I don't own Sam or Dean or John or the Impala or Bobby or Supernatural…..that's all the CW. So if they would be very kind to let me borrow it all for a bit, I promise to give it back….eventually…..well. Also, I lack an editor, so any mistakes are mine and please kindly overlook them (or let me know). Thanks.

I had been wanting to write a new Supernatural story for a while, and that's actually what I intended 'Far From Home' to be, but 'Far From Home' ended up being a Robin and Batman story. So I had been working on plot points for the Winchesters and it finally gelled together.

Sam is an adorable 9 year old kid and Dean is an awesome 13.


"Are you sure I can't come with?" Sam met his dad's eyes in the rearview mirror.

"This one is dangerous, Sammy."

"What about Dean? Isn't it dangerous for him?"

John sighed. "Yes, but Dean will be staying back where it's safer. He won't be in the first wave of attack. Summer is the safest time because the nights are shorter." He smiled at Sam. "Besides, Uncle Bobby needs your help."

Dean turned in the seat to look at Sam. "Don't tell him I said this, but Uncle Bobby is damn near helpless right now. He's also probably more dangerous that a whole pack of werewolves on his own."

Sam shrugged. "I just don't like when you leave."

"Me neither, but we got a job to do." Dean winked. "I'll be okay. Caleb will be there, too. It will be easy, we won't be gone longer than a week. Two at the most. Okay?"


Dean reached his hand back to shake on it and Sam grabbed his hand.

They pulled into Bobby's driveway just before it got dark. Bobby came out on the porch when he heard the Impala on the gravel. A white cast went up his right arm from wrist to shoulder. Sam and Dean were out of the car almost before it stopped. They ran towards Bobby.

"Christ, Bobby. You really broke it this time." Dean whistled.

"Just 'cause you're thirteen, boy, don't mean I can't beat your backside."

Dean only smirked.

Sam hung on the railing. "Does your arm hurt, Uncle Bobby?"

"It's fine." He smiled down at the littlest Winchester.

Dean had hit a bit of a growth spurt and Sam had yet to catch up. He was still just a scrawny kid with a mop of dark hair and big eyes. Bobby wasn't fond of too many kids, but there was something about Sam and Dean that he liked, not that he would ever admit that.

"Boys, help with the bags." John called from the car.

Sam and Dean took off running towards the car, an automatic race. Dean won, but he had the advantage of being a good handful of inches taller than his brother. John sent the boys into the house and stood on the porch next to Bobby.

Bobby looked over at him. "Think Dean's ready for werewolves?"

"Me and Caleb will be there." John sighed. "It's a small pack, three or four. For now. Should be done and back in a little less than two weeks."

"Why not take Sammy?"

"He'd just have to stay in the car, and it's an overnight hunt at least. Dean's been asking about werewolves ever since that hunt in Wyoming." He looked out over the dark yard.

"Kid's gonna miss you."

John smirked. "Tell me you couldn't use the extra hand around here, at least until you get that cast off."

"Shut it, Winchester." Bobby stalked into the house.

John gave Bobby a few minutes before he went inside. Sam and Dean were sitting at the kitchen table. Dean was dealing out hands of what looked like Blackjack.

"Okay, Sammy. All you gotta do is get twenty-one points before I do. Understand?"

"Yeah." Sam looked down at his cards. "Hit me."

"Boys." John stood in the doorway.

Dean stopped, about to deal a card and looked over. He tried to look innocent, but Sam had always been much better at that.

"We're playing Go Fish." Dean supplied.

Bobby chuckled from somewhere behind John.

"Time to get ready for bed. Dean, I want us on the road by six."

Dean made a face at the time, six was almost painfully early. Sam didn't move from the table, he didn't want them to go.

Dean stood and pulled Sam to his feet. "Come on, Sammy."

Sam looked back at John as he was pulled from the room. For a moment, John almost wished he could take Sam with them, just so he wouldn't have to look at the boy as they left, but werewolves were too dangerous for a nine-year-old. They were probably a bit too advanced for a thirteen-year-old, but Dean wasn't any kid.

John and Bobby sat at the kitchen table with a couple beer bottles between them. Bobby rested his casted arm on the table and sighed.

"When does that come off?" John took a drink.

He took a long pull from the bottle. "A few weeks. Too damn long." He leaned back in the chair. "I'd pry the damn thing off myself, but the doc would probably kill me."

There was a muted thump from upstairs and then giggling.

"Suppose I'd better go see what trouble those two are in." He stood. "You sure you don't mind Sammy staying here?"

"You three are always welcome here. Me and Sammy will be fine."

When John got upstairs he found Sam in the bathroom brushing his teeth. He was in a ratty tee shirt of Dean's and shorts.

