Hey Just wanted to let you know that this is my very first fanfic ever. I really really want to know what you think! :) I tried hard to make it good & exciting. In a way. lol Anyways R&R PLEASE! :)

What to story is about: Well I've always loved Fraphne so I'm making their life time story together. Will they save they get married, have kids, maybe even grandkids? Read & you'll find out!

CHAPTER ONE: We Will Get Our Happily Ever After


I was walking down the street, to Daphne's house. Velma & Shaggy are busy doing stuff together with Scooby doo. So they kinda left me & Daphne alone today. I finally arrived at the front of her large house. I saw the door slowly open. "Hi, Freddie!" she said cheerfully. She looked beautiful with her amazing blue eyes & red hair fixed perfect, as always. "Hey Daph." I finally found myself after losing my head again, thinking of how pretty she was. "So where do you wanna go hang out at?" "Um, maybe the beach?" I knew she loved the beach & the mall so I picked beach over the mall. "Yay, That'll be fun, you know? Just us..alone..on the beach..at sunset...alone.." I knew what she was doing. The "hint hint" game. I'm not that dumb. "Yeah it'll be nice" I said I took her back to the Mystery Machine then we drove to the beach. We were sitting on the beach together until sunset. She was sitting next to me on my right, leaning on my arm. Her big beautiful blue eyes staring right into mine. It was just so perfect, we're so perfect together. We'd been dating for a few months now. I love her with all my heart. She's been there for me every single time I've ever needed her. When my so called "dad" never cared, when Velma & Shaggy were doubted me & my traps, she has always been there. I wanna be there for her, forever. "Daphne?" "Yes, Freddie?" "I love you." "Aww, Freddie, I love you too!" she said back sweetly with a big beautiful smile on her face. We finally stood up & started walking down the beach. Her hand in mine, it was simply perfect. "Daphne, I have something I need to tell you." she looked up at me & stopped walking. "Of course Freddie, what is it?" "When I look around the only one I see at my side is you" "And that's just where I belong, riding shot-gun with my guy" "Yeah you do, & I don't want anyone to ever take your place" I got down on one knee, & held her right hand in mine. "Daphne Ann Blake, will you marry me?" As I was slipping the ring on her finger. "Oh yes Freddie, of course!" she said while she started crying happy tears. We shared a kiss on the beach alone, together. It was perfect. We spent the rest of the night talking about our future & our plans. I do like planning for traps but, the best plan I've ever made is, for sure, my life long plans with my wife to be, Daphne. "When are we going to tell the rest of the gang we're engaged, Freddie?" "Oh I don't know, whenever they ask, I guess." After all they never told us the were seeing each other until a long while. "Freddie, I have to tell Velma! She's my friend." "And I guess I would like to tell Shag." "Yeah, but, we don't have to tell them tonight. It can wait until at least the morning." "Yeah."

The night was great, it was around 9 o'clock p.m. when we finally started walking to the van. We got in & started driving. "When we're married, are we going to buy a new car or keep the Mystery Machinc?" I looked at her & smiled " Of course we'll keep the van but, I think we could each get a car of our own." I winked at her while she was grinning. I loved how we were randomly planning for the future. We were both so happy. "I think I'll get a mini van." She said looking down at her ring on her right finger. "What? Why would you want a mini van Daph?" "Oh well that's what all the cool mom's drive, isn't it?" I was very puzzled. "Mom's?" She looked over & giggled. "You do want children, don't you?" I started thinking about how great it would be to have a bunch of little mini Fred & Daphnes running around our house. "Of course I want to have children!" "Good, cause so do I." She said smiling. We arrived at her house. She kissed me on the cheek then jumped out of the van. " Good night Freddie, I love you." She said softly. "Night, Daph, I love you too." She smiled then turned around & walked back up to the Blake mansion where she lived with her parent's.

When I got come I dressed into plain white t-shirt & navy sweat pants. I climbed right into my bed & started thinking. I didn't have any parents to tell about my engagment. My "father" mayor Jones is now in jail for kidnapping me when I was only a baby & I haven't thought about finding my real parents yet. I couldn't leave Daphne. She meant the world to me & with out her, I'd get no where at all. She's all that keeps me going. I hope Daph's parents understand us though. Mr. Blake & Mrs. Blake never did really care all that much for me. I guess Daphne & I could run off & get married in Vegas or something if they disagree. That's not what Daphne would want, I know. She wamts a big beautiful wedding. With her parents sitting, while watching our "happily ever after" just begin. I hope they agree to let us get married. Suddenly my cell started ringing. I reached over to grab it. "Hello" I said. " Freddie!" It was Daphne, she sounded upset. "What's wrong, Daph?" I asked, I was scared to death something had happen to her. She was pretty much in tears. "Oh Freddie! It's awful! My parent's noticed my ring that was on my finger. I told them we were engaged & then they said..." She started crying harder before she could finish. I felt awful I wasn't there to put my arms around her & wipe away her tears. "& they said what, Daphne?" "They said I could never see you again, oh Freddie! Save me!" She cried. "Save you from what Daph? Are your parents going to do something to you?" I couldn't firgure it out. " No, Freddie, they said they're taking me away from you, away from Crystal Cove. Somewhere, where you'd never be able to see or find me ever again!" She could barely speak she was crying so hard. My heart sank. First my parents, now Daphne! I can't imagine trying to find my love & my parents all alone. "Daph, calm down. It's going to be okay, I promise." There I go again, making a promise I'm not even sure I'll be able to keep. What am I to do when my wife-to-be is crying her heart out & is being taken away from me? I tried as hard as I could to remain calm & sound positive. "Really Fred? It's going to be okay?" She said in between sniffing. "Yes, we'll get through this, together." I said the same words she had told me when I was told about my real parents. The words that made me stay in Crystal Cove with her. "I love you Freddie Jones, with all my heart!" "And I love you Daphne Ann Blake with all my heart!" " I have to go now Freddie, I don't know where they're going to take me tomorrow but, I will tell you as soon as I can!" She said quickly. "Okay Daph, I'll find you! I promise! We will get our happily ever after."

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