How much time had passed since the Fall of Troy? Since she first gave up her virtue to him, as he slid his calloused palms up her thighs and she let him? The sun had risen and the sun had set. The moon had shimmered silver over the restless ocean that reflected the former priestess's dark eyes. And it happened over and over again.


She dreamt of his wild mane of golden hair; of his fullness inside of her; those few glorious nights they shared, naked and willing and entwined on soft furs; arrows embedded in his chest, bloodied and stuck as she screamed, torn between lover and cousin as he crawled towards her.

Briseis had hoped and prayed to her god Apollo for months after escaping the siege that she would bear Achilles' child. Anything to keep him with her always. But she would have no such luck, and the day she realized that he was truly gone from this life, she wailed and tore out her hair in angry fists.

The chilling waves lapped at her feet, kissing her holiness, as she shed the dirtied shift from her filthy body. It collapsed to the sand without a sound, reminding the Trojan princess vaguely of the way the Myrmidon leader had collapsed atop her bare torso after he had finished inside of her so many times… sucking and caressing her neck… his fingers' ministrations of her hips and the place between filling her with a white-hot heat that threatened to burst forth like the foamed crest of the sea crashing against the rocks… like Poseidon passionately beating against the shore, thrusting the way he had thrusted into her.

Briseis shivered in the evening air, reveling in the taste of salt on the wind, not unlike the way her warrior's skin had tasted; gooseflesh rose on her exposed breasts, the way it always did before Achilles took them in his warm and inviting mouth. She longed to feel that pleasure again.

Stepping out of the limp, tired, lifeless heap of fabric that pooled around her feet, the last daughter of Troy waded into the water and continued into its black depths, never resurfacing.

Tonight the hills are watching her, as she runs towards the sea,
Yeah, she runs so she'll be free.
And of all the friends and enemies she's made along the way,
They are nowhere in her thoughts as she dives beneath the waves.

-Girl and the Sea, The Presets