Note: I don't own Star Wars and G.I. Joe, they belong to their rightful owners, this story may be rated T for violence, and Tunnel Rat & Ripcord acting stupid. This is a G.I. Joe Renegades and Star Wars: The Clone Wars crossover.

War among the universe, in many civilizations conflicts, corruption, greed, and crimes lead to many battles big and small. Across every star there are many heroes and villains alike behind the front lines.

But for a group of heroes fighting in the Clone Wars and a team of renegades far, far, away they will meet unexpected allies and enemies, old and new, as things are about to change.…


Location: A COBRA Facility in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

Year: 2011

Among the mysterious desert of New Mexico, a secret COBRA facility stays unknown to the outside world, but in the facility a top secret operation was being conducted by Dr. Mindbender and Destro under the watchful eyes of Baroness. Both of the men were building an ultimate device that may capture the renegade Joes for them. The device didn't have anything to do with a bomb or a net being involved, it was something that mankind had been trying to make possible since the first sci-fi shows and movies came out, it was a teleportation device. Dr. Mindbender came up to a balcony where Baroness was watching everyone's progress. He had a small remote in his hands that look like a small radio of some sorts. Destro finished one last thing on the teleportation device. To Baroness it looks like some sort of satellite dish. She had a feeling things may not go as planned.

"Destro, I hope you and Dr. Bender have done everything correctly. The commander doesn't want this project to be an epic failure like the escape of Project X." The Baroness said in a concerned mood. "Don't worry; we can always test it on our troops before we try it on those renegades." The metal faced man said as he adjusted the dish.

"Once we locate the voices of the Joes with one of our satellites in space, we will be able to teleport them and capture them on the base, and they won't see what's coming." Dr. Mindbender said. The psychotic teenager turned on the remote on queue by Destro. Mindbender turned a dial on the remote; a bunch of voices could be heard. They were voices of the renegades, Baroness became amazed.

"I'm impressed, let's see if it'll do the job correctly." She said. Bender began to press a button on the remote. A beam burst out of the dish and the roof of the facility, into the night sky towards the satellite. But unknown at the time, it's seems that the satellite that located the Joes had suddenly turned into another direction at the last minute. The satellite instead picks up life signatures in a galaxy far, far, away.


Location: The Jedi Temple

Year: 21 BBY

Beyond the temple, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, and his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi began to help many Jedi Knights, and clones, including Commander Cody and Captain Rex of the 501st load many ships inside the Jedi Temple's Docking Complex. Anakin's astro droid R2-D2 and some Jedi Masters like Master Mace Windu, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, and Grand Master Yoda were also helping.

"Alright men, load these crates into the back of the ship, and be sure you don't bump into anything." Obi-Wan began to command a group of clones and young Jedi Knights to carry various cargo in a Republic star ship. Ahsoka on the other hand helped her master and Artoo prep and check the ships systems. They were now working underneath the ship with Artoo standing by their side.

"Ahsoka, would you pass me the wrench from the toolbox." Anakin asked her padawan politely. Ahsoka slid out from underneath to reach for the wrench but Artoo got it for her. The droid handed the wrench to her. "Thanks, Artoo." she said to the droid. She went back underneath the ship to hand the wrench to her master. Mace was helping a group of new clones scan the area for any potential dangers to the ship. Plo and Kit checked every crate carefully and sealed them as clones and young Jedi Knights brought every crate to the Jedi Masters.

"There's nothing dangerous found yet, I don't see why we have to search the crates in the first place." Kit made a comment. "But still, you never know if there may be a trap set up by the Sith." Plo responded back Yoda started to watch everyone's progress on the docking complex, everything went according to plan. Except, he felt something in the Force that no one seems to notice. Obi-Wan stopped ordering around a group of clones and started to help his former Padawan, who is now repairing the exterior of the ship. Rex and Cody suddenly appear besides Ahsoka who was holding a toolbox by her master and their friend.

"Having fun kid?" Rex asked Ahsoka. She didn't seem to be in a positive mood.

"Not really, I was hoping for some action today, I guess were stuck fixing and prepping a ship for some reason." she said. Artoo hands a spare tool to Ahsoka to put in the toolbox. The droid was beeping a tune.

"It seems the little droid is enjoying it." Cody said. He patted the droid's head as he said it. The droid giggled and beeped in response.

"Of course he is." It's seems Anakin was hearing there conversation. Anakin starts to get a screwdriver out of the toolbox. When he grabbed it, the screwdriver fell out of his hands.

"That's weird, must have grease on my gloves." He bends down to pick the tool up, but instead his hand went through it. Anakin couldn't believe his eyes; neither could his Padawan, Artoo, and the clones that also saw what happened.

"Wow general, you got to show us that trick someday." Rex said thinking it was some sort of magic trick.

"Rex, that wasn't a trick." Anakin corrected. He tried to pick up the screwdriver again but failed.

"Master, what's going on?" Ahsoka asked. Obi-Wan hearing what was happening stepped in carrying a small rag in his hands.

"Here Anakin, wipe your gloves off first, you probably have too much grease on them." Obi-Wan starts to hand him the rag but the rag suddenly fell through Obi-Wan's hands as he did.

"What in the name of the Sith!" Obi-Wan cussed. Everyone else saw the same thing happening again. The toolbox Ahsoka was carrying suddenly fell through her hands and onto the floor. Mace Windu who was watching them came over to them to figure out what's wrong.

"Obi-Wan, Skywalker, Tano, are the three of you alright?" He asked.

"We don't know, but something weird is going on. We can't seem to touch anything?" Obi-Wan explain. Mace calls for one of the other clones who were helping loading the ship. A field medic clone name Patch came over to the Jedi.

"Patch, see if you can find anything that's making them sick or ill." Mace ordered. Patch took out a first aid kit from his small backpack. He took out a small thermometer patch and puts it in Ahsoka's arm. The patch fell through and landed on the ground.

"Well, this isn't good." Patch said. Rex begins to help his brother pick it up but Patch notice something different with Rex; he was transparent as a ghost.

"Rex, look at yourself." the trooper yelled. Rex responded and looked at his own arms. He saw that he can see right through them. He then faced the three Jedi and saw they were also transparent. Artoo begins to panic and run towards the other two Jedi Masters who turn to look at what was happening. They immediately run towards their fellow Jedi friends.

"Master Windu, what's happening, why are they like ghost?" Kit asked.

"Don't know, for some reason they can't touch anything either. Patch can't even poke or touch them with anything." Mace responded. "This is very odd; there's never been an incident like this before." Plo said in his response. Ahsoka immediately saw Artoo and Cody were starting to get transparent.

"You guys better hurry, either it's some wacky virus or the Separatist finally figured out to make people disappear." she said. Yoda seeing and sensing what was wrong joined the other Jedi Masters.

"Master Yoda, can you tell what's wrong?" Anakin asked. Yoda sensed a strong disturbance that was extraterrestrial to anything compared to the galaxy.

"Too mysterious this is, figure out, I can't." he answers. Obi-Wan started to disappear. He was gone in a blink of an eye.

"Master, Obi-Wan is gone." Ahsoka said panicking, she then disappeared herself. Everyone couldn't believe what was happening. Rex and Cody were to disappear next, then Artoo. The other Jedi tried to use the Force to save Anakin but it became too late, he was starting to disappear as well.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." It was the last thing the Jedi Knight said. The Jedi Master's left standing, including the only clone to witness these events didn't know where their friends actually disappeared to.

I wonder what the Jedi will do once they know there in a different galaxy, or their reaction to the Joes, especially Snake Eyes. Please R & R, but no calling me bad names. Next up the Renegades & maybe some ninja action.