A/N God, this idea just crept up on me after Fujimoto died (sad, he was my favorite character in the beginning and then he dies in like, the second episode. What the shit?) and Rin and Yukio were heading to True Cross Academy with Mephisto. I don't know why, but I think Yukio was way too calm about the entire ordeal, what with his father figure dying and all to save someone that was a demon. So I wrote this to satisfy my desire for a Crazy!Yukio fanfic~ This story starts from when Yukio was standing alone at Fujimoto's grave before jetting off to the Academy (Episode 3, I think?)

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Warning(s): Insane!Yukio, OOC!Rin, torture, rape, incest, ideologically sensitive material (Ohonhonhon~ deviantART teaches me fun words d:)


His eyes scanned at the name of the headstone over and over again, his mind still doubting whether or not this was a dream—a nightmare, if you will. Fujimoto Shirou. The most well-respected clergyman in Japan, the renowned Exorcist of the world of Assiah, his beloved father that raised him for the past 15 years, now lay six feet below him with a mutilated mouth and eyelids that were sewn shut to hide the bloody sockets that lay beneath. Yukio stared at the name for the longest, never once blinking away the tears that threatened to fall. How did this happen? Everything had been so great before he left for school. His glossy eyes hardened before narrowing.

(...And then, when you died

Reverend Fujimoto was a smart man; his wits matched his power perfectly. He always knew what he was doing and he knew the repercussions of his actions, whether he actually did it or not. So why did he slip up in order to protect a monster? According to what the others claimed, it was Rin that weakened Fujimoto for only a minute. A minute was all Satan needed to take over Shirou and a minute was all it took for the Exorcist to take back his body to commit suicide. It was the only solution to save him.

I refused to cry because

Yukio's hands balled up into tight fists and his nails made crimson crescent marks on the soft flesh of his palms. Everything – Yukio's sense to see the supernatural, Yukio becoming an Exorcist alongside his father, Shirou dying – was all his fault. And to think, that... that bastard didn't even know it was him that caused all this trouble.

Crying made it real.)

'No matter,' Yukio mused numbly to himself as he extended a quivering hand and brushed the sculpted rock carefully, 'I'll show him all the pain he's caused. I'll show him. I'll show him. I'll show him...'


"Yukio? Nii-san~? I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go out to eat," Rin called out from the bedroom. Yukio sat silently outside of the door. His beryl eyes flickered remorse for the coming events, but they hardened almost instantly. Gently patting his pocket and feeling the glass concealed in the fabric, Yukio forced himself to his feet and opened the bedroom door. His older brother's bare back was facing him and his tail swayed around contently. From what he noticed, Yukio saw Rin digging around his bag for a loose shirt.

"Eh? But we just got here," Yukio pointed out softly; he twisted his face into his usual expression of indifference to his brother's actions. He sauntered closer to his brother and hastily reached for Rin's sheathed Kurikara, which rested on the bedsheets away from Rin's sight. His twin's sensitive ears picked up the movement and he slowly turned around to look at his brother—Yukio pulled his hand away quickly from the sword and he grinned gently at Rin. "I was hoping we'd spend our first evening at True Cross Academy together." Narrowed brown eyes softened at the statement, but he swallowed his pride and scowled, turning away from Yukio once more.

"C'mon now, bro, you act like I'm gonna leave and never come back," Rin protested warily as he continued to scavenge his bag for a shirt. "All I want is somethin' to eat—I'll only be gone for about 20 minutes. Think you'll live without me 'til then?" Yukio's face fell, but not in the way his brother would've expected. Instead, he shrugged off the retort and his hand traveled towards Kurikara again. This time, however, the glasses-clad sibling rid his mind of any fear and grabbed the sword quietly.

"Oh, but before you leave, brother, may I talk to you, sibling-to-sibling?" The words rolled off his tongue sourly and Yukio's face cringed from the taste. What he'd said did, nevertheless, stun Rin for a moment, for his hands ceased digging and his body stiffened from the words. "I-I promise you, it will only take a minute of your time!" Yukio added in pretend-timorousness, bowing deeply to show his mock concern. Rin straightened his posture at his brother's timid behavior, but refused to turn around to meet the former's gaze. If anything, he hated to have heart-to-hearts with people because it made him so nervous—a smirk twisted on Yukio's lips because he knew that well.