"What are you boys up to?"

Sam turned with a guilty smile, his toothbrush still in his mouth. "Nufing." He mumbled over the toothpaste.

Dean appeared behind John. "Hey, Dad."

"What were you doing?"

"Just making the beds." His oldest was nothing but charm.

"Uh huh." John looked back to Sam. "In making the beds there wasn't a brief pillow fight, then. Cause that's what it sounded like from downstairs."

Sam giggled again.

"Finish up, Sammy. Get to bed."

Sam spit out his toothpaste and ran his toothbrush under the water. He smiled as he ducked out of the bathroom and ran down the hall to the bedroom he would share with Dean.

John followed behind and saw Sam jump into the bed and pull the sheet up. The windows were open to catch any of the cooler summer breeze. Dean came in a few minutes later and climbed into the other bed. He stretched out and braced one arm under his head.

"Dad, we're really getting up before six?"

"You know the answer to that." He turned off the lamp. He rested his hand on Dean's head and then brushed Sam's hair back. "Goodnight, boys."

"Night dad." Dean muttered.

"G'night, Dad." Sam echoed and rolled over, the sheet already tangled around him.

John paused in the doorway to look in at his boys before he went back downstairs to join Bobby over the beers they hadn't yet finished.

Bobby and John moved the discussion out to the porch. They sat on the steps and drank from beer bottles that were slick with condensation.

"We'll be back in two weeks at the most." John said after a bit. "We'll call when we get there, and then whenever we can after."

"I know." Bobby glanced over at John. He could tell John didn't really want to leave Sam behind, but it was safest.

"Sam will be all right."


John sighed and finished his beer. "I guess I should get some sleep, gonna be up too damn early tomorrow." He stood and held a hand out to help Bobby up.

Bobby accepted the help and got to his feet. The two went inside and John went up to get ready for bed.


Morning came fast and early. When John went in to wake Dean up, he found that Sam had crawled into bed with his brother.

John shook Dean's shoulder. "Dean, sport, time to get up."

Dean buried his face in the pillow, but didn't move otherwise.

"Dean. Let's go."

He looked up. "Dad."

"Five minutes, downstairs." He left the room.

Dean sat up and carefully climbed out of bed so he wouldn't wake Sam. He got about a foot from the bed when he heard the rustle of the sheets.

"Dean?" Sam sat up and rubbed his eyes.

Dean smiled, Sam had done that nearly every morning since he was born. "Go back to sleep."

"Are you leaving?"

He pulled on jeans and a tee shirt. "Soon."

Sam pushed the sheet back and climbed out of bed.

"What do you think you're doing?"

He shrugged. Sam stood there while Dean pulled on his shoes and shoved stuff into his bag. Sam followed Dean downstairs and into the kitchen where John and Bobby were sitting with cups of coffee in their hands.

"You ready, Dean?" John stood.

Dean nodded and felt Sam take hold of the back of his shirt.

"Let's head out. We have to meet Caleb by noon." John rinsed out his coffee mug in the sink.

Bobby stood as well. "What about breakfast?"

John rested his hand on Sam's head. "We'll grab something on the way." He knelt down and met Sam's eyes. "Me and Dean are going to be back soon. Okay? You take care of Bobby and stay out of trouble."

Sam nodded and swallowed.

"I know you will." John winked. "We'll be back before you know it."

John picked up Dean's bag and carried it out to the car. Sam followed Dean without saying a word. The morning air was cool and the sun was about to rise. Dew made the boards of the porch damp under Sam's bare feet.

Dean stopped at the top of the porch steps and turned to his brother. "I'm gonna call every chance I get, Sammy. Don't worry, we're gonna be fine."

"I know." Sam whispered.

Dean winked and Sam wrapped his arms around his brother's chest.

"Come on, kiddo, I have to head out."

"Please don't get hurt." Sam muttered against Dean's shirt. "And make sure dad doesn't either."

Dean pried his brother's arms open and smiled. "Nothing to worry about, Sammy. Promise."

He turned and went down to the car. Sam stayed on the top step and watched his brother and dad pull out of the driveway. He didn't move as the car turned onto the road and he didn't move even after the car was gone from sight.

Bobby rested his hand on Sam's shoulder. "Let's get some breakfast."

Sam shook his head.

"Sammy, you can't stand here until they get back. They're gonna be fine." He guided the boy back into the house.

Sam looked back once at the road before allowed himself to be ushered back inside.


note: This was difficult to start for some reason, it didn't seem to flow well. But it's done and the next chapters should go a little easier. Also, I've been told I have a tendency to write John a little "too nice", but I sorta like it and I also sorta think that when the boys were younger, he was sometimes "too nice". Anyway, thank you so much for reading.