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"I'm home," Russia called as he entered his immense home. He smiled sadly at his pathetic behavior. Of course no one would've answered him. Russia lived alone. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, all of the countries that lived with Russia left. Ukraine and Belarus still came to visit him on occasion, but that was it.

Russia sat down on his recliner in the living room. He rubbed his neck and sighed. He couldn't get Liechtenstein out of his mind. He could see her face. Her cute, fair, sweet face smiling at him, her teal eyes sparkling.

Russia smiled contentedly and closed his eyes. Liechtenstein was so beautiful in such a way he'd never seen before. Not the way beautiful could be used to describe Hungary or Belgium, but beautiful like a flower. Liechtenstein was simple, yet there was an unmatched elegance and beauty about her.

The phone rang and interrupted Russia's daydreams. He picked it up and asked, "Hello?"

"Hello, Ivan!" a cheerful voice answered on the other line. Russia smiled. It was his sister, Ukraine.

"Hello, сестра. Why are you calling?" Russia asked her pleasantly.

"I was calling to remind you about dinner tonight. Natalia and I will be over at seven," Ukraine replied. "I'll see you then. До свидания!" Then, she hung up.

Russia mentally cursed himself. He had invited Ukraine for dinner, and she asked if Belarus could come along. Russia figured that Belarus would show up anyway (scratching at his wooden front door scarily, probably), so he had agreed. Now, he regretted his decision.

"I guess I better start dinner," Russia sighed.

Belarus and Ukraine arrived exactly at seven. Russia barely enough time to shower and dress after making dinner.

"Hi Ivan!" Ukraine exclaimed gleefully. She hugged Russia tightly.

"Hello брат," Belarus said coolly.

"Привет Katyusha, Natalia," Russia replied.

There was an awkward silence that, while only a few minutes long, seemed to last much longer. Ukraine giggled nervously and said, "I'm hungry. Let's go eat dinner."

Belarus sat across from Russia at one end of the table, while he sat at the other. Ukraine sat between them. Their meal was virtually silent, until finally Belarus spoke up.

"So, Ivan. Tell Katyusha what happened after the meeting today." Russia looked at Belarus with a horrified expression.

Ukraine was oblivious. "What happened after the meeting?" she asked cheerfully.

Russia fidgeted in his seat. "I, uh… met Switzerland's little sister."

"I know Lili! She's really nice," Ukraine smiled.

"Tell her what else happened," Belarus prompted coldly.

"Uh… what are you talking about Natalia? I just met Liechtenstein," Russia laughed nervously.

Belarus fumed silently. She wanted Russia to admit to what he did. Belarus knew (or at least, thought she knew), Ukraine would agree with her about no one standing in the way of their marriage. Russia kept his mouth shut.

Dinner was a tense affair afterward that. As soon as it was over, Russia swept his sisters away in a polite but hurried manner. When they were both out the door, he called, "До свидания," and slammed his door.

"Ivan was acting odd, don't you think?" Ukraine asked her sister.

"Yes, very," Belarus said, deep in thought about her brother's new strange attitude.

Russia sighed deeply as he sunk into his recliner. He rubbed his temples and frowned. He knew Belarus had not believed what he said after the meeting.

The large nation let his mind wander. He remembered that the next meeting was in a month. A month before he would get to see Liechtenstein. A month before he would get to see her sweet little face and her adorable smile.

"I miss you so much, моя любовь," he murmured.

Translations- Russia:

сестра- sister

брат- brother

Привет- hello

До свидания- goodbye

моя любовь- my love