"Fine, what is it?" The younger brunette stood up straight and readied himself in a pose that was reminiscent of a baseball player up to bat. Rin felt the eerie silence thicken and he whipped around, prepared to see his brother possibly crying or somewhat depressed. "Yukio? Are you-" With Kurikara as the bat, Yukio swung it hard, hitting Rin right in his mouth. The cracking blow to his face sent the teen flying backwards; his back scraped against the desk as he crumpled to the floor. Tears of blood dripped out of Rin's nose and he pinched it shut, trying to contain the liquid life as best as he could. Throwing Kurikara out of the door and slamming it shut, Yukio pulled out the glass container in his pocket before looming over his fallen brother in a threatening manner. Rin glared up at his older brother and croaked, "What the fuck was that for?" Emerald eyes lit up in fury.

(A minute was all

"Shut up!" he barked angrily and clenched his fists, though still careful as not to break the object in his hand. He held the glass bottle above Rin, preparing to release whatever malady swished inside. "Unless you wish to further bring pain to yourself, then I strongly suggest that you cooperate with me." Rin grit his teeth and released his aching nose, allowing the crimson juice to spew from his flaring nostrils. He elicited an intimidating growl – at which Yukio arched a curious thin eyebrow – and instinctively lunged at his brother without thinking, as usual.

It took to lose myself in

A smirk curved upwards and Yukio snickered in childish insanity at the foolish action. He used his thumb to slide the lid off of the glass bottle, still chortling at how easy this was going. Rin shrieked bitterly and his hands made a grab for Yukio's neck—just before they could wrap around the Adam's Apple and crush it, the younger lithely flicked his wrist and guffawed psychotically. A ribbon of clear fluid shot through the air and splashed onto Rin's furious face, landing more specifically in his eyes.

A cry resonated in the dorm, bouncing off the walls and echoing in the empty halls. Rin's knees gave out and he dropped to the floor, covering his eyes. A searing pain throbbed in his sockets and he sobbed hard and dryly, trying to rub the liquid away only for his hands to burn as well. Yukio stared longingly at the disheveled figure, his smirk broadening at his brother's pain. "Suck it up, brother, it's only holy water," Yukio stated in his collected tone, kneeling down next to the shaking boy. "It's merely cleansing your body, washing away the invisible sin that soils you."

Something called hatred.)

"F-FUCK YOU!" Rin spat out hostilely, his hands muffling out the sound of his voice. The brunette pulled his hands away from his face, only to be greeted by the sight of scarlet scathing his skin. He closed his eyes tightly, oblivious to the mixture of tears and holy water trickling down his cheeks. All he wanted to do was choke out, 'Why?', but his voice was dying out with each humiliating wail that consisted of incoherent sounds.

Yukio pet his raven hair in a sick, enraptured guise. Getting only whimpers and orders to get the hell away, a frown slightly tugged his face and Yukio grabbed Rin's jaw, roughly enticing his head to face him. The former pressed his lips against the nearest temple and pecked his way down to Rin's mouth. Once he hit his destination, Yukio firmly crushed their faces together and shoved his tongue inside, bruising each other's lips in the process. Rin's eyes popped open amidst the flaring pulses on his face, staring in confusion and fright at his own blood. He attempted to flail around in Yukio's grasp, only to be shoved away from his brother and back into the ground.

"Idiot, who do you think is in control of this situation?" Yukio snarled, standing up on his feet once more. Rin clutched his head, avoiding the death gaze of his twin. Tears continued to leak out of his eyes as the human slapped away the boy's hand and yanked the hair up in the air. Rin hissed out in discomfort and was forced onto his knees and be turned around. His bloody face was greeted with a growing crotch and he cringed, trying to push away from it.

"S-stop, Yukio! W-what do y' think you're doin'?" Rin cried out, turning his face to the side and having the clothed erection caress his cheek. Yukio looked down at him, angry at the way his need was rejected. He used his free hand to undo his belt, then his zipper, completely ignoring his sibling's pleas and questions. Sensing the intentional cold shoulders, Rin choked out a sob when Yukio's pride stuck out from his boxers. It was still and stiff, positioned right in front of his mouth. "B-brother, what-?" With his lips parted wide enough, Yukio took the risk and jammed his erection inside the damp, hot mouth, grunting out when it inched in quickly.

