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Izumo and Paku walked quietly down the halls, talking and laughing amongst each other with every step. Nearing the bathroom with their bags in hand, the girls entered the spacious restroom while conversing about cram school, specifically the boys. "Hmph, that pink-haired perv – Shima, was it? Does he seriously think we couldn't hear what he said about us?" Izumo asked her friend with a scowl. Paku furrowed her brow in confusion as the frustrated girl before her continued. "As if we would actually leave the door unlocked. He's a big mouth and a pig." At that, her quiet friend's eyes lit up in surprise. Had Shima said something about peeping on them at their most vulnerable time? She didn't hear him if he did.

'Then again, Izumo-chan has a sharper sense of hearing than me,' Paku told herself as the girls made their way towards a row of empty lockers and threw their bags into the narrow space. A look of admiration glimmered in the brunette's half-lidded orbs and she smiled lithely at her temperamental buddy, who kept talking without noticing Paku. At that, the veneration glint crept away and nervousness took its place. 'I do hope she understand... After all, friends would want what's best for each other, right?' Nodding slightly – mainly to herself – the teenager fixated her gaze on Izumo, who had already stripped down to be clad in only a bra and panties. The girl with the odd eyebrows raised one in displeased confusion, searching for a towel within her bag. "I swear, boys can be vile, it makes my stomach flip."

It was at that moment that Izumo turned to meet her friend's gaze and she grinned, the angry expression on her face immediately being swept away by relaxation. She stretched out her arms and lightly squeezed Paku's shoulder in joy. "Which is why I thank all that's good for our friendship!" she exclaimed affectionately, reaching out and gently squeezing Paku's shoulders. "Really, I don't know where I'd be if we never met each other." Something fluttered in the brunette's stomach from those words – hesitance made her chest tighten and ache.

'Oh no, what if she's devastated if I tell her? I don't want her to feel bad,' Paku cried out in her head as she stared at her scantily clad friend with distant, hurt eyes. However, her pal had yet to notice Noriko's distress and she went back to her bag, rummaging through the clothes and miscellaneous items in hopes of finding a bottle of shampoo and body wash. Seeing how easily she was ignored, Paku's frame hunched over in incredulity and the look of pain suddenly morphed into determination. 'It's like she knows what I want to say and will do anything to avoid the inevitable. It's almost amazing...' Suppressing a sigh, her conscience reminded her that she privately vowed that – no matter how Kamiki Izumo would react – Paku would go through with everything that was on her mind and hope to God that she would understand.

"Izumo, about cram school..." The words left her mouth before she could even think and she bit down on her tongue, trying to contain a surprised gasp. The arrogant girl glanced casually at Paku, raising a misshapen eyebrow in the process. Inhaling slowly, the brunette desperately searched for her voice and fortunately, she found it. In a much stronger tone, she continued with, "I'm starting to think that I'm not cut out for this Exorcist thing." The short-haired teen could feel her voice waver slightly and she silently cursed her nervousness before adding softly, "I-I want to quit." To look the part of a serious person, Paku balled up her hands into fists and she tried to maintain a straight face.

What occurred next caught the blushing girl off guard—a quieted snicker sounded in her ears before an uproarious laughter erupted in the spacious bathroom. Paku's face fell a little when she realized that it was Izumo who had burst in a fit of giggles. Paku felt her ears burn red as her friend's laughter die down after a few moments. Kamiki pulled herself together and her eyes focused solely on Paku. She was still smiling as she stated calmly, "Oh, the exams are making you stress, right? Well, don't worry," Izumo proceeded to reach out and patted Paku on the shoulder in a friendly way, "everything's over and done with." The girl before her unwittingly shrugged the bossy teen's hand off of her; a tiny glint of frustration shone in Paku's eyes as she took a step backward, trying to avoid Izumo's shocked expression.

"N-no, that's not it. What I'm trying to say is..." Her voice trailed off—her head throbbed and she felt her mouth going dry. Spitting out what she needed to say was more difficult than she anticipated.

"Is?" Though a grin still remained plastered on Izumo's face, her tone had an edgier, yet somehow faltering aura as the word left her mouth. Paku gulped and shook her head in hopes of shaking away her fears.

"—is that I'm going to drop out." It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her chest and the young brunette sighed, relieved to have finally let it out. "I-I'm sorry, Izumo-chan, but I don't understand this paranormal stuff. I'm confused by the littlest things and it's been so... hard for me to keep up with everyone." She ran a hand through her light hair, feeling the thin strands swirl around her fingers as she tried to cool down. Stealing a glance at her friend, Paku felt her stomach churn at the sight of Izumo trying hard not to lose her head – her cheeks had gone red and her eyes were wide. The normally serious girl's mouth parted slightly as a gasp left her throat.

After what seemed like a decade of standing in silence, the friend scorned eventually mustered up enough courage to ask, "...B-but what about our friendship?" Her voice had gone nearly silent and it cracked here and there. Paku did her best to dispel the guilty feeling welling in her torso; she ended up succeeding by lithely fanning herself with her hands and cooled off her head. As her temperature went down, her courage rose.

"Our friendship won't change a bit," Paku stated, her tone unwittingly bland. Her brow softening, she gave Izumo a crooked grin to try and cheer her up. "We may not be able to see each other as often as we would like, but we still have lunch and regular school classes." The oddly-colored haired female lowered her head and blankly bore her eyes into the floor, her mind going completely haywire. Paku shouldered through her buddy's incredibly rare silent moments and she added with a small tinge of hesitance, "Don't you want what's best for me?"

Izumo couldn't take it anymore. She wasn't one to keep her mouth shut during something as heartbreaking as this—it just wasn't in her blood! So she angrily snapped her head into place and fixated her eyes on Paku's stiff figure. Izumo parted her lips to say something, but something had distracted her from uttering a sound. An ugly shade of warm maroon sludge dripped onto the oblivious girl's arm, burning through the fabric and essentially blistering the smooth skin underneath. Startled, both of the teens turned the gazes back towards the bath, where something large and malformed lurked directly above Paku.

The discussion that had been going on before was completely forgotten in the midst of seeing such a monster. With the brunette gasping in horror at the beast next to her, Izumo did the only thing her instincts told her to do—she emitted a bloodcurdling scream.


Yukio sprinted down the hollow hallways, nearly tripping forward every corner he encountered. The shriek had echoed—it was as though someone had screamed yet again, leading him closer to the situation at hand. He inwardly cursed, feeling his member soften in his pants after being aroused so quickly. For a moment there, the bespectacled teen considered ditching his job as an on-duty Exorcist to play with his brother, but he knew Rin's torment wasn't worth the possible fatality of an innocent person. 'Nothing was worth dying over for Rin...'

The scream that rung in the dormitory stopped short only mere moments after Yukio's thoughts consumed him. The building had gone deathly silent—only his heart beat frantically from the aftermath of the screech. It was only when the sound of a crash erupted from what sounded like the bathrooms at the far end of the current hallway that the brunette resumed running. The clattering and thuds of objects being thrown resonated in the halls, forcing the Doctor to move quicker. He calmly pulled out his hidden gun from its holster as he reached the entrance to the ladies' restroom. With no hesitation, he kicked open the wooden door, sending it flying into the room and being torn off its hinges.

