The Great Deku Tree. A celestial being that has reigned over the forest for hundreds of years. It has seen many wars outside of the forest, and allows only people with pure hearts to pass through the forest without any trouble. Many children, however, have wandered into the forest, trying to capture the fairies that float around in it's forest. The darkness had scared them so much that they made their faces disappear, using the magic of the forest. These children are called 'Skull Kids'.

Seven years ago, two children had wandered into the Lost Woods, trailing after some fairies just like many other children have before. But unlike most of the children who were turned into Skull Kids, these two children were close friends, and had stuck together for many years. Because of their strong bond, they were able to continue into the forest, never turning into Skull Kids. They managed to escape the Lost Woods, and found themselves asleep at the base of The Great Deku Tree.

It was forbidden to let children from the outside world to stay in the forest, but The Great Deku Tree saw great destinies in store with these two children. Destinies that determined the fate of Hyrule. So The Great Deku Tree allowed the two children to live in the forest, knowing that the day would come that they would have to once again leave the forest.

One of the Children, a young blonde-haired boy named Naruto, was fated with the gift of the sun, and the other child, a black-haired boy named Sasuke, was fated with the gift of the moon. These two would one day leave the forest, their destinies taking them where they were needed.

And so the story begins, with a scream in the distance...