Rin gagged violently as the head was prodding the back of his throat. The brunette shuddered a little at the sensation around his cock and he jerked Rin's head back, stopping once the head was the only thing that remained in his mouth. He forced his brother to look into his eyes and he ordered blandly, "Don't you even dare biting down, demon, because I still have the upper hand on you." With that said, Yukio started bucking into the moist confines of Rin's mouth. The latter moaned and whimpered around the stiff length, sending a swirl of vibrating pleasure up the younger's spine.

(Does it hurt, brother?

His muffled weeping became nearly mute after Yukio pounded inside a few more times before releasing his seed inside Rin's mouth. The boy gasped at the feeling of his mouth being filled and he tried to pull away, only for Yukio to press himself further down his throat. Unsatisfied with the way Rin was behaving, the crazed teen's free hand found something cool and leathery brushing against his skin. Quizzically, Yukio fastened his palm around it and tugged menacingly. He suppressed a blissful moan after Rin screamed around his cock and he glimpsed at the thing in his hand – stumbling upon the realization that it was Rin's tail, he grinned perversely.

Curious to see how he'd act the second time it was pulled, Yukio did it once more, a bit more rougher than the last. Rin shrieked in pain and tried to wriggle his way out of his younger sibling's grasp, only to have the tail yanked in sync with each thrust into his mouth. A bawdy howl of laughter escaped from the younger's lips and – after Rin's struggling decreased from the lack of air and the suffering he'd endured from having his tail abused – he pulled his softening member out of the teen's head and loosened his grip on the soft tresses.

Rin coughed loudly and spit out whatever come he didn't swallow. He punched on his chest several times and, once he was sure there wasn't any seed left in his mouth, slunk to the wooden floor, trembling with each small motion. His quiet sobs were filling the silence in the room; he didn't even hear Yukio drop to his side and he was numb to the disturbing embrace that wrapped around his nude torso. What he did feel, however, was being hoisted into the air and thrown onto his brother, landing on his back with a thud. Yukio climbed in the bed and was on all fours on top of Rin, giving his brother a creepy smile. Rin inhaled sharply and looked away, whimpering while hiccuping out, "P-please stop, Y-Yuki-io..."

Because what you feel now means

Yukio's face hovered above Rin's closely, a mere inch-gap separating their faces from one another. He watched intently as his older brother – the one who caved in and openly admitted defeat with each tear – shook and fidgeted at his fingertips. Yukio gave the boy a toothy grin prior to pressing his lips against Rin's in a spiteful manner. Although Rin mewled out gently 'Please stop' and 'You'll pay for this,' the watery streaks on his face spelled out 'I'm yours.' Playfully, his teeth sunk in on his older twin's lower lip, eliciting a cry of desperation.

Nothing anymore.)

The copper taste of blood leaked into his mouth and Yukio lapped the fluid eagerly, admiring the flavor slowly. Rin resisted the urge to bite back and instead allowed his flesh and blood to dart his tongue inside his mouth repeatedly. The roof of his mouth was constantly licked and toyed with, he'd noticed, and by instinct, Rin moaned softly and wriggled around. Yukio permitted him to do so and for a moment, the older boy wondered why. It was only after he was flipped onto his hands and knees and was carefully arched underneath Yukio's slight muscular build that he realized why—his round bottom was creating a heated friction between him and Yukio's suddenly lively erection.

Rin's fingers clutched the bedsheets and he chanted 'No' reticently while Yukio was peeling off his pants before tearing off his underwear. Rin glanced back to see his brother thoroughly admiring his pale cheeks. He gasped out and averted his eyes from the sight of Yukio groping one of the cheeks with his warm hand while the other was firmly placed on his hip to keep him in place. He grunted and moaned when Yukio's finger slowly trailed around the smooth skin and gently poking a small mole on his rump. His grin resurfaced and he continued to touch the mark, indifferent to Rin's struggles. "You've got a beauty mark back here, Nii-san," Yukio declared affectionately. He giggled when he saw Rin tense up at his movements.

"S-shut up, Four-Eyes," he hiccuped, flailing his body about to keep Yukio from looking at such a private place. He chose to ignore the comment and snaked his hand away from Rin's ass and gripped his other hip to force him still. Rin buried his face in the pillow in front of him, refusing to let his eyes wander to the sight of his snapped brother stuffing his tongue into the puckered hole. He bit down on the pillow and his body jerked forward, trying to get his tongue out of the hole. Yukio felt this and smirked in the tortuous foreplay.

