Reckoning To Come

By: Breeze

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Startrek Voyager and everything else they say they own, I however *grins evily* have claimed rights to the planet of earth and all its people…ummm, actually I don't really have any rights, except those listed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms…

NOTES: I don't remember much about this episode, so what you are about to read you can claim as a missing scene, and an alternate universe. The episode is the one where Tom flushes out Seska's spy and is aboard her Kazon ship.

Rating: pg13

Sweat tickled a path down his forehead and across his cheek, an annoying itch begging for attention as his entire brow was soaked in it. Yet as annoying as it was, how it dripped into his eyes, and blurred his vision, he remained staring ahead, emotionless. The heavy breath of the stinking Kazon remained constant as they stood to his side. Their fire arms gripped tightly, a sneer on their faces. One of them, the taller and more confident of the two, kept jabbing him in the ribs, trying to win a reaction. He just stood with his hands to his side.

He wasn't a fool, he knew he could have taken out one guard, but two alert soldiers was too much for him to handle right now. He needed to set up his sensors and wait for Voyager to rescue him and that was it. Nothing more. He wasn't going to die over a stupid escape attempt. The last time he'd tried that he'd almost lost the use of his right leg.

The unmistakeable sound of a door sliding open and shut announced the entrance of someone new. He didn't bother to try and look behind him, and waited silently, as he'd been doing all along.

"Tom Paris." The woman's voice got his blood boiling in rage simply from assaulting his ears. He remained silent, but couldn't help the clenching of his fists. He noticed one of the guards shift, reminding him of how he was out numbered. "The Thomas Eugene Paris" she cackled and her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. Coming around o face him he glared into her hardened eyes, his lips thinning as he pressed them together in anger. "I want to thank you for dropping in, providing some needed attention. These Kazon boys are fun and all, but there's nothing like tormenting a human." She grinned, cocking her head slightly to the left, looking at him like a cat would a mouse.

"You have nothing to say? That's interesting. The last time I saw you, you always seemed ready to share your two cents worth. A lot must have changed since I was forced to leave Voyager."

"I wouldn't know." He broke his code of silence. "Not being a member of her crew, I don't have much view on those things."

"I see. Poor poor Tommy." She tittered and stepped closer, a mere foot and a half away. He could see her planning out her moves in her head. Like a strategic chess game, one that all Cardassian's loved to play. Which direction to move, what was the quickest, or most efficient way to victory? Slowly she planned, and then pulled a long nailed hand up to caress his jaw. He moved his hand out of her grip. She didn't like that, digging her nails in and holding him where she wanted. He should choke her now, while she was so close. Kill her, or hold her hostage until his own release but he couldn't seem to bring himself to do it, and she knew this. She knew.

"What's wrong Thomas? Are you afraid of me? No, I don't think so, but I do know that you are afraid of what my people are capable of. Isn't that right?" Her cold eyes laughed and he forced his angered gaze to not turn away in shame. He hated her, he hated her kind. Everything about them reeked of madness, or torment. They thrived on war, on others pain. Even herein the Delta Quadrant it was no different. She laughed, digging her nails harder. And then her other hand was resting lightly on his shoulder. Leaning intimately close to his ear, her deadly breath caressing, and she whispered, so quietly, so knowingly and he hated her, and feared her. He could do nothing.

"I know Thomas. I know what they did to you." Her finger drawing a slow line across his shoulder and down to his chest, stopping as the base of his sternum; tracing a long vanished scar. "My people prided the day they captured you, took you to the base as a guest. A most honoured guest, one so fresh out of Starfleet, such a powerful name." He shuddered. "But you wouldn't listen to their politics, wouldn't see the will my people had to help you. You, of all people. One of the most despised beings of Starfleet. You wouldn't break." She pulled back abruptly and backhanded him across the face. His vision slightly blurred as he stared calmly past her, his sweat now moisturizing the back of her fist. She glared, baring her teeth. He did nothing.

"I know you're up to something Paris. I will not bother to ask what. But when we are finished with Voyager I'll come back to you. My people have not yet finished what they started all those years ago. But I will." She growled, a feral grin marring once beautiful features, now distorted by the face of Cardassia. His most hated enemy. They stole his father from him. They almost stole his own will to live. There was no way he would allow that to happen again, and a sly grin of his own graced his lips. The ice in his eyes causing her to pause momentarily as he gazed into her hateful soul. For a moment he saw her flinch, loose her confidence, a brief flicker of fear as his own hate towards her, her kind, outweighed any that she had seen. And she knew that if alone with him she would die.

Then, as though she'd never shown weakness, she grinned and twisted on a black heel, calling over her shoulder. "I'll be back to talk to you later Paris." And the doors were heard once again sliding open and shut and Tom stood frozen to his place. His hate almost overwhelming, hand clenching. He should finish these Kazon off and hunt her down. But no, Voyager, thought they didn't realize it, were depending on him. He'd control the pain, not of his own torture, but that of the Klingon child that had been ripped apart before him, in the prison of Cardassia so long ago. He swore vengeance against those bastards, but he had to stay alive and make it back to Earth before that would happen.

Until then, he would survive anything, because once he'd been rejected from Starfleet, he'd found a mission for life. His soul mission.