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Chapter 11: Brandon


Fred & I had been reading the journal a lot over the past few days since we found it. Judy was a wonderful women! & I hope I'm atleast half as good as she was a wife! She loved Brad so much! If they're out there one things for sure, their still together. They're love was so strong, when "The Freak" ruined the orginal Mystery Incorporated, Brad & Judy were the only ones who stuck together during the hard times. Not only did they stick together, they got married a year later! & a year after that Judy gave birth to Fredrick Herman Jones Jr.! My husband! I can't wait to meet her! Fred had went to work for the day. Brad was in my arms giggling & playing around with is soft little baby toys. I picked up Judy's journal & began to read where Fred & I had left off.

"Dear Journal, It's me again, Judy Reeves Chiles! In other words Brad Chiles & I had our wedding exactly six months ago! & I just told Brad, that he's going to be a daddy! He was so happy! We both want a little boy, a little Brad Jr.! If he looks like his father, he'll be so handsome! Brad keeps saying he hopes the baby will look like me. I don't really care who he or she looks like, as long as I can love him & give him or her everything he or she needs! & We'll live together happily ever after! Brad said he wants to move so that our little Brad or Judy Jr. can grow up where we did, Crystal Cove, Ohio. I'm not sure it's such a good idea but, he said we wouldn't move until after the baby was born, Ha ha, Brad & his crazy little ideas. I love my red head guy! Until next time, this is Judy Reeves Chiles.

As I read her journal post, I couldn't help but to cry. She loved Freddie, & he was taken away from her. They both loved Crystal Cove & had to leave. I feel so sorry for them all. She deserves to see her son again! I read a few more parts of her journal. She remined me of Fred so much her likes & dislikes. It was so adorable to see her & Brad's relationship grow stronger & closer every day she wrote! I scanned over the pages of Judy's journal. I suddenly stopped when I came to ver intersting part.

"Dear Journal, Hi! Today was officially the second best day of my life! Because today our little Fredrick Herman Chiles was born! He's now in his fathers arm sleeping, I think he put his daddy to sleep to, cause Brad is in a peaceful deep sleep. They're so cute together! I'm simply the happiest & luckiest girl in the whole wide world! Brad got what he wanted, Freddie looks a lot like me, he's got the blonde hair, that I have too, & Brad says he has my my smile. Poor little guy! Ha ha, only kidding! I've been told I have a lovely smile so if Brads right & I guess his smile is pretty cute! He's our whole world now! I couldn't make it with out Brad & Freddie. They're all that matter to me anymore. I love them, with all my heart. I got a little suprise today, besids Fredrick being born two weeks early, Brad told me he bought us a house in Crystal Cove for us to move in! We're so excited, the house is so beautiful! Brad did a great job picking out our first house! I'm not sure if I mentioned it in this journal or not but, Brad & I have always rented a small house here in Texas. Brad only has a small job here so we think Crystal Cove is a great place to raise Fredrick & own house & find a good paying job. He already applied for one, as a police officer. He has heard bacl from them yet. I don't like the whole idea that he could get hurt easily but, oh well. I can't stop him from doing what he loves. Or else we wouldn't be going back to Crystal Cove. I don't think we should but, Brads the leader so, okay. I better go, Freddie's waking up. I wanna hold him for a little bit.

-Judy Reeves Chiles"

Oh my gosh! I don't believe it! They could have very well gone back to Texas! I picked up the phone & dialed Freddie.

"Hello, Fredrick Jones Jr. speaking." He said in his cute little lawyer voice.

"Um, yes Mr. Jones this is Mrs. Jones! You'll never believe it!" I said happily.


"Brad & Judy were renting a house in Texas when they had you! They bought their house in Crystal Cove, our house, right before you were born! You came two weeks early, just like Brad, our son did!" I said.

"Wow, hold on a sec Daph, are you saying they could be in Texas!"

"Yes! We have to read the rest to find out more though!"

"Alright, I'm almost off from work, be home in 30 minutes."

"Okay sweetie! I love you!"

"I love you too Daphne, for ever & always!"

We hung up & I went to start dinner. I put Brad in his play gym. "You've been such a good boy little Brad! Mommy's been able to get a lot of things done & figured out since you've been a very patient & good baby!" He just giggled. A few moments later Fred walked in.

"Ohhh Daphne! I'm home! " He said sweetly. I laughed a little then went over & hugged him.

"Oh I missed you while you were at work"

"I missed you too Daphne. Oh & I got you something."

"Really? Oh Fred, you shouldn't have." He pulled out a box out of his bag.

"It's a journal!" He said.

"Oh Freddie! I love it! This is wonderful! I wanna write in it everyday just like your mom use to!"

"I thought we could start our own journals, so that we could always remember these crazy, wonderful days & memories!" He said before we kissed. Fred was so caring. He was always bringing home for me. He was the sweetest guy ever!

"Thank you Fred! That's just what we'll do, write all our memories down in this journal, then when we find your parents we'll give it to Judy. She'll love to see our story together." I said.

"I like that idea!" He said while smiling.

I put dinner on the table we ate & then Freddie gave Brad a bath while I washed the dishes & cleaned up. After Brad was sound asleep in his crib, we sit on the sofa in the living room & spent time together talking & writing inside our new journal.

"I got a phone call from my mom today, Fred." I said.

"Oh yeah? What'd she say?" He asked.