Barging in the restroom, Yukio stealthily positioned himself to stand behind the lone corner, trying to calm his heavy breathing. He could hear his student, Izumo, shrieking profanities at her enemy – and she was more likely trying to find her paper to summon her familiars. As the single professional in the building, Yukio mustered up all of his strength and courage to risk getting caught by poking his head around the bend, sneaking an image of what he was up against. What he was both shocking and frustrating.

Izumo was standing directly in front of the opponent, her barely covered frame hiding most of the thing's lower body. It was huge, there was no doubt about that. Distorted sand-colored fur bulged past the girl's thin body and two heads were split at crooks of their necks, both of the heads raised and alarmed like a cobra ready to strike. It appeared that the obscenities that the Exorcist initially thought Izumo was screaming out had actually been a chant, bringing forth her Byakko spirits. Realizing the danger of the situation, Yukio didn't once back down as he ran from his safe spot and aimed at the demon, all images and musings of his brother being shooed out of his mind. "Kamiki-san, stay down!" the bespectacled boy yelled furiously, trying to get a better shot at his newfound opponent.

"N-no! I'll be just fine!" Izumo shouted back with just as much anger. Her familiars readied themselves for attack, waiting for their master to give them permission. Before she could elicit a command, however, the girl's dark red irises glanced at her fallen friend's body. Paku had soon crumpled to the floor after the ghoul's poison had entered her bloodstream directly – the poor girl didn't have the chance to comprehend what had happened to her shoulder when she collapsed. Blood was pooling underneath her still body, yet the demon didn't finish her off; it was as though it had its eyes set elsewhere.

'Paku... I'll save you,' the violet-haired female thought fiercely as she pointed at the ugly ghoul and opened her mouth for attack, but something ran through her mind that made her stop mid-yell. I'm going to quit. Don't you want what's best for me? Izumo's arm drooped and rested on her side, her eyes dilating slightly as the words from earlier stung her, hard. Would Paku have wanted to be saved in a time like this? 'Y-yeah, she would! She only wanted to quit cram school, that's all.' But no matter how hard she tried, Kamiki couldn't twist the sentences into what she wanted to believe. Had the demon managed to trick her using a vulnerable point? She was confused and listless—was it possible that she was scared?

The Byakko spirits in front of her were beginning to sense their master's doubt. The fox creatures exchanged similar glances before they turned around to face Izumo. The ghoul tilted its head in curiosity as the spirits started to snarl at the young woman. 'Foolish woman!' the one on the right growled out, snapping the girl out of her frightened trance. 'We serve no one weaker than us!'

'Prepare to die,' the other fox stated as the duo charged towards Izumo. Her jaw dropping, she took a few shaky steps back as her mind went blank. How do you get rid of your familiars again? She tried to remember the past Magic Circle classes with Professor Neuhaus, but nothing could be recollected. Observing her distress, Yukio watched while the spirits jumped to tackle the dazed girl. Rolling his eyes at the scene, he pulled the trigger to his handgun as he instructed, "The papers, Izumo, rip the papers!" Hearing his words of wisdom, Izumo remembered the paper squares in her hands and she promptly tore the thin squares in half. Just as the Byakko spirits were about to land on her, they both dissipated into nothing but air. Her heart still beating erratically, the teenager emitted a much relieved sigh.

The bullet from Yukio's gun had barely nicked the ghoul in the side, never effecting the demon's expression. In fact, it chuckled darkly to itself at how pathetic the so-called Exorcist's attempt was to wound it. Getting a closer look at the male, the demon recognized Yukio and it growled threateningly at him, getting in a position to lunge at him. "The boy," it gasped out in a hoarse voice, slowly creeping towards the mortal without harming the already-injured girl at its feet, "where is the boy?"

The young Doctor furrowed his brow in frustration. So it was after Rin. Of course it would be after Rin, who else of high importance in the world of Gehenna would be in the dorm? Shooting at the large, bulky creature several times, the demon was losing its patience with each bullet hitting it. Without a second thought, it sprang in the direction of the difficult Okumura, its claws flexed and ready to gouge the boy's eyes out. Aiming the small firearm at one of the ghoul's two heads, Yukio pulled the trigger—and nothing happened. He tried to pull it again, only to find out the hard way that he was out of ammo. Fuck.

With no other option and no more time, Yukio did the next smart thing; he swiveled to face Izumo and he tackled her to the floor, shielding her near-naked body with his larger one as the demon broke down the wall and escaped the bathroom. The debris from the broken walls fell around the two merged teenagers, creating a pile of wood and rusty metal. As the oddly-shaped ghoul sauntered down the halls, the glasses-clad boy lifted his head from Kamiki's soft locks and he looked at the large hole in the wall with horror as the mental picture of a vulnerable brunette blinked in his head. "R-Rin!" He forced himself to his feet and instantly bolted towards the jagged gap, an unfamiliar feeling rushing through his veins.

"S-sensei!" Izumo cried out as she tried to get to her wobbling feet, only to drop to her knees. Yukio was already in the hallway and was sprinting away, unable to get a glimpse of the girl plummeting to the floor.

"Stay with Paku! I'm dealing with the demon myself!" Yukio shrieked at the weakened teen, never once looking back to see his student in such a frail state. The only legible thought in his shaken mind was his Rin, who was also in a delicate position outside of the dorm. 'Hopefully, that thing is too stupid to look around outside...' But why do you worry about him? he heard a recognizable voice cry out in his head. He violently shook his head to dispel the voice; it took the hint and never emitted another sound afterward. The voice had a point, though – after everything that happened, and he was concerned about the boy's well-being?

Racing down the seemingly dead rows, Yukio didn't even think to slow down when he had to round corners—in fact, his pace sped up when a certain sharp turn came into vision and he would end up almost always bumping his shoulders into the wall as he crash-landed. It was only when three very familiar boys were in sight that Yukio had slowed.

"O-oi, Okumura-sensei," the pink-haired boy of the group, Shima, blurted out in surprise. His booming tone caught the attention of his two friends and they both looked up to witness their disturbed teacher jog to them. The trio's eyes lit up in shock when Yukio thrusted a thumb behind him, in the general direction of the ladies' bathroom.

"P-Paku... Izumo... B-bathroom," Yukio wheezed out, hunching over a tad to regain his breath a bit faster. As soon as he felt his lungs quit burning for air, he shakily straightened his posture and jabbed his thumb back towards the bathrooms again. "Izumo is watching over Paku. She's been wounded—I want someone to go and get the girls and the others to safety." Bon opened his mouth to question, but before he could even say a single word, Yukio abruptly cut him off with a stern look. "The dorm isn't safe – a demon is lurking the building and as your teacher, I demand you boys get help while I find it, now." The trio expressed disbelief and quite possibly fear as their adviser urgently elbowed passed them and dashed down the narrow aisles.

