Not Vengence...PUNISHMENT

This is my first fanfic based off my favorite Marvel character, "The Punisher". It'll contain a few comic elements, but is not based on any particular comic series. I will appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, Flamers will be...PUNISHED! Since, I won't kill you with bad grammar, and I will not use 'like' every two words. Now, without further ado...

The Punisher-formerly known as Frank-Castle- slowly raised his eyes, momentarily blinded by a bright light above him. His head throbbed and stars danced tauntingly in his gaze. The chains that fastened him to a metal chair dug into his flesh; there was even a metal band binding his neck to the fore mentioned chair. Once again he attempted to regain his focus, lifting his eyes to take in the heavily guarded room. Whoever had captured him had gone through great lengths to make sure he was properly secured. "Rise and shine a voice purred from a dark corner. A young man sauntered into the light. Frank Castle glared at the man in open digust, for he was non other than Vincent Pesci, son of Italian crime- boss Don Beato Pesci. Frank's mind drifted to the past week...

Chapter One

Frank Castle slushed through the rain, though he hardly noticed it. His mind drifted to a news bulletin he had seen. His blood boiled, making his nails dig into his palms drawing blood in the process. Apparently he was "guilty" of killing a high-ranking judge. Although he had killed corrupt judges and cops before, this judge was clean having no association with organized crime. this fact making his hands clench all the harder.

He then proceeded to his latest safehouse. Entering, he carefully locked the door behind him. Sighing heavily, he inwardly groaned at the thought of the city baying for his blood. Removing his sopping coat and armor he lay on his bed. Then came the nightmares...

The Castle family sat in the sunny park, the breeze softly russling the leafy trees. Two children, brother and sister, ran through the park, their kites dancing behind them. Suddenly a scream pierced the serene atmosphere. A few suited men and shot another man. They turned their gaze to the family, guns drawn. The bullets sliced through the mother and daughter. Frank quickly grabbed his son only to find himself holding a corpse. Soon a bullet found its place in Frank's gut. He hardly noticed its pain, through the pain of his humanity crumbling, dead along with the bodies that littered the green grass.

Jolting into wakefulness, Frank was once again reminded of what he had lost. And reminded of his new life and mission...punishing the corrupt.

Frank got up from his cot and immediatly started cleaning his weapons. Expertly checking each one. Visually picturing his bullets ripping the flesh of the enemy.

Walking to the next room, he switched on his tv. A female reporter was speaking on the death of the judge. "Has the Punisher finally fallen to madness" she paused dramatically, starting again she chimed "Stay tuned for an official statement from Police Commisioner Johnson." Frank waited. He silently pondered what the police would try now, considering their several failed attemps at apprehending him. It seemed they picked the stupidest, skinniest cops for "The Punisher Task Force". The commisioner appeared on the screen "Frank Castle also known as the vigilante The Punisher has escaped justice far too long. Now he has obviously lost even his last shred of sanity. We can not have this psychopath on a rampage in our city. In order to stop him we have issued a $10,000 bounty for him." Switching off the screen he leaned back, it had been a while since there was a manhunt for him. But when it did happen it always got in the way of his work.

Waiting till nightfall The Punisher exited his current safehouse. He needed to collect intel on the judge's murder. The Italians were the ones on top of organized crime at the moment, so he figured he'd start with them. He walked briskly through the dark streets, forming a strategy, until he stopped outside a bar called "Peccato". It was a favorite of the Italian mob. A nasty place where any stranger naive enough to enter with either end up in the hospital or the morgue. Glancing inside he noticed several thugs, a couple soldiers, and interestingly enough a wiseguy. He noted the telltale bumps of weapons in their clothing. Quickly drawing his berrettas he strode into the bar shooting several thugs, before they had the time to draw their weapons. He the then jumped behind a booth, narrowly avoiding several bullets, when the remaining criminals drew their weapons. Peeking from behind his cover he noticed that the remaining thugs were hinding behind variuos objectswith their weapons ready. The Punisher was mildly surprised; most criminals never even considered taking cover and or aiming. Good thing he had fire power on his side. Popping up Frank threw a grenade in the thugs direction. A few of them ran from from their cover when they saw what was flying towards them, only to meet bullets. Another criminal was killed in the explosion. Frank then shot the bartender that was still recovering from the shock of explosion. The wiseguy jumped up from the table he was hidden behind, but made the fatal mistake of aiming at the vigilante's armored chest. Frank took advantage of the moment to shoot the man in the shoulder, causing him to howl in pain. Frank quickly strode across the room and delivered a heavy blow to the man's face. "Shit" was his last thought before the world faded.

The man awoke to find himself chained to a chair that happened to be bolted to the floor. The Punisher sat in a chair in front of him with his icy gaze burning into his prisoner. "Now" Frank began 'we can do this the easy way for you... or the fun way for me" The terrified man then defecated himself. The Punisher slowly stood, obviously it wasn't going to take much to get information; however, it couldn't hurt to be 'convincing'." Frank calmly walked over to a tool chest and proceeded to take out a very large, sharp knife. Once again the vigilante turned his cold eyes to the prisoner. Pressing the tip of the knife under the man's ear, just hard enough to draw blood, instantly causing the man to scream.

"I'll tell you anything"

"Good. Now, lets start with the basics, What's your name?"


"Well, Michael, what do you know about the judge's muder?"

"Some guy named Bruto Pascal, claims that the Don himself paid him for the job."

"Where can I find him"

"He lives in a condemed building close to the pier."

Frank slowly removed the knife form Michael's ear. "That's all I need to know" Frank replied before he swiftly drove the knife into Michael's throat. Frank then wiped the blood from his hands before grabbing a few things from his armory and disapearing into the night.