A/N: This is sort of like Khal Drogo's life flashing before his eyes. (which is why it is in third person) the gods realize he can still hear the woman he loves calling to him- they decided he didn't deserve to be tortured (since they knew he wasn't coming back to her). They are showing him a movie of their entire relationship instead of letting him hear Dany plead with him. Bear with me. The first chapter is the worst! I promise. I am following the plot, but since there is very little relationship building in the actual show I get to make stuff up! It will be tasteful and realistic to characters/plots.

Chapter 1

Back to the Beginning

lets go back; back to the beginning. back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned…

"My sun and stars, if you are there, come back to me. Show me you can hear me!"

Khal Drogo heard a distant voice calling to him and felt sudden urgency in the inky blackness of his mind. His little moon was calling him. How strong was he now? He couldn't even command his own body! No matter how he fought or how loud he roared, she could not hear him. But the gods were good- they granted him one last gift. Instead of letting him go mad with frustration and depression- they began to replay the best part of his life before his eyes; Daenerys Targaryen.

They rode for hours it seemed, the hot sun beating down on the aired flat ground- but he didn't notice. It was just a minor discomfort on their way to see his possible bride. A bride! Drogo still couldn't believe he had agreed to this, what did some stupid boy's quest to regain a chair matter to him? She better be one hell of a woman, the khal thought as the reached the beautiful palace. He immediately saw the white hair of Viserys- the whiney boy who wanted to use his warriors- he also saw the blonde hair of Jorah, the boy "Viserys" translator. Drogo kept a perfectly straight face while acknowledging the knight and the prince. Looking up he finally saw his bride-to-be, Daenerys Targaryen. She walked uncertainly down the stone steps, her purple translucent dress flowing behind her showing him her well shaped form. The princess got all of the way up to him, her large childish eyes exposing her feelings- she was terrified of him. Smart girl, the khal thought with a smirk. Without looking toward Jorah or the prince- for fear of giving away his approval of the little princess- he and his men galloped away.

The wedding wasn't to take place for another few days, but the khal couldn't get the girl out of his thoughts. She was so tiny, like a fragile little bird. Was it fair to take her away from a palace and make her live as a nomad? Drogo had wondered about that often- but it wasn't his place to question what the whiney boy wanted to do with his sister. Gaining an ally who had lands and power would make the Dothraki even more of a threat; his enemies knowing he could call on the king for aid. Not that they needed it, the Dothraki were formidable opponents on their own. But as the khal, it was his job to protect his people as well as possible.

When the prince, Jorah and the little princess had arrived at the Dothraki camp for the ceremony Drogo could see the horror on the girl's face as she gazed at the intense fighting, crude tents and rough sex that was around her. Looking around for himself the khal saw nothing wrong- but he tried mightily to put himself in her position- yes, the people from the other side of the sea were not so open with fucking. And for the second time in his whole life, Khal Drogo felt sorry for someone- both times being for the little princess. Jorah showed her to her seat next to him. Yes, he decided raking his eyes over her body. She would be a fine wife.

The ceremony was a quick one, since the Dothraki didn't place much importance on marriage. The whole time the little princess would not look at him- only showing any emotion when Jorah presented her with three dragon eggs. Apparently dragon eggs were a symbol for their "house" whatever that meant. He supposed it was like a tribe. The silver haired girl beamed as she picked up one egg with loving care, thanking the knight incessantly for bringing them to her. Drogo was relieved he had bought her a gift, and even more so when she displayed affection for the grey filly. The princess obviously wanted to say something to him- for she turned to him with an open mouth before turning and asking Jorah something. She seemed disappointed by the answer and patted the filly's silvery head once more. The khal helped her up into the saddle, astonished at how light she was and how skinny she felt under his hands. He could wrap his hands all the way around her waist practically. Gracefully mounting his own dark bay stallion, Drogo and his new wife rode away from the camp and the whiney prince.

Looking at the tiny bird riding silently next to him, Drogo felt unexcited about consummating their marriage. She was such an innocent little girl and he knew she wouldn't like it. Judging by her face she was frightened as well. She didn't have to like it, it was just part of life, and once they had a son she wouldn't have to do it anymore; there were much more pleasurable women in the tribe to fuck just for fun.

They finally got to their destination, a hut on the rocky hills on the shore. Drogo helped her down from the mare and she walked over to the edge, admiring the sunset on the water. The khal tied the horses up slowly, deciding to give her a moment. Fortunately for him, he didn't have to determine when that moment was over, because the little princess- khaleesi, Drogo corrected himself turned back to him with an almost unreadable expression on her face. She was resigned to her imminent fate. But as he walked the short way over to her, her resolve crumbled and her great violet eyes welled up with tears, still standing exactly where she was. The khal saw a tear slide down her face as he got closer and he unconsciously wiped it off; the little princess stared at the ground as he circled her like a wolf.

"Do you speak the common tongue?" She squeeked, still staring at the ground. Drogo admired her small show of bravery.

"No," he grunted.

"Do you know any of the common tongue?" she ventured, a tiny hint of annoyance in her voice. He smirked, knowing she couldn't see him from behind her.

"No," the khal repeated.

"Is 'no' the only word you know?" The little princess pressed. The khal couldn't help it, his answer just came out. Since he really didn't know how to say 'well I know a few words but not enough to say whole sentences' he answered her simply:


But Drogo knew that putting off the inevitable wasn't helping either of them- especially not her. She couldn't talk her way out of it and by continuing to answer her he felt like he was giving her false hope. The khal untied the ribbon that held her dress up and the little princess reflexively covered her bare chest. He pried her arms away- she was silently crying now and guided her to the ground. Drogo then proceeded to have the least satisfying sex of his life.

He awoke early, as a warrior he rose with the sun. Looking around for the little princess he saw her huddled in a ball with her dress back on near the edge of the hill, watching the sunrise. The khal looked over and saw the dried blood stain on the dirt. Sighing, he found his clothes next to him- folded. Drogo stole a glance at the khaleesi as she faced the other direction. She was unpredictable, he gave her that. Putting on his clothes quickly he fetched their horses and led them to her. The little princess looked up at him, the fear showing for only a moment before she hid it, standing up slowly. Drogo did notice her wince when he picked her up and placed her on the silver filly. After checking the girth and handing her the reins from over the horse's head Drogo glanced up at her, realizing she was fighting back tears. She refused to meet his eye and the khal hopped up on his warhorse- leading the way back to the Dothraki camp.

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