Hey everybody I decided to put a hiatus on A Lion's Tale just until this story is done I already have chapter 2 done for this as well but won't update until some reviews come in. I'm only going to update if I have a backup chapter done. If you all are wondering why I haven't really been on fanfiction lately I just have been depressed lately and haven't had energy to write much of anything unless it's easier so I started this. So enjoy and review :) And btw this is coming from a mind of a former player, but those days changed for me.

The majestic cub laid his small body across the grass, a cool breeze rustling the weeds lightly. The sun's bright yellow rayz beaming down gleaming reflecting a slick shine on his golden fur. His amber brown orbs sparkled as he dazed off to the land that he would someday rule, it's pure beauty was a wonderous site. The hills, the green trees, the flowers all in full bloom, the clean blue rivers as they gave life to the Pride. And at the center there it stood the great Rock that he called home, his palace, the place of authority among all animals the Lion ruled from a rock. What could be more intimidating? Let alone dealing with a Lion, one could not even dare to take over Pride Rock.

That's what was unique about his Pride, his people. The land was unique within itself, and it was the first day of summer all the girl cubs were out and Simba had his eyes on them as usual staring off to the waterhole he could see Tasha, how beautiful she was. He had to have her. Her brownish-tan fur slickly wet down from swimming, her eyes just the same as his. He had come to that point that every young cub faces, the hard transistion from cubhood to teenhood was in fully cycle and he was growing. But the Prince was special, unique, meant for greatness, and expected one day to be a leader. But what he had that no other cubs had was the best looks in the Pride, he was the Prince. Just a hint half smile of his pure sparkly whites, and a little shine in his amber eyes would make them faint inhaling what they could smell of his sensational scent. But unlike most other boys Simba wasn't out for ''true love'' he was the most popular cub around and all the boys wanted to be his best friend, and all the girls wanted to be his girlfriend. From getting hints from his little clique Tojo, Malka, and a couple other boys helped turn Simba into a player.

He could get any girl he wanted at anytime and anywhere, it didn't matter if they had a boyfriend or not. If they were a girl Simba could get them, and he didn't care about their feelings, he already got good at breaken hearts and was determined to start for fun. He figured his blessed looks were giving to him for a reason, why should he be with one girl when he could have many?

He was determined in his ways and would never change, with an evil grin the Prince stretched his legs across the grass yawning then climbed to his fours and rushed sliding down a hill to the waterhole to greet his pals. Tojo was already sitting on a rock beside Malka awaiting their Prince. Simba crouched low to the ground prowling through the high grass hiding himself as not to be seen, he tip-toed making his way to the rock and roared loudly making Tojo shriek surprised nearly screaming like a girl. Both Simba and Malka cracked up busting out with hysterically laughter unable to contain at how hilerious that was while their friend smirked angrily he elbowed Simba's shoulder stopping his laughter.

''Haha good one Sim.'' Malka commented patting the Prince on the back making him grin with prowess.

''Yeah, REAL funny Simba.''

''Come on lighten up Tojo, I was just messin. Hey how's the ''action'' today.'' Simba whispered huddling up pulling Tojo and Malka to his ears eying up the girls. Especially Tasha.

''It's great, and hey there's Tasha go get her Princy.'' Tojo playfully elbowed Simba back urging him to do his thing, they loved watching Simba in action.

''You two just back and up watch me.'' Simba smiled pushing his friends behind him, closing his eyes, keeping his head held up high with arrogance. He was all set, his eyes were sparkling from the water's reflection, his fur shined like diamond stars fell and cracked on him, his pink nose was clean, his teeth were pure pearly white. He strutted in his famous walk flicking his tail back and forth eagerly, as he slowly passed Tasha and her friends all returned smiles and uncontrollable giggles. He let his eyes open and completely gave a quick stare then continued walking and sat on the hill eying them up. As he passed he could hear words like

''He's so cute!''

''Yeah I know, ahhhhh. So dreamy.''

They all sighed giggling in cute tones, Simba continued to work his magic. He strutted towards the land's edge and dived right into the water splashing soaking the girls coats of fur. They all laughed, dazing their eyes on the Prince as he swam back and forth spitting water in and out of his mouth he sat still for a moment putting his elbow to his cheek and smiled over to Tasha she was lost in the moment smiling back.

''Hiii S-i-m-b-a.'' She almost sang his name cheerfully exchanging a wave with her paw he waved back.

''Heyy Tasha, you all gonna leave me lonely in the water? Come on it's cool.'' He splashed around playfully smiling, they turned staring at each other in disbelief nearly letting their jaws drop.