The males remained quiet until it was blatantly obvious that Yukio was out of sight; as the spotty boy rounded a corner, Shima swiveled on his heels and started jogging towards the girls' bathroom. "What're you guys waiting for? Our lovely ladies are in trouble!" he shouted impatiently, never caring to make eye contact with Bon or Konekomaru. Without bothering to protest, they both quickly followed suit, none of them wanting to admit that they were, in fact, intimidated by the thought of a demon roaming the supposed abandoned building.


Rin slowly leaned against the rough side of the dorm, basking in the liberating breeze brushing onto his warm, slightly exposed skin. His jeans were pulled up passed his knees, but had yet to reach over his crotch, let alone be buttoned and zipped—it wasn't worth the pain of bending over and finishing the job himself. The demon knew he could play off his sagging slacks as faux evidence of peeing outside; so what if he got disgusted looks? Sadly, he was beginning to adjust to this terrible physical relationship with his brother—a few nasty glares weren't fazing him anymore.

But why do you keep this a secret? Is it because he's your brother – or something more? his conscience interrogated, breaking the ice between man versus himself. Rin didn't answer his thoughts; he just continued to look out into the empty lot, where he had been crying only moments before. ...Or are you afraid of rejection from people who you want to trust? A lump formed in the brunette's throat and he shook his head, knowing his thoughts had won out on him again, but was too humiliated to believe it. His mind raged on, however; You could go to Shiemi and stay with her. Yukio wouldn't dare risk his public image to come and get you if you're with her.

Though the thought was intended to motivate Rin into snitching, it somehow made him feel worse. And it confused him to no end; why didn't he just confide to someone about what Yukio was doing? Surely, someone would have to believe him if he showed them his scars. 'But I could be stereotyped as an attention-seeker.' His eyelids drooped and he rolled his head back, feeling the bump in his hair scrape against the bricks. Flinching, he allowed the dusk air embrace his neck and he smiled lightly—"When has the breeze felt this good?" he mused to himself, the stress that accumulated during the day slowly melting whilst his pondering from a second before became a thing of the past.

It was short-lived, nevertheless, for a loud crash sounded and vibrated only a few feet away from Rin. Eyes widened, the brunette had lunged towards the earth and hid his face from the plummeting debris; wooden boards and nails rained over his body, all landing with hollow thumps on the ground. Some falling wood pounded onto his back, elucidating a pained yelp from the boy. "So, you are the boy." The disembodied voice sent a shudder of fright down Rin's spine, causing him to look up from his scrunched figure. Two heads forked from the crook of their necks and shoulders stared blankly at the demon, sniffing the air around it. Rin's body froze and he stayed in that awkward position, the sight before him overwhelming for him to even comprehend what was happening.

"But you are slathered in his scent. You reek of your pathetic mortal brother," the disfigured ghoul continued, creeping closer towards the still male. "In fact, if it weren't for your different looks, you could've had me fooled. Are you even a son of Satan?" It got up on its back legs and raised a sharpened claw high above its twin heads, focusing all of its strength on the boy. Rin forced himself out of his daze and he scrambled to his feet, containing howls of white-hot pain that yanked on his nipples and groin. Turning his back towards the homely demon, Rin extended an arm towards his Koumaken, which still rested against the building. "There's only one way to be certain. Show yourself to me – or die!"

The paw swiped towards the internally broken boy, who leapt for Kurikara, his sole weapon at the moment. As the ghoul's nails grazed across his back, the brunette grabbed hold of his katana and swiftly unsheathed it. Even though his back was flaring from agony, everything – from his Y clamp to his internal wounds – were nothing more than a memory. The boy's sore tail sprang out of his clothing and swished about, itching for a fight, and neon flames kissed his skinny frame, sprightly brightening up the midnight sky. His lips were fixated in a disgusted sneer and he bore his vicious eyes into the demon's skull.

At first, the ghoul was taken back – this was the boy he was sent to obliterate? He was a brave one, he could truthfully admit. 'But he relies on the Koumaken too much,' the demon thought with slight disdain. However, at the same time, he was joyful that he knew the one weakness of the youngest of Satan's sons—all that was needed was for Kurikara to be sheathed once more and Rin was part mortal again. Dragging its pointed nails across the earth, the two-headed ghoul angrily retracted its claw and upheaved it high into the sky, aiming it at the boy of flames. Rin seemed to have been one step ahead of his opponent; he jumped up into the air with his supernatural strength in his legs, swinging Kurikara around wildly. Cyan flames ebbed at the small cracks in the sword, making the ghoul wonder if the katana would last in their spat. He didn't take a lot of time to think about it, nonetheless, for the blade nearly pierced into one of its two necks. Easily dodging the move, the bulky demon chortled merrily as he struck Rin in his abdomen.

A strangled grunt escaped the boy's esophagus while his body flew back, soaring through the air as he crashed into the tough ground. The Koumaken was slapped out of his hands and was thrusted into the small lot of dirt yards away; the blade was buried into the earth and stood straight from its plot. A muffled groan barely managed to leave Rin's mouth and he turned a little in his zoned-out state, pain ripping through his stomach as a thin line of blood exuded from his chapped lips. The flames dancing on his skin flickered slightly, a sign of his demonic strength dying down. Seeing the black-haired male at an even weaker point, the ghoul crept towards the boy – inching closer towards Rin, it was raising its body to trample the unconscious teenager.

Before it could move another step, something high-pitched zipped through the air and shot right through the first head of the demon—the thick silver bullet pierced two holes on opposite sides of the now limp head, spurts of blood following the glistening object as it lodged into the other head's skull. The whole left side of the demon's shared body collapsed, causing the remaining half to support its dead counterpart. The flexible neck craned over the dead head and stared in ferocity at his attacker—with the mess of neat curls, glasses that shone from the boy's dying flames, and hands that curled around a completely different firearm, the ghoul knew that a none-too-pleased Yukio had found him.

As the spotty Exorcist prepared to unleash an entire round of bullets, the beast before him chuckled weakly, still retaining its smug nature. He stepped closer towards the demon, never once taking his beryl irises off of the thing. "You must be ashamed of something, why you don't – ngh – want me to do your job," it mustered out coarsely. The taller brunette wasn't fazed, his gun cocking the only response he would give the ghoul. It was chuckling a bit more confidently, somehow knowing that his words contained a stinging epiphany for Yukio. "With how badly he's marinated in your stench, I can only guess what your regret is." Fingers tightly clenched the trigger and bullet after bullet whizzed towards the taunting ghoul—Yukio had shut his eyes lightly, not wanting to take in the sight of a hideous demon dying by internal bleeding.

The sound of something popping and air bristling against his Exorcist cloak, Yukio's eyes bulged open, only to see a cloud of light, yet thick smoke fan out in the night. Sulfur and blood mixed into the air as the cloud evaporated, revealing that the demon was summoned on-grounds and its caller had broken the magic circle to essentially kill off the demon for the time being. Yukio elicited a sigh that he had unknowingly held in when the fog first appeared and his eyes darted around the lot, trying to find his fallen brother. His chest was tight and his stomach flipped from foreign emotions as he desperately searched the area.