(Incest has never

He began to suck on the sensitive entrance, ignoring Rin's whines to cease this forbidden act of bittersweet sex. It was only when Yukio could sense his victim actually starting to get off on this that he retracted his tongue and pulled his face away completely. Rin was shivering from the abuse and lack of warmth that his younger brother gave off and had his face pressed into the white pillow, muting his sobs into the soft promise of escape. Yukio cherished the sight of his fraternal twin trembling due to the pain and lust that only he could give.

The younger Okumura twin reached over towards one of the nightstand drawers, opened the top one, and retrieved another glass of holy water from its hiding spot. Rin's peripheral vision noticed it and he shook his head violently, not wanting to take in more misuse to his ass. Yukio ripped the lid off of the bottle and he spilled the contents on two of his fingers, lathering them in the cleansing water. Knowing that his fingers were lubed up well with the liquid, Yukio turned his attention back to the furrowed red hole.

Without warning, the younger had jammed in two fingers passed the tight hole and watched in twisted amusement as Rin's body jolted and twitched achingly from the sudden burning sensation in his arse. He gave his brother no time to adjust to the thickly-coated fingers and started to thrust them in and out of his core. Rin trembled as his wobbling arms managed to keep his torso in the air and he panted coarsely with each jab in his bottom. "B-brother, w-why?" Rin murmured—it was quickly drowned out when Yukio ceased his thrusting and pulled out his moist fingers from the burning hole.

Beryl orbs glistened at the slick fingers and he absentmindedly started to slurp the fluids off of his skin, savoring the taste of his older brother. Rin whimpered at the sight and his body shook from the abuse. Yukio stared at his brother and his eyes traveled to his cock, which was half-hard and leaking precum from all that his body had taken. His ebony tail was even quivering from the amount of depraved pleasure that accumulated during the oral play.

Tasted so much sweeter, my

Blinding lust took over his senses and Yukio pounced on the trembling teenager like a lion honing in on his prey. Yukio's clothed chest hovered above Rin's sweaty back and he started to toy with the surreal tail, yanking it hard to hear a piercing shriek dribble out of his throat before he massaged the tender appendage, soothing it. Rin groused at the grazing, pinching fingers and his hands squeezed the silky sheets.

Dear, darling brother.)

Yukio positioned his erect member against the back entrance and he rubbed his hand – still damp from the excess holy water – up and down his shaft right before bucking his hips forward, pushing deep into the core. Rin cried out and his shudders frantically increased from the white-hot tingling that pulsated from the punishment to his body. Yukio's hands were pressing on Rin's upper back, making his shoulders and face stay down while his hips and his butt were up in the air, spread in front of him. One hand slid down to the tail and he pulled roughly, earning himself a painful screech from his brother.

Placing a kiss on the back of Rin's right shoulder, Yukio slowly started to suck on a soft spot, forming a small, stinging love-bite to let everyone know Rin wasn't as pure as he tried to make himself out to be. Rin's constant grunting and complaining of being in too much pain to bear this had Yukio pounding in harder and faster. "N-no—Yukio, p-please, I-I'm beggin—ngh~" Though his cerulean eyes were sealed shut, small tears of shame trickled out of the corners and rolled down his blushing face. His twin merely moaned at the luscious virgin muscles that clamped around his cock and pulled him in deeper.

Rin's toes dug into the messy sheets and his heels were high in the air; Yukio's wandering hand felt his brother's nipple and pinched it from time to time. The younger of the two smiled coyly at how Rin was reacting to his forced advances and the promise of a hardening cock in his hand was too tempting to resist—the callous palm lazily drifted southbound, inadvertently tickling his uke with each movement. The palm, wet with the holy water from earlier, stroked the veiny shaft fervidly – the saccharine fusses that Rin was eliciting was a beautiful requiem in Yukio's ears.

A thin, dark eyebrow quirked at the semblance of his brother's probe growing bigger in his hand. "You beg of me to stop when all your body wants is release? Tsk, tsk, tsk." Yukio sounded stern with his brother's thinking and he quickly jerked the delicate erection. Rin screamed in aggravation from the holy water that exuded onto his member, though it twitched in excitement from the physical torment. His knees buckled terribly as more tepid pressure was added onto his butt, causing his body to leap forward in shock. His hips bucked into Yukio's hand and he held himself back no longer from the salacious phenomenon—strings of milky bliss stained the younger boy's skin and the sheets below while Rin panted and whimpered from the aftermath his first orgasm.

