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Chapter One

Toya and Yukito looked up from what they were doing as they heard the front door open and close abruptly.

"Hey Sakura. You're late…" Toya trailed off as the girl practically ran past them and up the stairs. A few seconds later they heard the door to her room slam shut.

"Is she okay?" Yukito asked concerned.

Toya frowned. "I don't know… I better go check on her."

Toya left and a few minutes later, Kero came flying down the steps. He sat next to Yukito, sighing deeply.

"What's the matter?" Yukito asked.

"I couldn't get anything out of her. She just came into her room and got under her cover crying. When I asked, she wouldn't say and by that time Toya came into the room. Maybe she'll tell him," the toy looking guardian said.

Toya came downstairs a few minutes later with his hands balled into fist, muttering about kids and being mean.

"So?" Kero asked flying up to meet him.

Toya sighed. "The joys of puberty and being a pre-teen…"

"What do you mean?" Yukito asked.

"Well, let's just say Sakura's going through a bit of an awkward stage and her growing magic isn't helping her," Toya said delicately. "Some of the girls at school were being mean to her because of her awkwardness, called her a few names and Sakura's hurt by it."

"What?" Kero said angrily. "That's it. I'm going down there tomorrow. Forget secretiveness. How dare they? Little brats…"

Toya knocked Kero out the air and continued.

"I tried talking to her, but she's not hearing it. I even called Tomoyo and she says Sakura won't even listen to her," Toya said sitting down.

"Want me to try?" Yukito asked.

Toya shook his head. "Don't worry about it. She'll get over it soon enough. You know nothing keeps that monster down. I should know. Besides, I doubt she'd listen if you tried."

Kero went back up to the room to try to talk to Sakura, but she wasn't listening. What had those girls said to Sakura that upset her like this? Whatever it was, he didn't like that it was bothering her so much and he was determined to snap her out of it. It was his duty as her guardian. He made his way to the window a few hours later, just in time to see Yukito leaving the house. He went out the window and swooped down in front of him, ignoring the surprised look on the boy's face as he became his true form.

"Yue," Cerberus said and wings enclosed Yukito before opening back up to reveal the distant moon guardian.

He regarded Cerberus with his arms crossed, agitated at being bothered when he sensed no immediate danger.

"What?" he asked when Cerberus didn't say anything.

"It's Sakura."

"Is she hurt?" he asked, his eyes narrowing.

"No, not physically anyway. But some girls were mean to her in school today and she's been crying in bed ever since she got home."

Yue looked at Cerberus blankly and then said, "And this concerns me how?"

Cerberus sighed. "We're her guardians. She's our mistress, and she's in distress. We have to do something."

"They were only words. They won't kill her. She'll get over it."

"Do you have to be so cold? Could you at least act concerned?" Cerberus asked.

If Yue was bothered, he didn't show it and Cerberus continued, "Come on. She just might listen to you. Heck, your presence alone will be enough to get her attention. Maybe you just being there will help. You wouldn't have to say a word. Just let her know you're there. Come on!

Yue stared, and for a moment Cerberus thought he had gotten through to him before the moon guarian said simply, "No."


Yue resisted the urge to sigh. He had never signed up for this, no matter how fond of his mistress he had grown. His duty as her guardian was to protect her from danger and harm, not deal with petty and silly issues little girls had. He was going to kill Cerberus for this later. He wouldn't even be here if he hadn't blackmailed him. They were just words, nothing that would truly hurt her. Yue simply watched her outside the window for a moment at first, her back to him as he lied on the bed. What was he supposed to do with a crying mistress? Yue started to back out before she sensed him. He'd deal with Cerberus and keeping his mouth shut later.


Too late. The girl sat up in bed and looked over to the window, obviously confused. Slowly Sakura came over and opened the window to let him in. She didn't bother closing it afterwards, only crawled back in bed and pulled the covers over her head. Yue sighed. He had kept his end of the deal. He had come and now he would leave. But just as he turned back toward the window, he heard her say, "Yue, what are you doing here?"

He didn't answer, silently hoping that perhaps his mistress wouldn't say anything else and let him leave silently.

"I haven't seen you in a while," Sakura continued. "I missed you."

He heard the bed shift and turned back to look at the girl who was now sitting up in bed looking at him with curious eyes; red, puffy, curious eyes. Not knowing what to say to her confession, he pointed out the obvious.