It wasn't too long that the feelings stayed in the boy's body, for Rin's flames flickered relentlessly, refusing to die off altogether unless the Koumaken was sealed and unveiling the teen's location at the same time. Yukio was about to bolt towards his weakened sibling, but he had to locate Kurikara and its sheathe before he could begin to treat the boy. Looking around, he immediately took notice of the blade erecting from the dirt in a perfectly straight line; the blade was fluttering with darker shades of blue, as though it was asking the younger twin to come and pick it from the earth. Quickly, he jogged over to the katana and yanked it out of the dirt, hissing under his breath from the instant blisters splitting in his palms from the heat.

Securely grasping onto the handle, Yukio wobbled in Rin's direction, his body continually trying to fend off the demonic energy that was digging its way under the glasses-clad Doctor's skin. He found himself landing hard on his knees and he was bent over Rin's awkwardly posed frame, their chests fluctuating and almost touching the other's gently. The scarlet tears dribbled out of the son of Satan's parted lips and quiet huffs of void dreams told Yukio that the boy was still alive. Feeling his limbs quiver like jelly, the bespectacled Exorcist snatched the sheathe of the demon blade and he thrusted the cursed thing through the intricate pouch. The burns on his palms were no longer hurting and Rin's full-fledged form had scurried away, leaving the half-breed to his humanoid form.

Shoving himself to kneel on the uneven pavement, Yukio grabbed Rin by his limp wrists and brought his stiff body into his lap, cradling the wounded boy by allowing his twin to hold him. As his strength was slowly piling back to its normal range, the maniacal teen lightly pressed his lips against Rin's forehead, then pecked the tip of his nose, and hovered over Rin's mouth. Though unconscious, his breath was soft and cool, tickling the more sensitive parts of Yukio's body unwittingly. But just as he was about to smash their lips together in what he considers a chaste kiss, a small part of his torso kept him from doing so. Rin moaned underneath his figure, tears collecting at the corners of his eyes from the wound on his stomach.

For some reason, Yukio just couldn't bring himself to do it. Emotions often time lost out against desire, so this was a very different feeling at the pit of his stomach. A bit miffed at himself for not kissing his brother, the moley twin chose to take out a small bottle of unmarked tablets and twisted it open. Pills rattled inside the white cylinder and he shook out two to three pills, knowing that it was more than enough painkillers to keep his brother subdued. Forcing all of the tablets into Rin's bloody mouth, Yukio shoved his fingers deep into the boy's throat, making sure the pills were consumed and would take effect on his brother soon. Vaguely feeling two unwanted predators cutting off his airway, the boy choked and gasped himself awake and he writhed in the Doctor's embrace, not wanting to swallow whatever it was that was forced down his esophagus.

"I'll bring us to the dorm; our dorm, Nii-san," the boy murmured huskily, embracing Rin into his chest without breaking the boy's back. He licked his lips and grinned blithely to himself, wondering what exactly it was that kept him from claiming his brother's bruised lips, unaware of the pair of curious eyes that stared at his slouched figure.


His body lay limp and bleeding in Yukio's strong arms. With each step the Exorcist took, Rin's head would bob up and down in a rhythmic pattern. His face was void of any fear or pain—it was almost surreal how peaceful the demon looked with he was disoriented from drugs and blood-loss. Stealing a glance at his dazed twin, Yukio couldn't help but childishly grin at his beloved old brother. Oh! how he wished he didn't use such potent painkillers for his little experiment. He wanted to watch the boy thrash around violently as he emitted scream after agonizing scream; unfortunately, if Rin was exposed to a high amount of pain, there was no telling when he would lose control of his flames. With him heavily subdued, the glasses-clad maniac hypothesized he would make it through his operation with little to no resistance.

Gently setting the spawn of Satan on the floor of the emptied kitchen, Yukio immediately made sure his brother's limbs were securely restrained – the position Rin's weakened body was tied in made him look like a giant X. The dizzy brunette groaned and stirred a little in his daze, prompting Yukio to pick up the pace; he knew his time was limited with the boy, so he wasted no time in tearing his twin's clothes off of him. Those familiar cerulean eyes – half-lidded and glazed over – darted lazily around the room when a cold brush of air feathered over his pale skin. He shivered drunkenly and grunted softly, a bit surprised that he was being forcibly exposed to the cool breeze. His hazy orbs traveled southbound when he realized his boxers were being cut off of his nether regions. The demon opened his mouth to say something in protest, but he only gurgled and whimpered.

"Don't worry, I'm right here, Nii-san," Yukio breathed without taking his admiring eyes off of Rin's nude chest. Using his fingers, he flicked each unerect nipple, relishing in the metallic tinkle from the piercings. Rin could feel his nubs being toyed with, but his vision was, in layman's terms, fuzzy. Specks of iridescent dots and stars couldn't be blinked away and dusty outlines could only have Rin guess as to what they were. With Yukio basically straddling his numbing body, it was easy to figure out the ominous shadow above him—instead of putting up a fuss, he lie on his back without so much as breathing. He was too drugged to care about anything else than his personal comfort.

Noticing his brother's ceasefire, Yukio smirked and instantly raked his nails from Rin's nipples down to his bellybutton, leaving behind a trail of jagged scarlet lines on the male's pasty abdomen. Pulling his hand away from the demon, the bespectacled Doctor dug through his cloak's secret pockets, feeling around for a certain item; almost right away, something sharp sliced his finger tip open— jackpot. Withdrawing his hand, which tightly concealed a thick scalpel, the young man resumed dangerously hovering over Rin, not bothering to acknowledge the open wound on his finger. Gliding the blade lightly across the smooth flesh, the beryl-eyed Okumura waited a moment to figure out where and how far he would cut.

Without coming to a complete conclusion, he pressed the scalpel down. Though it didn't cut deep, the medical tool managed to break through the skin and blood immediately gushed out Rin's chest, tinting the translucent skin with an eerie crimson. Moaning in discomfort, the victim in question croaked out what sounded like a 'What?', earning a sinister chuckle from his deranged tormentor. With his free hand, Yukio reached down to ruffle his beloved Rin's ebony tresses. Adding more pressure on the tool in hand, he lowered his face so he was looking directly into the demon's half-closed eyes. A smirk creeping on his peach lips, the young Exorcist stated leisurely, "Oh, but Brother, there's only one reason why I would be doing this."

In one stroke, he ran the blade's edge far along down to the boy's naval, forcing Rin to wince in pain. Everything was happened too fast for the poor teen and he could feel himself giving into the darkness; before slipping completely into the dark abyss called sleep, Rin could barely make out Yukio saying, "I want your heart."


As Rin started coming to, a particularly cool rush of wind angrily slapped against his body, notably his private areas. Blinking away his fatigue several times, the boy tried to regain his vision in the process as well. Feeling the exhaustion leave his sore body, aches and back pain bombarded his slightly trembling frame; trying to prop himself on his hands or elbows, the demon soon came to two startling conclusions – one, his arms had been painfully bound behind his back. And two, he realized he was stark naked. Squirming around relentlessly, Rin quickly found that his bindings weren't put on in a half-ass attempt—Of course not, do you really think Yukio would go that easy on you? his conscience inquired in a state of disbelief.