"Just telling me that my grandma wanted to say hello. She lives in France, my parents are visting her." I said.

"Hey...grandma?.." Fred said while staring into space.

"Umm yeah, grandma..are you okay Freddie?" I asked.

"Daphne! The journal! Remember the orginal Mystery Incorporated had to leave their families or else they'd be in great danger?" He asked. I gasped.

"Freddie your right! If they left their families here in Crystal Cove & never told anyone where they were going then theres a small chance your grandparents might still be alive & living here in Crystal Cove!"

"Exactly Daphne!" He said.

"Here let's check the phone book." I said reaching to get the phone book that was on a book shelf.

"Hmm should we look up Chiles?" He asked.

"Yeah, let's try thay first!"

"Aha! Heres the Chiles...but, which one is which you think? Oh what about the Chiles Car Shop? " He said.

"Well...if you think we'll find some clues there. We can try first thing in the morning." I said.

"Okay sounds good! Let's hit the bed."

"Okay." I said

The next day we got up & put Brad in his car seat then drove to the "Chiles Car Shop" it was a nice little car shop. I think they fixed more than they sold though. We walked inside the shop. I was holding Brad in my arms. A man came out from under a car.

"Can I help you sonny?" An elder man of the bunch said.

"Oh me? Yes, we're here looking for a Chiles? He had a son named Brad..right?" Fred asked.

"You mean Brandon Chiles? Oh no son, he never had a son. Yeah he was a good ol' feller..."

"Was?" Fred & I both interupted.

"Oh yeah children, Mr. Chiles passed about three years ago." The dirty car worker said.

"What? Oh...thanks Sir" Fred said sadly.

"His brother really misses him that's for sure. He owns this place now." The man said.

"He has a brother? " I asked.

"Oh yeah ya pretty little lady, he lives a few blocks down from here. In a basement. He rents it out. He doesn't talk much..he's always been a sad looking fella." He said.

"Thanks so much for information sir!" Fred said.

"Oh its my pleasure sonny!"

We got back in the van in started searching for the place the old man had told us Brandon's brother lived at.

"You think Brandon's brother will know anything?" I asked.

"I don't know. The old man said that Brandon never had any children. I guess my grandfather never told them about my father dissapearing from Crystal Cove." He said.

"I'm sorry about your grandfather, Freddie." I said.

"It isn't your fault Daph. I never knew him anyway." He said with a bit of a sad tone to his voice.

"Hey, don't say that. You'll find out all about him sooner or later. I know we'll find your parents. Look how far we've came, Freddie! We're already looking for your great-uncle. We can do this, together." I said.

"You're right Daphne, I love you! Forever & Always!" He said.

"Even when we're old & grey!" I said back to him while looking down at the locket he gave me.

"Hey Daph, look! Theres the address the old man gave us! Let's check it out!" He said.

"Okay!" I said while taking the baby out of his car seat.

We walked down to the basement part of the house. Fred rang the doorbell then we stepped back. The door started to open. It was an elder grey haired women with light red highlights in her hair.

"Hello?" The women said.

"Hi, umm, I'm Fred Jones & this is my wife Daphne Blake & my son, Brad. " Fred Said.

"Brad? Oh that's a lovely name, dear. My I have a look at him?" She asked. I didn't like total strangers touching him but I took the blanket that was over his head & showed her my sons face.

"Oh goodness! He is adorable sweeties!" She said.

"Why thank you..Miss?" I asked.

"Oh I'm Amy, Amy Chiles." She said. Fred & I looked at eachother.

"Chiles?" We said.

"Yes, why of course. What's the suprise?" She asked

"Are you married to Brandon Chiles's brother?" Fred asked.

"Uh-hu! Why do you ask?"

"I was Brandon's grandson, umm Brad & Judy's son." Fred said.

"Fredrick! Oh my goodness! Is it you! Is it really you?" The old women said with joy.

"Yes it is, who do you know me from?" Fred asked.

"You are not Brandons grandson, your my grandson!" The lady said with tears filled in her eyes.

"I'm what! mean...Brandon wasn't my grandfather?"

"Oh no darling! You are Bradly's grandson, my husband! Brandon died but, he never had any kids. Brad was our son! He left here many many many, years ago! Brad sent me one last letter telling me he was married now & had, had a son, Fredrick Herman. They said they were coming back. I only met you once & I only saw Brad & Judy once since before they disapeard from here in high-school." She said

"Grandma! It's so nice to finally meet someone in the real family!" Fred said

"Where are Brad & Judy honey?" She asked my husband, Freddie.

"I don't know, I was kidnapped before I ever even remembered my parents. The same man who made everyone disapear, raised me all my life until I almost was out of high school, my wife Daphne, & I have tried finding them. That's how we met you." Fred said.

"He never told me about them until we caught him in our trap one night. He had to finally confess to kidnapping me! He's now in jail, hopefully for life." Fred said.

"Awww Fredrick, comer here! I love you honey! You'll find them, don't worry. Grandma will help you & so will your grandpa. Oh & I guess I'm a great-grandma now too! Brad! He's so cute, just like you were Fredrick. & goodness me, Daphne you are beautiful! Just like Judy. But, Fred my boy, you couldn't look more like the two of your parents if you tried! You're all wonderful! Come on in & let's eat dinner together! Wait until I tell your grandfather who will be joining us for dinner!" She said happily.


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