"You've been crying," he stated.

Sakura looked at him and then sighed as she looked down at her comforters.

"Yeah," she said slowly.

Yue was very aware that Cerberus was behind him, egging him on. To do what? Yue had no idea. He hadn't done much to begin with.

"Yue," she suddenly said after a long pause. "Do you think I'm ugly?"

Whatever Yue was expecting, it wasn't that and for one of the rare moments in his life, he was speechless. From behind him, he could sense his brother felt the same way. How in the world to answer such a question? It was obviously what had been plaguing the girl.

"What gave you the idea?" he finally asked when he was able to compose himself, now genuinely curious.

"Today at school. Some of the girls called me fat and said if I kept eating the way I did, I look uglier than I already did," she whispered.

"How so?"

Sakura sighed and turned to face him as she put her hands on her face. "I've got bumps all over my face. Toya says that it's just a stage. That it's just puberty and it'll eventually clear up but… I'm not sure. Do you think I'm ugly?"

Yue glanced back at Cerberus sit outside the window, obviously tense and knowing that whatever Yue said could either make their mistress feel worse or lift her spirits. And even Yue admitted he wasn't an expert when it came to words. It was likely he would only make her feel worse.

"No," he said to be on the safe side. The less said the better.

"You're just saying that."

So maybe it hadn't been safe… Cerberus urged him to say something else, anything, as Sakura started to lie back down and pull the covers back over her head in dejection.

"It's not the outside that counts, mistress," Yue added getting more and more uncomfortable with the situation

Sakura rolled her eyes. "That's easy for you to say Yue. You're gorgeous."

His mistress' comment caught him off guard to say the least. He had seen her stare at him before out of some sort of admiration and a silly crush that he was sure had passed. But she had never openly admitted something like this before.

"I…" Yue looked to the side in shyness and embarrassment.

"Oh Yue," she said giggling.

Only his mistress could say something like that with such innocence behind it. Yue had the distinct impression Cerberus was snickering outside at his expense. After finally getting over himself, Yue turned back to her.

"Feeling better now?" he asked wanting more than anything to just fly away.

"I guess," Sakura said sighing.

Yue glance back at his brother, who shook his head, and Yue reluctantly turned back to Sakura.

"Mistress," he began.

"Sakura, Yue."

He ignored her correction and continued, "You're not ugly. No one with as kind and pure a heart as you can ugly."

"You mean it?"

"Yes mistress," Yue assured realizing that unless he actually said otherwise his mistress would not believe him. So he added, "You're very beautiful. Don't let anyone make you believe otherwise."

Sakura practically glowed because of his statement, and Yue's lips formed a ghost of a smile. This time Yue didn't look back to see if Cerberus was satisfied and turned to leave regardless of what the sun guardian said.



"Thank you," Sakura said blushing. "And…"

"Yes?" he asked sensing her hesitancy.

"Don't stay gone so long next time. I'd like it if you came to visit more often."

Yue didn't answer her question and instead left out the window, meeting Cerberus outside. Just like he assumed, he was snickering, really outright laughing at his expense.

"You're gorgeous Yue!" Cerberus teased.

Yue only glared at him and said, "If you don't stop, I'll have you shipped out of the country."

Cerberus sighed. "You never did have a sense of humor. You need to lighten up," he muttered. "By the way, good job."

"I didn't do anything," Yue replied. "I told you she'd get over it."

"Believe me Yue. I think you did a lot more than you realize."

Yue didn't answer, only closed his eyes and said, "If that's all you wanted. I think I'll be leaving now."

Cerberus hesitated before adding, "Sakura's right you know. You should come around more often."

"No thank you. I told you. My duty is to-."

"Yes, I know," Cerberus cut in. "But she'd enjoy it. You know there's more to being a guardian than just protecting her."

Cerberus returned to his disguised form and flew up to Sakura's window without another word. Yue looked after him for a moment, wondering what his brother meant by his words. He retreated to let his false form take control, pondering Kero's words.


AN: Relax. There's more if you want it… I just have to write it. I've never written a Cardcaptor Sakura fic before and it's been years since I've watched the show and I've read little of the manga, but I watched some of the Japanese anime version and remembered how much of a crush I used to have on Yue and how I loved the dynamic between the Sakura and Yue. This will eventually be a romance, but only after canon and will progress very slowly.

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