Ignoring his mind for the time being, the nude boy flexed his arms as best he could, which – in reality – wasn't worth it in the end. Each time his tied limbs would move even the slightest, it felt as though his shoulders were going to pop out at any give moment. Cringing, the brunette eventually had to give up moving and just stay in his awkward position—knees were bent and supporting his thin body while his entire right side of his face was pressed against the wooden floorboards. Even more humiliating, Rin felt his butt rubbing against the smooth wall and he shuddered a bit at the odd semblance. With his movements limited to mainly his neck and hips, the latter of which could only be achieved at the right angle, Rin took advantage of craning his neck and got a better view of his surroundings.

Everything in the room seemed so... familiar. 'Why do I get the feeling I've been in here before?' Rin mused bitterly to himself as he thoroughly examined each object in the eerily silent room – his only source of light the evanescent moon that barely bled through the small openings of a curtained window. Suddenly, he vaguely remembered this room as an emptied area at the abandoned dormitory; the one where the Exwire exams were recently held. 'But why am I still here? And I'm bound like... like this?'

As though his thoughts were read, the even haunting voice of his younger twin resonated in the dark capacity, sparking the fuse that was Rin's anxiety. "How does it feel to be in such a compromising position like that, Rin?" Though his tone was playful and light, the glint in those spooky orbs told the demon otherwise. Without thinking of a solid plan, Rin allowed the anger within him to take over and he lashed out incoherent profanities at Yukio, unable to call upon his flames for his tied figure was too weary to keep the cyan flames burning. His hips quivered in unadulterated ferocity to further show how furious he was—because his hips squirmed their way from their strategically thought-out position and Rin's body was slowly leaning to his right, Yukio emerged from the safe confines of the shadows and stood before his brother in a matter of seconds.

Seeing jet black jeans and dark brown boots appear only inches away from his face, Rin barely had time to look up at his sibling when a fierce pain tore through the base of his leathery tail. The sudden burning above his sensitive core had elicited a cry of anguish from the older boy as Yukio yanked the tail upwards, forcing Rin's ass to align with the wall once more. While the scream bounced off the empty walls, the young Doctor clicked his tongue in mock disappointment. "Oh, you must be joking. It's not like I ripped off your tail," he pointed out in a such a suave, taunting voice. A smile was dancing on his lips as he added in a much darker tone, "Plus, that's nothing compared to what you're in for now."

Noting the change of mood in the room, Rin felt his body break out in sweaty tremors as Yukio snickered and released his tail, as if he knew he wouldn't have to worry about his brother disobeying him. With a worried, yet wondering glimmer in his cobalt eyes, the teenage demon abruptly caught on to what his insane twin was referring to; something protruded his exposed anus through the wall and quickly filled him, inch by tortuous inch. Shocked by the foreign invasion, Rin emitted a yelp and his body bucked forward.

Clicking his tongue, Yukio grasped a fistful of the boy's damp raven locks and forced his chin to become level with the floor, ultimately making Rin look directly into his groin. The length inside of the brunette pulled out before being thrusted back in, reopening internal wounds as the teen cried out in surprise. What he could safely assume was another man's penis was about as big as Yukio's – something he could painfully admit was a size he was beginning to handle. Another plus, the owner of the member wasn't thrusting as roughly as his bespectacled brother would—on the contrary, it was the most gentlest sex, or rape, that Rin had ever been through in his life.

Unfortunately, the Exorcist looming above him wouldn't be satisfied if his pet was; unzipping his jeans and releasing his erection, he guided the boy's head towards his stiff manhood. "C'mon, open your mouth," the male goaded Rin on by jerking his head back, tearing out a few strands of hair in the process. Luckily for Yukio, the defiant boy listened and reluctantly allowed the cock to be pushed into his mouth, though he gagged inappreciably when the leaking tip rubbed against the back of his throat. As Rin's head was bobbed back and forth, sliding the erection in and out of his mouth, the other side of the wall was telling a different story.

Standing against the thin wall, two teenage boys with wild hair stood side-by-side; the one with the platinum stripe in his hair was gaping at his friend. Said friend had curiously shoved his member into the glory hole, thinking it would be a funny experience to tell their smallest pal later on. The genuine glint of pleasured perplexity eagerly lit up his eyes and he was gripping the flat wall, thrusting in and out of the hole with no hesitation. Though he was clearly having a great time, the taller boy next to him was a bit more shocked and embarrassed to be by his pink-haired friend during such an intense experience.

"G-God—! B-bon, it's so good~" the teen, none other than Shima, gasped out. There was a dazed smile on his flustered face; he rammed his hips hard into the wall as he tried to get deeper into this mysterious person's core. A thin scarlet blush feathered onto Ryuji's cheeks and he grunted in annoyance. Shima used his left hand to tightly clamp onto the bigger teen's arm, squeezing harder with each thrust. "Y-you have to try~ this!" the boy damn near shrieked out, the adrenaline rushing in his veins grasping his attention than the volume of his voice. Bon rolled his eyes and tried to shake the boy off of him.

"I'm not falling for one of your stupid pranks, Shima," Suguro stated firmly. His gut instinct was to just get up and leave his friend in such a stupid ordeal, but the smarter part of his mind ordered him to stay. He still wasn't buying the whole 'Glory Hole' spiel and instead, he was trying to make his friend pull out before he gets splinters in a place a man should never get splinters. "Quit that! You look like an even bigger idiot." Anticipating Shima to stop and get a bit taken back, Ryuji's plan backfired on him completely when the former finally withdrew himself from the hole; a string of white and clear fluids connected the boy's head with the wall.

For a reason that even Ryuji couldn't understand, he felt his temperature heat up when he saw the ribbon of bodily fluids coming from the hole and his penis twitched in sync with his heart-beat. Still, he was too stubborn to admit that Shima was probably telling him the truth about the pleasure. "I-I know you want to try. Go ahead," he said in a trembling voice, stumbling backwards to give his friend some room. Bon didn't have the time to think over his options—the only thing he knew was that he had to choose between possible humiliation or possible bliss. Swallowing thickly, the boy stepped forward and reluctantly started to pull down his pants and his boxers. What did he have to lose anyway? It wasn't as if Shima was going to tell everyone that he'd tricked him into shoving his dick into a hole in the wall—he was the one who started it first, after all.

Safely tucking that into mind, the larger boy pressed himself into the hole, trying not to rub his shaft against the wood so he wouldn't scrape himself raw at his groin. Gulping whatever was left of his pride, Bon was preparing for a long argument with Shima and had stuck out his lip in an angry pout when something moist practically engulfed most of his penis. At first, he was a bit awed at the foreign feeling wrapping around his shaft; Shima's reaction was truly genuine? Cheeks burning and his chest tightening, Ryuji wasn't sure if he should be excited or embarrassed, seeing as how the pink-haired male behind him watched with fervent orbs.

