Punisher Chapter 5

Hi, sorry about the several month silence I been busy with higher education. I do not own the Punisher all resemblance to real life events is purely coinicidental

The Punisher carefully stalked through the pier. There were several shipping containers scattered about the area. Frank had found a good vantage point on top of s stack of containers next to the warehouse where the exchange would take place

He waited. The small voice inside once again brought his attention to the elementary nature of the situation. Blinking, He quickly shifted his thoughts from his growing apprehension. Despite the haze of unease, the vigilante still noticed a approaching car.

The vehicle, a black SUV, cruised smoothly around the containers before stopping at the expected spot.

Several armed men climbed out of the car. Frank paused, he had to be positive there were no innocents to be caught in the crossfire. Satisfied by the otherwise empty dock, the vigilante focused his sights on the obvious chief. Abruptly, he caught a fleeting movement in the corner of his vision. Several black clad men were creeping into offensive positions around him. Meanwhile the men from the SUV had prudently vanished.

A trap. The realization of being duped quickly dawned in the vigilante's brain. Immediately, he began counting the pros and cons of his present position. It had good visual, but no clean means of escape and only scant cover.

Then the battle began. The Punisher promptly began unloading his mags. The hostiles fired back with frightening effectiveness.

Frank felt a sharp prick in his shoulder, but it didn't feel like a round had penetrated his armor. Reaching he quickly plucked the object from his shoulder. Opening his fist, Frank numbly realized it was a tranquilizer dart.

Seeing that the enemies aim was to capture rather than kill two distinctly unpleasant possibilities came to mind. They were either trying to capture him to A: torture him( possibly as an example) or B collect bounty on him( for someone who would ensure a painful end anyway). Neither option was appealing.

Whatever that the dart contained was starting to take effect. Frank's body was starting to grow numb and weak. His best option was to try to get as far away as possible and hiding before he collapsed. He quickly began his unceremonious decent from his perch, avoiding darts all the while. Just as he reached the ground another dart pierced his bicep. Hastily, he ripped it from his arm before shooting in his attackers direction. Frank's body was feeling heavy as he tried to evade his pursuers. Retreating, he couldn't help but feel foolish. He'd gone from waiting for an illegal deal to go down to running from dart-wielding, soldiers of fortune, his inner voice sneering at his stupidity .Quickly, the vigilante's body growing more and more unresponsive. Unable to fight the chemicals any longer, he collapsed. Watching the blurry figures closing in, his world turned black.

The remaining hunters carefully closed in on their helpless prey. "Got ya" The leader snickered before whipping out a cell phone and raising it to his ear. No one saw the dark van speed towards the dock and carry the prostrate vigilante into the night.

Slowly pacing his office, Det. Collins was still contemplating his course of action. After half an hour, he decided to just head home. With a inner smile he pictured his beautiful, pregnant wife: His wonderful Helen. Much elated Collins headed out of his office and homeward.

As he neared his abode, he was aghast to see flashing sirens surrounding his home. Had the chief found out about how he had inadvertently assisted the Punisher? Was he going to be arrested? Why now? In only three short months his twin sons would enter the word. Would his mistake rob them of a father?

Steeling himself, he stiffly slid out of the car. Amazingly he managed to reach his porch without being hand cuffed. Slightly confused, he nudged the unlocked door open only to be greeted by his worst nightmare. Several somber officers we stationed in his hallway while CSIs swarmed his living room busying themselves with blood stains….blood?

In his surreal state, he didn't notice an ashen young officer approach him, until the man placed a hand on his shoulder. Collins robotically turned t his stricken gaze to face the other man.

"I'm sorry detective,….but well, your wife was home when a robbery occurred and.. sorry, but she's gone" the young man choked out.

Collins froze. Paralyzed, his knees buckled under him and grief pounded though his body increasing with every heartbeat. He wailed as his heart burst.

Whew exciting. I hope I didnt rush the whole tragic situation with Collins. As always CONSTRUCTIVE critism is apprecitated.