It had started as quick glances in his direction whenever her brother wasn't paying attention.

She would look at him with her gentle, teal doe-eyes, no matter what he was doing. Whether it was bullying one of the Baltic States, or avoiding Belarus, she would watch him. However, when he would turn his head and look at her, she'd quickly turn away, a light blush forming on her fair face. She could still feel his violet eyes boring holes into her head.

She was rather adorable to him. She always wore the same neat maroon dress when he saw her and the same purple ribbon in her cute, short blonde hair. While most people would've found this annoyingly repetitive after a time, it simply made her even more appealing to him.

She was like a porcelain doll guarded by some crazy collector.

Russia had always found Liechtenstein to be charming. She was quiet and docile, but had her own opinions and would speak them freely when she got the chance.

He also appreciated her affection toward Switzerland. Liechtenstein loved and cared for the man like a brother, but it was just sibling love. She had no desire to marry him and did not obsessively stalk him. That made Russia rather envious of the Swiss.

Alas, if the two wished to formally meet (and wish they did), there was a problem. More specifically, two problems: Their siblings. Liechtenstein was kept at Switzerland's side virtually 24/7, and Russia knew that if he even tried to approach her, he would a) be at the wrong end of a certain over-protective blonde's gun, or b) have Belarus slide up to him and say something threatening to Liechtenstein. Most likely, both scenarios would happen.

Their affection toward each other somewhat resembled that of Romeo and Juliet, Lovers longing to be together, but are held back by relatives.

Today, though, it seemed that Fate was one their side.

After the world meeting that had transpired that day, Switzerland had some questions concerning Russia's banking. As much as he didn't want Liechtenstein to be near Russia, Switzerland didn't want her to be alone in the meeting room with France. So, Switzerland had no choice but to bring Liechtenstein along.

"Russia," Switzerland called to him. Liechtenstein felt butterflies flutter in her stomach as the object of her affection approached them.

While Switzerland conversed with him, Liechtenstein couldn't keep her eyes off of Russia. She felt the blood in her face rise up to her cheeks, but could do nothing to stop it.

After he and Switzerland were finished talking, Russia said the worst (and best) thing possible.

"Who is the girl behind you?"

Switzerland visibly tensed. "This is my sister, Liechtenstein," he replied curtly. Liechtenstein moved out from behind her brother and curtsied. "Good day, Mr. Russia," she said calmly. While she appeared as calm as ever, Liechtenstein was, in reality, freaking out inside.

Russia smiled at her, however it wasn't his usual creepy, threatening smile. It was a warm, genuine smile. "Please, Mr. Russia sounds too formal. Call me Ivan," he said graciously.

"J-ja," Liechtenstein stuttered in her native German before quickly changing to English. "I mean, yes," she said quickly.

"Is there anything I can call you instead of Liechtenstein?" Russia asked.

Liechtenstein felt herself blush again. "My real name is Lili," she said.

"Lili. Like the flower, да?" Russia said, smiling again.

"Erm… yes," Liechtenstein said nervously.

"We must be going," Switzerland announced loudly. He grabbed Liechtenstein's hand tightly.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Lili," Russia said smoothly. He bowed his head and kissed Liechtenstein's free hand.

Liechtenstein gasped quietly and felt her eyes widen in shock.

Switzerland was less pleased. His face was beet red. He pulled Liechtenstein away before anything else could happen.

"I don't want you to have anything to do with Russia, Lili. He's trouble," Switzerland said to Liechtenstein outside of the meeting building.

"Ja, bruder," Liechtenstein replied dreamily, still reeling from what had happened.

Russia, on the other hand, was not as happy.

As soon as Switzerland and Liechtenstein had left the building, Russia literally felt the room temperature drop a few degrees. "Hello brother," and familiar creepy whispered in Russia's ear. Belarus was standing close enough for Russia to feel her breath.

"I saw the whole thing. Do you love Switzerland's little sister?" Belarus asked. She sounded calm, but you could feel the malice in her voice.

"N-no! I was just trying to strike one of Switzerland's nerves!" Russia lied nervously. Belarus backed off and the room temperature rose back to normal.

"Good," Belarus said, satisfied. "But if you did love her," Belarus added. "I would make sure you never saw her again. We are going to get married, and no one will stand in our way."

On that happy note, Belarus promptly dragged Russia out of the building.

Translation notes:


Ja- yes

bruder- brother


да- yes

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