Rin's eyes widened and tears collected at the corners of his eyes as a different length lodged a little bit deeper than he'd expected. He tried to cry out, but only succeeding in loosening his throat a tad, as well as fitting the rest of Yukio's hardened dick into his mouth. At first, the warm semblance filling his core was starting to get him aroused, but it was quickly taken away—and replaced with something bigger and thicker. He quietly sobbed around his twin's member, shame pooling in the pit of his stomach with each squelching thrust from both of his abused entrances.

Yukio couldn't have been more satisfied with the position he was in; standing proud and tall as he pounded into Rin's head, it had swiftly blossomed into an inadvertent threesome with his play toy and a stranger. Feeling himself come close to an orgasm, the glasses-clad boy was contemplating who it was on the other side that was ravaging Rin's sore bottom. He rolled his head back and emitted a groan, the familiar tugging at his balls due to the demon's warm tongue swirling around a vein sticking out of the penis. A few more thrusts into the damp cavern of pointed teeth and hot saliva, Yukio grunted and spilled his seed inside, painting the tongue and roof of Rin's mouth white.

His final pound had been shoved far back into the dark-haired uke's mouth, shooting out with such a speed that Rin felt his throat thicken with come and his nose began flaring. White fluids spewed from his nostrils and trickled down to his upper lip, forcing the boy to cringe and do his best to push his larger sibling away by shaking his head, knowing his bound arms were deemed useless in his situation. The member inside of the male's anus slid out at that moment, never releasing its milky cream in the ring of muscle. Then, as if on cue, the spotty Exorcist pulled himself out of Rin's sticky mouth, allowing the latter to cough and spit out Yukio's come. His chin was still parallel to the floor, thanks to Yukio's vice grip on the back of his head.

Ryuji pressed his palm flat against the wall, feeling his orgasm beginning to overwhelm his muscular build. Shima watched in pre-orgasmic bliss as his friend promptly pulled himself out of the wall, knowing his time was coming to an abrupt end. Tingling and wet, Bon released his cream around the glory hole; quick spurts of white lasted for a couple of moments before the stripe-haired teenager rested his forehead against the bumpy wall, breathing laboriously as his legs buckled from discarded pleasure. His pal lightly nudged at the young man's shoulder, unwittingly sending a shiver down Ryuji's spine. "How was she?" he inquired with a lazy smirk.

"...Fuckin' amazing," the other boy quipped in a mumble. Because he couldn't bring himself to look into Shima's eyes, Suguro focused his attention on his male organ. It was covered in hot bodily liquids and tears of translucent sperm dripped on to the floorboards below. The sex without knowing who your partner is, is an intense moment—just the thought of unknown raw flesh slapping against one another had him fighting the urge to touch himself. Bon angrily shook his head and mentally slapped him; 'No, not with Shima in the room!' his inner self stated with venom dripping from its voice. Bon countered back that his body neededanother form of release to ease his pent-up sexual tension, that his everything needed it. His conscience was quick to retort that his friend – whose cock was still hanging out and erect – was right behind him, analyzing his every moment.

Somehow, the thought of being watched made Ryuji even more aroused.

He lightly pushed himself away from the coated wall, still a bit exhausted from the surprise sex. Shima rubbed the excess sweat off of his flustered face, sighing coarsely as his own manhood was itching to be relieved like Bon's had. When the striped-haired male turned his body so he would face Renzou, the latter casually threw an arm around Ryuji's neck, attempting to veer away from talking about the mess on the wall; it wasn't like it was his friend's fault for coming, after all. He had to admit, he was a little envious that Bon had managed to finish, which caused his half-embrace with the man to become awkwardly tight from jealously.

Leaning in closer towards the boy's multiple-pierced ear, Shima's eyes darted lackadaisically from the stained glory hole and Bon, a smirk dancing on his trembling lips. "...I think we should go and see who this unbelievably tight woman is, don't you?" Ryuji's brow furrowed in annoyance—of course he would think it was tight. He loosened up the hole for him; he kept his mouth shut though, finding that it was easier to breathe without having to answer his friend's questions. "Well, what do you say?" Shima inquired in a shaky tone, trying to refrain from bucking his hips wildly. Feeling the hand on his shoulder squeeze harder than necessary, Ryuji bitterly elbowed the pink-haired teen away, using body language to refuse his threesome proposal. It wasn't as though he was entirely opposed to the idea—in fact, it seemed almost hot to share a lover. From the stories he'd heard about the Shima brothers, however, it seemed they all had a reputation to talk dirty in bed; Bon preferred not to talk and he would definitely mind if Renzou kept babbling nonsensical phrases during something intimate.

Shima took Ryuji's silence a different way and thought it was because of their little friend, Konekomaru, who'd left to God-knows-where and promised to be back to the room shortly. His thoughts corrupted with false information, the older teen chortled under his breath and he retracted his arm from Bon's neck. His eyes were glimmering with a mocking manner, as though he knew something his friend was trying to keep a secret. "Oh, you don't have to worry about Koneko. If he was going to be back soon, he'd have already showed up, right?" The pink tint on Bon's cheeks burned darker, though he wasn't positive if it was due to anger or arousal. "C'mon, nobody has to know. Just us."

Was it desire or was it need that had Suguro further hanging his head as he inwardly whispered, just loud enough for the other boy in the room to hear, "Lead the way," he did not know. All he knew was that he wanted a taste of this person's essence – and he was going to get it.

Rin's nails dug into his lower back, creating fresh scarlet smiles on his otherwise pale skin as he wept into Yukio's chest. The former was placed into sitting atop his brother, forcing the erect member deep into his stretched core. Because gravity was also his enemy, Rin's anus swallowed the penis right up to the hilt. With his arms still tied back, his fraternal twin had placed his hands on the thin brunette's hips and eagerly bounced the boy up and down his lap. Their bodies slapped together, forming an intense friction between themselves – Rin continued to sob while the Exorcist slammed the demon's ass down harder.

It was oddly comforting to know that Rin retained some human qualities; his stuffed, reddened hole was loose, making the thrusting smoother. The sound of sliding through the slippery entrance had Yukio gripping his brother's hips a little tighter, groaning loudly from the moist muscles embracing his thick shaft. He even felt Rin's cock rubbing against his naval and surrounding areas, stiffening from their sex organs connecting without any sort of protection.

They stayed like this for a few minutes, grinding their heated groins against the other's body. Rin was still crying, though it wasn't as hard as he had been before. Yukio was panting from the rigorous exercise, his sharp inhaling affecting the boy on top of him by making the demon try and talk his way out of being raped like this. 'I'm too sore' and 'Brothers don't do this' just didn't cut it for Yukio—in reality, he was actually getting more and more angry with each excuse his older brother would come up with. Had it not been for the sound of the door squeaking open, the bespectacled Exorcist wondered lamely to himself if he would've threw Rin off of him and beat him just to get him to shut his mouth. Fortunately for the son of Satan, two lean figures stood at the door and gaped at the sight they were viewing with disbelieving eyes.

