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As Sesshoumaru strode into the forest he knew he was still being followed, by whom though, he stopped dead in the center and pulled out his bakusaiga.

"I suggest you come out now" he said icily.

He caught sight of a female dog demon, and recognized her as Miyako he'd first met her nine months previously.

"Miyako, why are you following me?" he asked, slightly calmer his sword back in its sheath.

"I'm surprised you didn't say anything earlier, either way I need to talk to you about something" Miyako said, sitting on a tree branch.

Sesshoumaru nodded in such acknowledgement and ordered Jaken to find a stream for An and Un. He left the dog demons to their talk, once he was out of sight Miyako jumped out of the tree, her belly swollen with pregnancy.

"Unless I'm mistaken you need an heir to have for a clan union with the black dog demon tribe correct?" Miyako asked.

Sesshoumaru stay silent, a sign for Miyako to continue she did.

"If this child, your child, is a girl you can use her for the clan union, I only want one thing in return" she stated quickly.

Sesshoumaru was glaring at her more deeply than his normal expression, he didn't enjoy hearing that she wanted something from him; he'd never been very giving.

"What" he said sharply.

"Name it, the child regardless of its gender" she said.

Sesshoumaru was silent taking in the proposition, "very well."

Miyako sighed in relief, she felt her child kick and she went to the ground, Sesshoumaru watched her pick herself back up with difficulty before walking to help. She smiled with gratitude and sat down in the shade of a tree closest to her. She gazed up her child's strong, handsome, and arrogant father. 'Hopefully you'll be like him my dear' she thought. Miyako felt another strong kick, she knew she was in labor and need a more proper place to give birth, Sesshoumaru was still standing next to her, Miyako supported herself on the tree and grabbed Sesshoumaru's arm to lift herself back. He glanced at her but didn't move, Jaken came back with the two headed demon horse.

"Lord Sesshoumaru An and Un have gotten water, WAH! Miyako, you're pregnant!" Jaken yelled.

"Yes, Sesshoumaru's child is going to be born soon" she told him.

"Hmm? Lord Sesshoumaru's child?" he asked.

She looked down at her stomach pointing out the obvious, Jaken began yelling in his squackish and spazing nature, Sesshoumaru walked over and beat him senseless to shut him up.

Miyako found herself a safe place to give birth to the child and several hours later, past midnight she gave birth to a girl, she walked out with her and Sesshoumaru's child.

"A girl you have your heir for the union" Miyako told him, "please sit here with her I need to get water and clean myself."

She set the baby in Sesshoumaru's very unwilling lap and left to the lake. After washing herself and drinking water, the scent of a human caught her attention, much too close to the location of her child. Miyako went to investigate and found a priest exorcizing a low level demon. She especially didn't want a priest near her child. She attacked quickly and fiercely aiming for any killing point to even do as much as to scare him away. The human didn't back away and she began a battle with him.

Sesshoumaru had given the girl a name, Kaira, but why hadn't Miyako come back yet he no longer wanted to hold the baby. The smell of blood hit his nose; the baby smelled it too and opened her eyes in the direction. He picked up the weak, little whelp he named Kaira and went to investigate, he went into the clearing he'd stopped in earlier when Miyako had told him she was pregnant, he saw a priest fall dead with a half dead and bleeding Miyako. Sesshoumaru calmly walked over and kneeled beside her, Miyako looked up at him and the baby.

"What did you name her?" she asked.

They both knew she wasn't recovering from these wounds, they were too sever; Sesshoumaru leaned her up and handed her the child.

"Her name's Kaira" he told her.

Miyako smiled the name was beautiful, graceful, and also showed her already apparent strength and it was just perfect. She gazed at her baby that she'd never get to see grow up, she held her tight until the last of her strength died away.