think of Seeley almost every day and miss him terribly, I have everything a person could want or need. Greg is the father Olivia never got to have and the supportive buddy that Parker so desperately needed. Greg makes me feel so special and so loved and he makes sure that I know how important I am to him. He has a safe job, so I am never worried that he will be killed like Booth was. But even as terrific as Greg is, he is not and never will be Booth. Booth was my soul mate and though I absolutely love and adore Greg, he's simply my lover and life partner.

Wherever Booth is, whether he was right and he's floating in some celestial place, or if I was right and he's merely buried six feet under ground, I sincerely hope he knew how much he was and still is treasured. I secretly wish that Booth was right because it makes the pain of it all so much lighter to bear.

I will never understand why I have lost two of the most important people in my life. I will never understand why I've gone through so much heartache and trauma. I will never understand why my life has been more struggle and strife than joy up to this point, but I am so grateful for the journey. I feel I am so much more normal and well adjusted. I am happy and settled.

I have a beautiful life and I am so thankful for all the goodness I have now.

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