The elder brother's body went rigid, freezing in fear of being caught in an incestuous relationship with his own twin. On the other hand, Yukio craned his head over Rin's sweaty tresses, getting a good long look at the distraction. Ryuji and Shima were the two silhouettes at the door, their jaws both wide and faces flushed and sweaty. The duo were staring in absolute shock, both inadvertently meeting the devious pair of Yukio's teal orbs. He gave them a knowing smirk and proceeded to make Rin feel even more unsettled by saying suavely, "Well, well, I'm guessing it's safe to assume that you were the ones molesting my Rin." The boys' reactions were different, to say the least.

Shima immediately cupped his genitals and hid them from sight, more worried about his hardened privates being exposed than the fact that the Okumura twins were found fucking on the floor. Bon, unlike his friend, felt thick bile rising in his throat at the sight. Were Yukio and Rin actuallylying in each other's arms as their bodies were one? He felt as though his face turned green while his stomach flipped—'And to think, I was in Rin.' Yukio's smirk only broadened as he observed the teens' facial expressions, both twisting in disgust. At that moment, Bon and Shima had finally come to their senses and came to the horrifying revelation; I just had sex with a man.

Rin wriggled around desperately to see who Yukio was referring to. With something such as Yukio plugging his back entrance while he was on his knees, it was hard to turn around to get a glimpse of their audience. Squeezing on the smaller brunette's butt cheeks, spreading them out to further expose his organ stuffed inside Rin to the two Pages. "You don't have to lie; I can see how aroused you two are. Didn't you feel the slightest turned-on when Rin clamped himself around your shafts, sucking your penises deeper inside his anus?" The tone was sickeningly sweet, contrasting against his mischievous smile. Renzou groaned under his breath, the words emitting from the Exorcist's lips bringing a new kind of pleasure tickling his length. His hands started touching his cock, elucidating a guttural moan as he vainly tried to be discreet about masturbating in public. Suguro shut his eyes tightly and turned his head away from the scene playing out before him, trying to refrain from giving into the lust fluttering in his chest.

The spotty male suppressed a chuckle wanting to break free from his lips; rather, he chose to talk instead of guffawing, inquiring huskily, "Rin is like cocaine; one is addicted after the first time. Wouldn't you like another taste of my brother, ne, Suguro and Shima?" As soon as Rin's ears heard the names roll off of Yukio's tongue, a feeling of betrayal and anxiety bubbled in his veins. He immediately began to squirm violently in his sibling's grasp, unwittingly sending a wave of bliss on Yukio's cock and giving even more of an erotic show for his almost friends.

"Y-yamero! Not... not with them!" Rin shrieked, voice cracking from the panic raging in his core. Yukio opted to ignore the demon and kept his ass spread, persuading the two males to join in on the fun. "Y-Yukio, you wouldn't—!"

"C'mon, we don't kiss and tell, right, Nii-san?" the glasses-clad teen asked with an intimidating sneer. Rin shook on top of his brother, his mind going blank and heart skipping a beat at the rude cut-off. Clinging onto his only hope, Rin lifted his head a little bit to search for any evidence of sanity in Yukio's half-lidded eyes, thinking he could guilt trip his way out of being taken by his classmates – one of which he thought loathed him because they didn't get along. But, thoroughly examining the young Exorcist's face, he learned the hard way that what Yukio says, goes. Tears welled up in his navy eyes and he tensed up when the head of a penis was dangling inches away from his mouth. 'Why didn't I hear him coming?' Rin wondered to himself with dismay as he tried to shake his head, not wanting the length to be shoved in his face

Pre-cum trickled out of the slit and it got closer towards his face; a little too close, for Rin felt the dripping tip brushed against his peach lips, smearing the lower lip with warm fluids. Grinding his teeth, the abused teen raised his head higher and found out who was standing in front of him. The vapors in his eyes streamed down his cheeks when he realized in terror that it was Shima who was prepared to be sucked off. Peering into the older boy's dark eyes, he saw reluctance and shame clouding Renzou's vision – yet, Rin could tell the mussy-haired boy desired to be touched, as though it needed it. His nails raked along the same wounds, drawing more and more blood whilst shaking his head even more so than necessary. 'N-no! I can't- I won't...!'

Before Yukio could demand his brother to open his mouth and help out Shima's personal problem, he cut himself off by groaning loudly with a tinge of pain in his tone. Rin felt his hips rip apart and he let out a harrowing yelp as his body jerked forward—using it to his advantage, Shima gently grabbed the back of Rin's head and guided his open mouth towards his cock, thrusting himself passed the boy's quivering lips. A pair of larger, rougher hands clenched on Rin's waist and further tore his arse open; Ryuji arched over the demon's back and plunged as far as he could in the boy's already filled hole, creating a tight friction against his and Yukio's members. Why he'd sauntered over to Rin's hunched over figure and bucked his hips forward, essentially forcing himself into the boy's hot body, was beyond him. Perhaps it was because his wants overwhelmed his standards, or quite possibly, he was captivated by his professor's casual way of inviting him to take Rin and abused the privilege to the fullest extent.

Crimson ink easily trickled out of his hole – muscles stretched much passed their limit and nerves tore, forcing Rin to convulse in between Yukio and Bon, both of whom were breathing heavily and grunting in a mix of bittersweet pleasure as they slid in and out of the brunette in a fury of simultaneous squelches and slaps. Closing his mouth around Shima's dick, Rin was forced to submit into blowing the 16 year old's girth. Whimpers and screams were muffled and salty drops fell off of Rin's chin, dripping onto the younger boy's face directly underneath his head.

An absolutely horrible pang of guilt pooled in the bottom of Shima's heart, slowly drowning out the organ with regret and depression. He let his head roll back and a moan fervently elicited from his mouth, enjoying the damp warmth swirling around his shaft. He wasn't making the demon take all of his length—he didn't want him to choke, especially since the poor male was already dealing with his own white-hot Hell from taking two cocks at the same time, in the same exact spot. A part of the pink-haired Page wanted to pull out and comfort Rin for taking so much pain in one sitting, but the majority of him kept thrusting back into the hot mouth, to relish in the moist cavern and to enjoy the tongue that knew how to swirl around his erection.

Ryuji shuddered and continually bucked forward at a speedy pace, marveling at how painfully tight the small boy was. He had forced himself to forget that his teacher – and Rin's sibling – was also raping the trembling brunette. His grip on the boy's waist fastened securely and he lifted Rin's lower body up a little, to get a better aim at his core. Was it terrible that he was also trying to forget that it was not only a male he was porking, that it was a brutal gang rape with a classmate? Ramming himself harder against Rin's bleeding entrance, Bon tried desperately to convince himself that it wasn't—but his conscience reminded him that with each thrust, he would never forget that he'd left damaging scars on the boy's skin and would haunt his memory for as long as he lived.

Yukio lay still on the bottom, abstaining from physical movement so he wouldn't have to work his exhausted body any more than it could take. With Shima forcing his long member into Rin's mouth by thrusting the boy's head forward, Bon would buck straight ahead and remain well inside Rin; when Shima allowed Rin to suck on only the head, the striped-haired teen pulled back, bringing with him Yukio's member. Rin cried out, all of his attempts in vain, for every noise he emitted, it was concealed by the oldest of the boys. Yukio grinned playfully as he adjusted his pose a bit, trying to make the double penetration more comfortable for his molested brother.

