Bella McLeod


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As an introduction, you may want to read "Snape McLeod" since the Bella that trained Tobias there is the same one here, only a decade later. It's not a requirement for you to read it, especially since I will try and untangle things as the story progresses. I altered the timeline to fit my needs, so… she met Snape in 1997, they parted ways in 2000 and it is now 2011, when she moves to Forks with Charlie.

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Bella McLeod

Chapter 19


They advanced till they were close together. The man decided to speak then.

"My name's Armand Tarcone, and I see you are ready. However as the rules dictate, I officially challenge you to a duel"

Bella sighed "What is it with you people. I spend months without contact and suddenly here I am, in the middle of nowhere with uninvited visitors every other week" she muttered under her breath, so low that even with my vampire senses it was hard for me to catch it through the rain. Then she glanced up and finally faced the man. "I am Isabella McLeod, of clan McLeod." she said taking hold of her sword which had been concealed beneath her raincoat.

Next moment, the two swords flashed in the rain. For a second the clash was the only thing that I could hear but it was immediately drowned because both of them lounged again against each other. Their heart beats raised as well as the force of the storm.

I watched as Armand reeled back a whole pace and a half, Bella following him in her attack. Then Armand began to make use of his height and weight. Bella was taking

some dreadful knocks. They parted at the same time, I guessed it was to catch their breath since both of them were panting.

I fought against myself every second that this lasted, I wanted so badly to get between her and Armand, take her in my arms and bring her to safety, but I had made a promise and this was important for her.

An instant later they were battling again. Circling round and round, testing each other's defenses. I gasped when Bella was pricked in the arm. The smell of her blood was dimly covered by rain and sweat, but not much, since her heart beat had been plummeting her blood all through her body at an incredible pace.

Bella had a scowl on her face but her movements seemed to be teasing and almost playing with Armand now, keeping out of range, shifting her ground, making the enemy work.

However Armand managed to land a blow at last that made Bella slip sideways, and fell on one knee. Armand was on top of Bella ready to land the final blow. The growl on my chest rose above the noise of the storm and out of the blue Bella grabbed Armand's arm as it came down and was up once again.

Armand looked angry, but I couldn't care less about him, all that matter was that my mate was safe, and that if it came that close again, I would certainly break my promise to not interfere.

A flurry of blows followed as fast and hard that it seemed impossible for either not to be killed. Both were now not only panting, but bleeding too. As the duel continued the rain almost died away. It was most horrible and most magnificent too. Armand was down now and Bella took of his head in a swift blow.

She was out of breath and knelt down at the time a thunderstorm began. Lighting bolts were hitting Bella hard and I could see her gasping in pain and tightening the hold on her sword. The lighting bolts did not let me come near her and reach for her. It was as if nature was preventing me from coming to Bella's aid. It took me by surprise to realize that Bella was getting aroused, I could smell it and then, as the lighting stopped, Bella moaned out in pleasure.

I rushed over to her and hold her on my arms. She was sweating and shaking, but she smiled to me.

"Thanks for… not interfering" she gasped trying to catch her breath

"What was that?" I asked concerned, lifting her in my arms and heading toward her house again.

"You just… witnessed a Quicky" she said grinning

"Quicky?" I asked remembering the offer that Clara had made to her when I left after dropping by the keys of her truck

"When an Immortal is beheaded, there is a powerful energy release from their body" She explained when I placed her down in front of her door "That is called a 'Quickening', which is the receiving of all the power and knowledge another Immortal has obtained through life"

"So that happens when you…?" I glanced toward the woods

She nodded "Charlie will not be pleased that there's a body on the back" she muttered

"Does it hurt?" I asked concerned for her but clearly relieved by the fact that she looked better now

"The Quicky?" she asked looking at me, when I nodded she mischievously grinned. "Well, it IS a Quicky"

"I think you already established how it is called Bella" I said to her while placing a strand of lose hair behind her ear.

"Just like Tobias" she whispered

I growled again. "Did Tobias hurt you?" I demanded

"What?" she asked surprised "No, no." she said after a moment "It's just that when Tobias witnessed a duel I had and the result, he asked me just the same." She smirked "and just like you, he did not understand"

"What is there to understand?" I said trying to calm down

Her grinned broadened and she opened the door to her home "Rose" she said "It is like receiving a massive orgasm" And with that, she went inside, leaving the door open behind her.

I smiled and shook my head, I was not about to refuse an invitation like this right? I stepped into her house and closed the door behind me

"So is it my turn to ask the questions then?" I asked following her to the kitchen, where she was pouring herself a glass of milk. "I have a lot of them now" I pointed out

"Of course not!" Her face was teasingly outraged. "I told you I wasn't done, didn't I?"

"What more is there?"

"You'll find out." She stated smirking, while she extended her hand for me to reach.

I was about to take her hand in mine when my senses picked up the scent of mutt coming to this location. I stiffened and my hand froze mid air. "Not good," I muttered.

"What is it?" She asked surprised

I glanced at her for a brief second. "A complication," I said glumly. "I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow morning though" Then I headed to the door and then to my car. Bella right behind me.

The flash of headlights through the rain could be seen as a dark car pulled up to the curb just a few feet away, facing us.

"Charlie's around the corner," I informed her, staring through the downpour at the other vehicle. I hopped in my car at once, despite Bella's confusion and curiosity. The rain was building up again. "You want to come to school tomorrow?" she looked at me confused "You said Tobias leaves tomorrow. I am curious to know if you'll come to school or if you'll spend the day with him" I said as nonchalantly as possible

She smiled. "He leaves at night. So I'll be waiting for my ride to school"

I smiled back, then I revved the engine, and the tires squealed against the wet pavement. Bella was out of my sight within seconds. I was however, able to watch one of the Quileute kids from the reservation approaching Bella just as I left and Charlie's cruiser swung around the corner.

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