Yukio was evidently delightful at the sight before him and he found himself growing bored of the same position. So after inhaling slowly, the younger twin pulled out his cock from the loosened hole; 'Maybe too quick,' he pondered aridly when he saw Rin grin and sigh in dazed relief from the suddenly-empty feeling in his stomach and sore butt. His smile rapidly fell, however, when Yukio flipped Rin onto his back, making the latter lie in the sticky puddle of his own seed. Hoisting the older teen's legs around his own waist and pulling the body close, Yukio shoved his rod of flesh back into its former taut cave, sending his victim into a frenzy.

"Nn-AGH!" Cute noises were slipping out of Rin's mouth with each hard thrust. A maniacal laugh started to bubble inside of Yukio's throat and he let it out sprightly, though an odd ache was beginning to bloom within his heart. He brushed it off as nothing, for the green-eyed twin solely believed that it was Rin's jittery hands that tried to push his younger, yet overall larger brother off of him. Rin's fingers were pressing hard on his brother's chest—yes, that was why Yukio's heart ached, because it was all Rin's fault. It was always Rin's fault.

Yukio moved his numb hands towards the shivering boy's arms, a cross look surfacing on his face. He rammed himself – hard – against Rin's prostate, sending the teenager into a tremoring state of bliss. The latter couldn't hold himself together any longer and his cream spurted out of his cock, decorating his abs with its whiteness. His head was thrown back into the pillow and he attempted to cry out vain pleas, but nothing more than a raspy whine made it out of his mouth. Rin turned his head to the side and resumed weeping after Yukio grasped onto his arms and pin them to his side. After that, his brother was still; emerald orbs were marveling at the view beneath him.

Rin's sticky finish lay peppered on his chest, which heaved up and down from lack of air due to the terrible rape. His legs were spread and had unwittingly hugged his attacker's waist, keeping him buried inside his core. Red and gray were dusted on the spots where Yukio touched, sucked, and bit—it was a lustrous mix with his sweat and erect pink nipples. Yukio's eyes darted up to Rin's face, which was flushed with scarlet shame; his once-combed black hair now lay in a mess of damp curls. The sight was so impure and filthy because they were twins, but it was because of their relation that made this view all the worthwhile. Yukio leaned his face closer towards Rin's with a malicious smirk, only to stop abruptly while his expression fell.

Genuine horror and perplexity burned in the mangled brunette's azure irises. Tiny tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes – but he continued to stare at his brother; no words were exchanged, but Rin's mouth moved in the same manner, his lips syncing the same words over and over again, Why? Yukio's eyes widened slightly and he was at a loss of words himself. Rin never let anyone see himself in this state, ever. The last time Yukio had seen that look in his eyes was back when they were still young children.

10 year old Okumura Yukio walked around the corner of Reverend Fujimoto's church, looking high and low for his older twin brother, Rin. No one had seen the boy since the sun was at its highest. That had been hours ago, and the sun was now nothing more than a red crescent setting at the horizon. It had taken no more than 5 minutes for Yukio to find Rin, lying down in an alleyway. A group of older boys were looming above his trembling body, all guffawing at the boy. Rin had turned his gaze over towards his twin—his cerulean eyes were misty and shaking from confused panic and his limp arm was bleeding. Yukio had shouted and cried out for Fujimoto to help him pull the bullies away from his traumatized brother. After all was said and done and the family were back at the church, Yukio later found out from his father that Rin was doused with holy water on his entire left side; further investigation on Shirou's part uncovered that those middle school boys had heated up the water to try and scare Rin into believing he was a demon of some sort. The heat had contributed to his scorched, bloody arm. Rin holed himself in the basement for the rest of the week, terribly frightened that he was, in fact, a demon.

'Oh, if only he'd known...'

"B-broth...er... why?" Rin's fidgety, guttural whisper brought Yukio's attention back to the reality of his actions. Sapphire locked with emerald for a brief moment before Yukio shut his eyes firmly, hiding the vapors that were welling inside. Rin gasped audibly when Yukio wrapped his arms around his exhausted body and held him in a crushing embrace. "N-nani o shiteru no?" the uke hiccuped, shuddering and whining from the sore spots that his brother rubbed against. The latter pressed his face against Rin's sweaty black hair and he started to quiver. A cry began to grow in Yukio's esophagus and he morosely breathed inwardly;

"I don't know why I
Did it, but brother, please know
That I... I'm sorry..."


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