The boys stayed in this position for awhile; the moans and whines of bliss and agony were increasing in volume with every passing moment. The stench of raw sex filled the air in the room, adding to the mood of undeniable pleasure for three of the boys. Rin was the only one weeping from the intolerable ache of having his rectum stretch to fit both Yukio and Bon, all the while he gave Shima one of the best blowjobs the latter had ever received in his promiscuous affairs. He sometimes gagged when he accidentally opened up more of his throat and took the rest of Renzou's member; the feeling wasn't a stranger to him, but the length was. Trying to push out Shima's length with his tongue, Rin did his best not to bite down and sink his sharp fangs into the sensitive organ when the two members inside of him rubbed a certain spot that sent him into a whirl of torment.

'N-no... When did things come to this?' Rin mused to himself when he heard his twin chortle below him, letting the boy know that his pain was his pleasure. The demon's stomach churned in disgust and anguish when the sound of Shima moaning and sighing with each lick to his member and Bon grunting in bliss from constantly pushing harder and faster into him filled his elvish ears; were they unaware of what they were doing? Or did they just not care? 'G-God, it hurts!' Rin thought abruptly, remembering that his blood was being used as the lone lubricant for both his brother and his peer. Something within him snapped and he cried out in horror – he could feel the scarlet juice spurt from his gaping hole and land in specks on the floor and made several rivers down his thighs. It was only after shrieking out into the room that the son of Satan had his mouth freed of any objects.

Being stuck inside his musings and dwelling on his inner pain, it had taken Rin a couple of minutes to notice that Shima had withdrew himself and left Rin's lips with an empty feeling—he'd been so used to Yukio finishing off in his mouth that he'd unknowingly anticipated for the Page to do the same as well. Shakily inhaling, Rin felt the pain in his butt dull significantly when he felt the bespectacled Exorcist and the tall, tanned boy take themselves out of his ass. Oddly enough, they had followed Shima's example and neither one of them didn't release their seed yet.

The next thing Rin remembered was being smacked in the side of his head and he sprawled onto the floor, landing on his side pretty hard. He whined and quivered, but didn't say anything in retaliation of being ruthlessly thrown to the ground. A thin line of red dribbled down his chin, mixing in with the dried cum stains to create an odd tint of pink on his face. He didn't allow the trio of his rapists to see his face like that, however—he hid his face by turning his body to its side and burying himself into the floor, hiding his tears of frustration and anguish. He was such a pitiful sight on the floorboards; his chest of scars, bruises, and piercings were unveiled to the eyes of eager, hormone-raging boys while his gaping hole leaked blood, staining the wood on the ground.

He would've preferred to stay like that until he eventually cried himself to sleep, but judging by the hand that furiously clenched a fistful of his hair and forced him onto his knees, he wasn't going to get away that easily. He squeezed his eyes shut and squirmed around, his arms sore and aching from being tied for so long. "Open your fucking eyes," he heard Yukio bark venomously. When the boy wouldn't oblige for whatever reason, his head was angrily shaken, creating a sprain on his neck from the sudden violent motions. "I said open them." Yanking back the dark locks, Rin whimpered as he felt a patch of hair feel as if they were going to tear from his scalp, but clung onto the last of his dignity by acting up and defy his brother, the tormentor. Still, the teal-eyed Exorcist tried to force Rin's eyes to pop open by means of torture, throwing his head around and further tearing out strands of his hair.

"C'mon, Rin, you won't hurt anymore," Shima assured him, probably smirking at how pathetic the demon looked at the moment. Rin bit his tongue and continued to struggle in Yukio's grasp; as if he would be free of any rectal pain if his eyes opened! After a particularly harsh jerk of his head going backwards, Rin was beginning to feel more compelled to open his eyes. What kept him from doing so, however, was the fear of three pumped-up cocks, standing at attention and waiting to spurt come all over his face. He cringed in disgust at the feeling of his face being coated with different boys' sperm, but because Yukio wasn't letting go of his hair – and made it clear that he wasn't going to – he felt as though he had no other choice but to open his eyes. Dispelling as much fear and pain away from his body and mind as he could, Rin reluctantly fluttered his eyes open.

The first thing he noticed was that everyone was gone; Ryuji and Shima were nowhere in sight—even Yukio wasn't to be seen. The next thing he noticed was how cold the room had gotten. 'It feels like a blizzard in here,' he thought aridly to himself as he tried to sit up. Something sharp raked across his chest and he let out a hoarse screech, unable to move from the pain rippling about his torso. His vision was blurry, but it was beginning to focus on the fuzzy light bulb above him. Squinting when the light became solid and bright, Rin turned his head lazily to the side and realized that each one of his limbs were bound to corners. Metal fervently scraped his wrists and ankles, though the pain was barely noticeable. For a moment there, Rin wondered if he was taken hostage by the monster that he vaguely remembered had attacked him.

And then, he came into sight.

Yukio inched his way up from Rin's crotch, lightly kissing and sucking on a trail of saliva and other fluids up to his naval. Rin barely lifted his head from the table, head pounding from a headache and heart still racing from his nightmare, and he caught a glimpse of his brother lithely licking his way northbound up to his chest. Finding himself unable to shake away the feeling of being watched, the younger Okumura tore his gaze away from Rin's body and looked up. The brunette's eyes widened slightly before he smiled evilly at the dazed boy. Baring his teeth to the demon teenager, Rin felt himself feel faint at the sight of blood tinting Yukio's normally opaque teeth. "B-bloo...d?"

Hearing him clearly, Yukio's smirk only widened and he parted his lips, revealing the contents in his mouth. Come and blood were smeared around his mouth like some sort of thick lipstick and mischief serenaded in his eyes as he propped himself on his knees and loomed over Rin in a single wild movement. "You taste so delicious, Brother," the boy groaned out as he lowered his face so they would be staring into each other's eyes without any distractions. With that said, the Doctor instantly smothered Rin's lips with his, forcing the latter to open his mouth by licking the boy with his warm tongue. He didn't put up much of a rebellion—Rin parted his lips and permitted his twin to do whatever he pleased. It was only when Yukio spit something thick and gooey into his mouth that Rin wriggled around and tried to gag and spit whatever it was out. "Don't spit, chew," Yukio instructed with a debonair tone, pulling away from the sticky kiss.

At first, the boy furrowed his brow in genuine confusion until his tongue picked up on the smooth, coppery taste and he realized what was swishing inside the Exorcist's and his own mouth. His mind blatantly rejected the entire thought of it being what he thought it was at first – it was crude and flat-out disgusting! It really couldn't be... could it? But when he felt the spotty boy's finger trace a jagged line of new stitches from his naval on upwards before the tip pressed against a square patch of seeping gauze that was located on his abs as their tongues slid across one another in a tizzy tango of flesh, Rin knew that it was his skin and muscle that Yukio had slipped in his mouth.

Somehow, that thought alone caused Rin more alarm and disgust than the fact that he was eaten alive by his own flesh blood – and that he was eating himself.


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