Here we are for the final chapter, this wasn't my best story and I hate to end it but gotta keep moving I got another story to finish. And after that I'm gonna do the idea I had based on my real life. Well without hesitation enjoy and give the final reviews. Again sorry everybody for the short ending.

That night Simba sat alone in the cave's dark gloom, tears slowly falling down his cheeks like a broken dam. His mind blurred, his heart throbbing with a fast beat. He felt weak, empty, destroyed, crushed. Rolled on his side keeping his face away from the world, it seems like everything is falling apart. Solitude full of sorrow he heavily felt in the weight of his heart. Not because of seeing Tojo with Nala, he could care less he didn't know Nala like that. But what was really on his mind was the girl that he loved so much but how she took his feelings and blew them into the wind like they were nothing. It was Sandra in his thoughts, not because he wanted her back, but because he now feels he is doing something wrong. And what was wrong was what he was doing to broken hearts. All the girls minds he's played with, all the kisses, all the huggs, all the games, he's tired. Sick and tired of being alone, sure he had many girlfriends. He was the Prince he naturally could get a girl in his arm. But yet it was fake, there was no love, no sense of feeling he felt with these other girls. But somehow there was something deep inside that he felt around this new girl. But yet he's made a mistake. A huge mistake, the playing is over. He's done there's something about Nala that he sees that they could have together.

Immediately he leaped to his fours wiped his tears and ran outside quickly to find out exactly where it was that Tojo and Nala were on their date. In the distance he saw them sitting on a rock lying on their backs looking up to the dark night sky as the stars lit up the earth. He felt a sense of rage, a sense of anger. But he held it in, and crept low to the ground sliding his way through the weeds. As he approached he could hear their conversation. To his ears he heard his name being mentioned many times.

''So you and Simba used to be friends?''

''Ha! Yeah used to-we're not anymore and probably never will be again.''

''So what caused him to act like that?''

''I don't know-well-he never used to be this way. To be truthful Simba's a good friend, his heart was broken a year ago.''

''A girl broke his heart?''

''Yeah and then he-well nevermind you shouldn't know.''

''What?'' She asked inquisivitely.

''Well hate to break it to you I know you two kinda became best friends, but ever since that happened to him he turned into a player.''

''A player? What do you mean?''

''He plays girls, forget about him. Let's talk about me. So what made you say yes so quick?'' Tojo asked staring seductively into Nala's emerald green shiny eyes as they sparkled in the moon's light.

''Well you're cute.'' Nala giggled.

''And you're beautiful-I-'' Tojo motioned himself quickly and locked with Nala's lips only to be slapped in the face by her paw and from the nearby weeds a strong golden familiar cub leaped out and slammed down on his chest pressing hard with a loud half roar erupting from his vocals.

''Simba!'' Nala yelled trying to move his weight off the brown cub but he didn't listened he raised his paws and started hitting Tojo a couple times before he realized what he was doing he stopped and let Tojo up.

''I-I gotta go-''

''No you're not going anywhere! Not this time you have things to tell me!''

''Like what Nala? You wanna know so much about my past, tell me about yours!''

''You don't need to know!''

''Yeah I do since you're asking about mine.''

''Fine! I-I was a player too-was-and Tojo I'm sorry but this wasn't a real date. I don't like you, I don't even know you.''

''What?'' Simba heard shocked to think that Nala too was a player like him.

''Yeah happy now? Got what you wanted.'' She yelled tears strolling down her cheeks.

''I was a player too you must have heard.'' The Prince bent his down in shame.

''Yeah I did Simba-''

''Well it's only because I had my heart broken, I was hurt beyond anyone could ever feel.'' He turned away facing the moon.

''So did I.'' Slowly she put her paw on his shoulder trying to comfort him, Tojo got up wiping the blood from his muzzle and matched Simba's eyes.

''Simba-look this has to stop. I don't want to fight like this anymore, you were my good friend and now look at us. If you-want Nala she's right here.''

Nala blushed slightly but smiled as she knew Tojo was right. The golden cub raised his eyes up slowly wiping his shame and he admitted his apology.

''I'm sorry for everything, you're right Tojo I don't want to fight anymore.'' The two embraced with a quick hugg making amends.

''I'll leave you and Nala alone. See ya around.'' With that the brown cub ran off back home.

''So do you-'' He hesitated being cut off with a paw on his lips silencing him.

''Simba I'd loved to.'' The little Lioness glinted her eyes looking into his.

''But I didn't finish.'' He half smiled.

''I knew what you were about to say.'' She kissed him on the cheek making him blush red and the two walked off holding paws with bliss, all amends made and he was a new person the lonely void, the heartbreak wiped away.