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Love Peace and Happiness

Remus can't remember a time when he was this happy.

Siriu is lying curled around him, asleep in the bed they share in their small flat in Muggle London, and the sun is just beginning to peek in through the slits in the blinds, casting soft light across the two lovers and bringing a glow to their bare skin that seems to reflect Remus' mood.

It's peaceful in a way that Remus has never been privileged to. His life has been riddled with problem after problem after dark, chaotic problem ever since he was bitten as a child, and he hadn't had the time to laugh or play or to just sit and relax: not until he had gone to Hogwarts and met a group of boys who had shown him what one could do if you only chose to live a little and let lose. Then, a few years after being aggressively pulled into their lives, all but locked in their love and possessiveness and protectiveness for him (and Remus has learned to accept, and even enjoy, these things, at least from this group of friends that he has), astoundingly enough, Remus had been lucky enough to find love with one of those boys. It had been reckless and passionate and almost painful in its intensity at first, as all young love is, but here they are now.

Remus sighs, burrowing further into Sirius' embrace. He's warm and content and at peace, as he finds himself being whenever he's in Sirius' presence. Because Sirius may be mayhem and chaos and horrific, thrilling danger all rolled up in one handsome package, but there's something about him that calms Remus. Only with Sirius can Remus let his guard down and relax for once, no longer on edge due to the beast that lies within him. Sirius brings him peace, at the same time that he seems to turn Remus life upside down and fill him with all sorts of conflicting emotions.

"What are you thinking about this early," Sirius asks, his voice husky from sleep. His eyes are still closed, face relaxed into a sleepy, loving smile, and he tightens his grip on Remus, all but pulling the werewolf on top of him.

"You," Remus responds, as if it should be obvious. Sirius smiles, almost shyly, burrowing closer to Remus, snuggling against him like the overgrown puppy that he is, and Remus feels truly and completely content; happy too. He lowers his head to give Sirius a sweet, gentle kiss. Oh, how he loves this beautiful, ridiculous man.

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