AN: Here you go! Chapter one of what I hope will be a many chaptered story :) This continues on from my previous story "The Weight of it all". I hope you like it, I've got lots of dramatic plot points on the way.

Summer is like this lie that they tell you, you start to think that maybe I'm not trapped, maybe I'm like, y'know, free. But then it flies right past and you're right back where you started.

Angela closed her locker and surveyed the all too familiar hallway. The students rushing past her, girls squealing as they embraced each other and boys checking out the girls.

To make everything worse, Jordan was gone for the first two weeks. His band had jumped on the tail end of a Don Caballero tour, which, according to Jordan, was a big deal.

Three days, no, four days, no it's been three days since I've heard from Jordan. What does hearing from someone prove anyway? It proves that you are on their mind, that they are thinking about you, as opposed to not, thinking of you.

"Chase face!" Sharon squealed, as she hit Angela with her embrace. Angela smiled as she hugged her friend.

"How was your break?"

"Not long enough," Angela sighed.

"Ugh, I know! I felt like there was still so much of Paris left to see and then, you're just on a plane going home."

"Oh, I forgot to ask, how was it?"

"It was amazing!" Sharon exclaimed, "I mean look," she said pointing to her top, "I got this there and all these amazing dresses, and hats! Oh my god Angela the hats! We have so much to catch up on, what have I missed? How's Jordan? Oh that reminds me I met this really cute guy..."

How's Jordan? Angela looked past Sharon, half expecting to see him wandering up the hall.

"Shut up!" Sharon gasped and grabbed Angela's arm.

Angela turned to see what she was looking at and was met with the familiar sight of Brian Krakow, only it wasn't, all that familiar. His usually disarray of wooly hair and pink shirts had changed, he looked some how taller.


"Look," Brian said coming over to them, "it's just hair, it grows so you cut it."

"Well," Sharon said giving him an approving smile, "I like it, I mean it suits you."

Brian gave her a nervous smile.

"Nice locks Krakow," Rayanne said joining them.

"Oh, shut up," Brian said as he put his head down and walked away.

"What?" Rayanne pouted, "I was being sincere," She called after him, "really, wanna come over later?"

Sharon toyed with a strand of her hair as she watched Brian make a bee line for home room.

"Angelica, Cherski," Rayanne gave them a mock salute, "what's happening?"

"I should get to home room," Angela said adjusting her hold on her books, "but I'll see you later and we'll like, catch up."

Rayanne looked after her as she walked away.

"What's with her?" Sharon didn't respond. "Yo, Cherski," Rayanne snapped her fingers in front of Sharon's face, "you in there?"

"Huh? Oh she's probably going to meet Jordan or something."

"So, tell me," Rayanne said as they walked to the girl's bathroom, "frogs legs, French kissing, French kissing the French..."

Rickie made his way towards home room cursing that he was going to be late on the first day back. Rickie put his books on the desk next to Brian's and gave him a smile as he sat down.

"Look," Brian said turning to him, "if you must know, it was my sister, there was like no stopping her or whatever."

"What?" Rickie hissed as the teacher started calling out names.

Brian pointed emphatically to his hair which made Rickie grin.

"Brian, don't you get it?" Rickie asked as they walked to their next class.

"Yes, no, get what?"

"This could be like, your chance or whatever, to you know be new, you could be like this new, you."

"Okay... but I'm not a new me, I'm just, it's just a hair cut, it can't like change your whole existence or anything."

"No," Rickie said thoughtfully, "but it's definitely different."

"And that's like, good?"


Brian smiled awkwardly at a group of giggling cheerleaders.

The day seemed to crawl by, just like the day before that and the day before that. Angela attempted to pay attention but it was as if her teachers were surrounded by fog. She just put her head down and listened intently for the bell.

Rayanne and Sharon sat down on the steps outside school.

"So, you and Frenchie –"

"Philipe," Sharon interrupted.

"Right, Phileep," Rayanne continued, "you totally did it right?

Sharon blushed.

"So is it true?"

"Is what true?"

"That they're like better lovers?"

Sharon thought for a second, "I guess you could say that, they're more... mature."

"Wait? So he was older?"

"Well, no, not really...but more experienced."

"In the bedroom?"

"In everything," Sharon sighed.

Rayanne thoughtfully bit into her apple.

"Where's Angela?" she asked between bites, "I thought she was meeting us."

Every year I make all these promises to myself, that this year I'll be a model student, I won't fall behind, and yet...

Angela chewed on the end of her pen and tried to focus on the Math problem in front of her.

Who gives homework on the first day of school?

Her thoughts went back to Jordan, what was he doing? Did he miss her? Was he having more fun without her?

Ten days, he will be home in ten days.

Just then the phone rang. Angela's knuckles went white as she gripped her text book. There was a knock on her door and she felt the knot in her stomach tighten.

"Angela, honey," Patty said opening the door, "phone's for you."

Angela raced past her mother and tried to control her nerves as she picked up the receiver.


"Hi, Angela, it's Cree"

"Oh hi," she tried not to let the disappointment show in her voice, "how are you?"

"Um, fine, uh, have you heard from the boys?"

"No, not for a couple of days, why?" More like four days.

"Oh, no reason, I just wondered if Jordan had said anything to you, uh about Shane."

"Only that he keeps eating Jordan's food."

"Oh, okay." Angela could hear a slight quiver in Cree's voice.

"Is everything okay?"

"Um, I think so, I just, I dunno."

"Cree, what's wrong?"

"I...I think I messed up."

"What happened? I thought everything was going great."

"It was and maybe that was like, the thing, we had this big talk before he left, like about everything. He was just opening up and it was amazing and it all just made me love him so much more. So...I told him."

"Told him what?"

"That, y'know, I loved him."

"Wow, Cree, that's great."

"That's what I thought, only he didn't exactly say it back to me or anything and now they're away and I haven't heard from him at all. I think I freaked him out."

Angela wasn't sure what to say, she was sure Jordan knew how she felt about him but neither of them had actually said it, and maybe that was a good thing.

"I'm sure you haven't, he's probably just been really busy or something."

"Yeah maybe."

"Hey, I better I go, I've got so much homework."

"Yeah, okay, I'll see ya later."


Angela hung up the phone. She felt sick, she was a horrible friend. The whole situation just brought up too many fears, fears that Jordan would get fed up with her and leave, fears that she loved Jordan way more than he felt about her.

The phone blared in Angela's hand. It gave her such a shock that she almost dropped it.


"Angela?" Angela could just make out Jordan's voice over the noise in the background.


"Can you hear me?" he shouted into the phone.



"Yes, I can hear you, I miss you."


"I miss you," she shouted.

"Look, Ange, I can't hear you, we're about to go on, I'll call you later."

Angela heard the click on the line as the phone went dead.

She felt as if she'd been hit by a train.

Nothing, nothing for three days and then he gives me five sentences? And later? What is later anyway? That could mean anything to a person like Jordan Catalano.

Angela returned to her room and turned her stereo up.