''The Prince wants US to swim with him? Hahaha'' They giggled then leaped in the water swimming around Simba splashing him, and playing water tag tapping his furry wet head ruffling his ''mane''.

Meanwhile Tojo and Malka stood by chuckling.

''I don't get it. How does he do it? It's not fair.''

''What?'' Malka asked curiously laying lazily on the rock while Tojo's jealousy grew more and more the longer he remained friends with Simba.

''What's so special about him? Why does he always get the pretty girls?'' He said he spitting his tongue out in disgust, he liked Simba they were good friends but he was tired of Simba taking all the girls. He was awed by his prowess and how easy it was too pick them up for him. But he however couldn't get a one single girl to go out with.

''Well uhh I don't know duhh! Earth to Tojo! He's THE PRINCE. What do you expect, and you have to admit Mufasa and Sarabi did a good job. He is very handsome.''

''Why do you always take his side? I don't see nothin special about Simba except his stupid title, and plus puh! I'm WAY more good looking than him.''

''Surreee ya are? I'll see ya later Tojo go complain to somebody else, I got stuff to do.'' Tired of hearing Tojo's petty squables he leaped off the rock. Exchanging his friend a evil look and walked off, the brown cub could see what Simba was up to next. Yet again he would have another girlfriend him and Tasha held paws swimming around playfully for hours. All he did was sit on the ''sideline'' watching, not a single girl today looked over to him. There was plenty of girls and all they wanted to do was hang out with stupid Simba.

The Prince swinged Tasha around in the water holding her paw tightly, they played and splashed getting each other's coats drenched. While the other girls watched when they noticed that there was a brown cub sitting on a rock nearby. He looked lonely, he sat twirling a rock with his claws angrily he cracked it in half.

''Haha Simba! You're getting me all wet!'' She laughed cutely in a high tone completely focused on Simba's dreamy amber eyes. When it hit her she found herself almost paralyzed she lowered her eyes frozen in time. She couldn't help but look into his reflection, suddenly she felt his smile grow closer then his eyes closed. What was going on? She felt a heavy hot heat grow in her body, her cheeks blushed deeply, his paws moved out from the water and wrapped around her neck, his lips slowly rubbed against hers with a kiss. She was lost in a moment he kissed her what felt like for an eternity. As they parted she was speechless only staring with shock.

''Uh-uhmm-that-wow-ahhhh Simba, umm does this mean were?''

''Sure girly, you wanna go out with me?''

''Yes!'' Tasha leaped with joy jumping on his chest hugging him.

''Haha okay, see ya tonight.'' Simba parted from hugging yet another girl he would break a heart, he climed out of the water as she ran to her friends over joyed telling them that the Prince had just kissed her, then asked her out it was unbelievable. Tojo waited for the ''moment'' to stop and caught up with his friend on the dirt trail that headed back to home while the girls walked another way.

''Hey wait up!'' Tojo shouted out of breath huffing and puffing until he finally reached Simba stopping him in his tracks.

''Whatsup Tojo? Yeahh, you see that? Ha! Man I'm such a genius. The girls love me.'' Arrogantly he complimented himself putting his paw to his chest as if he was his father.

''Yeah we all get it Simba, blah! Blah! Blah! Who cares!'' Tojo spat angrily with eyes lowered to the ground.

''Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed, what's wrong with you whiny?'' Simba shoved Tojo a little, but was not being playfully this sparked his attention. The brown cub growled angrily.

''Grrrr... it's always about you! Simba this, Simba that. Simba ooooh he's so cute! Oooooh he's so hot. You're just a show off!''

''You're just jealous cause you don't look like this hah!'' Simba smiled.

''I'm not jealous, what's there to be ''jealous'' of?''

''Uhh- you're kidding right. Have you seen me lately? Have you taken a real good look lately? They love this Tojo, the girl-''

''Yeah! Yeah I get it! Just shut up already dude nobody wants to hear you yap.''

''Uhm it's only me and you, who else would hear? Duh! You're really that dumb aren't you?''

''I'm warning you! SHUT UP!''

''Aww is the baby gonna cry? Or what? What are you gonna to? I know you can't beat me Tojo. Nobody can beat the Prince.''

''That's it! Grrrrr! Rarrrr!'' Tojo half roared leaping in a furious rage attempting to tackle his former friend to the ground, but found himself in a puddle of mud instead from Simba's foot that tripped him. Only to be mocked by his arrogant laughter.

''Hahaha! Don't worry it looks the same as you're last coat did.''

Hearing Simba's words mocking him as he walked off, he felt humiliated, disgraced, and utter embarrassment within. He couldn't take it anymore, why was Simba such a jerk? Who gave him the right to bully everybody into ''liking'' him? He wouldn't stand for it, he would have his revenge.