The Day the Sky Pretended Didn't Happen



After Retrace 60


Why did it have to be him? Why? Of all the people in the world, why did he have to die for some stupid person like Ilsa Yura? Why?

It was all Oz could think about as he stared up at the sky. He didn't think it was possible for him to feel this horrible, but he was. Of all the people he felt this bad for, he never once thought that Elliot's death would have this affect on him. He just never thought of it. They weren't really that close. They barely saw each other, and yet he didn't have the will do go on.

Everything felt like it was falling apart right in front of him. Everything. Elliot's dead, Vincent's in league with the Baskervilles and Leo's being held for questioning when the person who is truly responsible for this whole mess is out and about, free as a bird. He didn't understand how that was even remotely right.

"Oz…?" he heard Alice's from behind him on the ledge near the window where he was sitting.

"Hm?" He hadn't even noticed that she was even in the same room, let alone sitting right behind him by the window.

"What… are you thinking about right now?" she asked hesitantly at first.

"I'm thinking…" he paused for a moment, as if he was trying to come up with what he was exactly going to say and the right way to phrase it.

"The sky… is beautiful." It was a random statement but at least he was saying something instead of being silent and sulky.

"Things happened, but not matter that, the sky is bright. It pretends nothing happened. And "today" comes again. So many things like that, I don't know…They all make me mad."

He turned back toward the window after he finished speaking. And started to yet again look up at the sky as the cloud rolled on by. The more he looked up at it the madder he got, but he didn't show it. He didn't understand how anything could move alone like normal so quickly after something so tragic, as someone dying, happened.

Elliot was dead. He wouldn't be coming back. No matter how many people wanted him to. He couldn't. The dead don't walk.

All of a sudden he was jolted from his train of thought as Alice forcefully pulled him backwards on to the couch.

"Alice, you can't do stuff like that to people…" he shouted at her. Not only was it scary to the person it was happening, but it was also very rude, especially to a noblemen.

"Shut up."

He suddenly felt Alice's teeth on his left ear and winced slightly as she started to bit down harder and harder. Feeling the blood drip out of his ear where were teeth were at.

"Alice, ouch…" he paused shortly, going back to his depressed mood. "… It hurts…"

Alice noticed nothing had changed after that. His mood was still the same as before. And she had had it. She got up and just walked off, letting him just deal with it himself.

Oz just stayed there on the couch and watched the sky once more.

'There are a lot of things I have to do…'

He placed his arm over his eyes.

'but I'm too desperate trying to stop things from leaking out of the hole that has formed in my heart.'

He silently started to cry.

'and I can't stand up -"


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