Kyle POV

I run as fast as I can to Tuttle. Finally, I've caught up with her. "Lindy, wait!"

She turns, glaring at me. Oh no. She hates me. Maybe this was all a mistake. "Lindy, I'm sorry I didn't answer your calls."

Lindy answers, "I just don't get it. You wrote me these letters saying you loved me, and then didn't call back. Why?"

"Because…I was afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

"Afraid you didn't love me."

There. I said it. She takes off my hood. I didn't even care anymore. She loved me and saw me beautiful when others would find me hideous. We kiss. I look at my arm, to see the spring flowers bloom. Too late to break the spell, but I have my girl.

Eustace POV

A few hours later, I see some Kyle I've never seen before with Lindy. He had short blinde hair and a great complexion. "What's going on?"

The chap answers, "It's me. The curse was broken."

I knuckle five him. "Praise Aslan!"

"Think I'll ever meet this Aslan you speak of?"

"Yeah, but here he has another Name."

I look around, after a brief silence. I hear Aslan's voice and I tell them, "I think my time here is up. "

Lindy asked, "Do you have to leave just yet?"

"Afraid so. I hate saying goodbye."

I try not to let any tears fall, as I give her and Magda each a hug. Then, a one arm hug for Kyle and Will. They were great friends and they told me just the same.

Kyle ruffled my hair. It was less awkward now that we both had hair. There was no risk of jealousy. "Maybe I'll see you again?"

"If it's Aslan's will. Now, stop you're making me cry," I half-tease.

"I'll remember you, bud."

"Me too."

The next thing I know, I was back on the blasted train tot eh Experiment house. The thought of a new year of school, where I was known as a bully did put butterflies in my stomach. Then, I remember if Aslan helped Kyle break the curse…he could help me prove myself to the other kids at school.