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Chapter One

I had grown up with a mother, a father and an older brother. My friends were my everything and we spent every Friday night at the football games, participating in the marching band while cheering on my brother during our down time. Everything seemed to be going well for me until I made the decision to move to the east coast to attend Dartmouth for college. I knew that in order to grow and become an independent individual that I had to leave my hometown. If I stayed in Forks, I would end up at the community college and a huge loser. That wasn't what I wanted. It wasn't what I needed.

I moved to New Hampshire the summer before I was eighteen, desperate to leave the state of Washington. Throughout high school, I worked my butt off in an attempt to graduate a year early and I had succeeded. Dartmouth was what I needed to spread my wings. It was a fresh start. I knew I would miss my family. My parents were still in Forks while my brother was in California, finishing up his college education with a degree in business.

James was a welcomed distraction. We met the night I turned eighteen when a friend of mine invited him to my birthday celebration. We hit it off right away and were soon tied to the hip. He was very protective of me, something that Emmett had liked. If he couldn't be around to keep an eye on me, he was glad that I had James.

As my college years passed, my friends came and went but the one thing that always stayed the same was James. Our relationship had progressed as the years passed and my closest friend, Alice, assured me that he would propose any day now. It didn't matter if we were only twenty. We loved each other and we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Two days after the conversation with Alice, James did propose, causing Alice to gloat. She was ecstatic and immediately went into wedding preparations. Little did she know that there would never be a wedding.

The night James proposed was the night both of our lives had changed. I learned that I was pregnant. It seemed like James was happy for me, for us, yet things seemed off with him. He never really wanted to talk about my pregnancy or the baby. Wedding preparations got delayed and Alice moved back with her parents who happened to live near Forks. My life was beginning to get lonely. There was no one left. James didn't even offer me any comfort.

My due date was beginning to get closer. I was reaching all of the pregnancy milestones. James and I were expecting a girl in July. The first time she kicked, I truly realized that no matter what was going to happen between me and James, I loved the life that was growing inside of me. I was truly happy to be pregnant. Even during the many trips to the bathroom, I loved every last minute of it.

I only had two weeks left until my due date when July 4 rolled around. The morning of the fourth, I woke up in unbearable pain. James wasn't home and I knew I lived a good ten miles from the nearest hospital. As slowly as I could, I stood from the bed only to feel a trickle of water slide down my leg, followed by a warm gush. Glancing down, I let out a frustrated grown.

My water had broken and I was in too much pain to drive myself to the hospital.

Searching frantically for my phone, I called 911.

"911. What's your emergency?" the operator asked from the other end.

"My name's Bella Swan. I'm twenty years old and my water just broke. I'm home alone."

"Miss Swan, where is your location?"

I quickly gave the 911 dispatcher my address and hung up with the promise that an ambulance was on it's way. My next call went out to James but I didn't have any luck getting through. His phone just kept running straight to voice mail. After leaving five messages, I hung up and sat on the couch in the living room, waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

The EMTs only took five minutes to arrive after I made my call. Once I had arrived at the hospital, my doctor had been paged. I was in full on labor mode but making little progress. I was only two centimeters dilated and the doctor had ordered me to be put on pitocin, a drug to jump start labor.

In between my contractions, I constantly called James but still had no luck in contacting him. His phone was turned off even after he had promised to keep his cell on vibrate seeing as I was so close to my due date.

There was no way I was going to do this alone. I didn't want to this on my own. James and I had plans. We were supposed to get married and raise our daughter together. At eleven that night, my world came crashing down when I received a text message.

It's over. I can't do this. I can't be a dad. I'm sorry.

My blood boiled underneath my skin. How dare he send me a text of all things! Coward. Was this why he couldn't return my calls? Had he really been avoiding me all day long?

I need you. Addison needs you. What's going on, James? I sent back. It didn't take long for a reply.

I've met someone, okay? I'll pay support but I can't be who you need me to be.

Fine. Ship my things to Forks. I'm leaving and you won't have to worry about responsibility.

Fine. Bye.

Curling up in my hospital bed, I wrapped my arms around my pregnant belly and cried. Two years had gone down in the drain in just ten minutes. It almost seemed unreal that my life could turn out the way it did. I was the top of my class among the nursing students and now none of that mattered. Addie was the only thing I needed right now. Once she was born, I would go to the admission office on campus and see what I could do about transferring my college credits to a school in Washington. I had only had one year left and with my mother always being home, I was sure she would willingly watch Addie for me when I returned to school at the beginning of September.

My phone vibrated in my hand and I glanced down at the caller id screen.


Wiping away my tears, I straightened up and answered my cell phone.


"Bella!" my mom cried out. My body immediately relaxed, welcoming the familiarity of my mother's voice. "How are you?"

"It's over, Mom," I said. A numb feeling was beginning to wash over my body. Something told me it wasn't because of my epidural. "James doesn't want me anymore. He doesn't want to be in Addison's life either."

"You can't be serious! Your father always said he didn't like that boy." As my mother rambled on, I could hear my father in the background yelling about paying James a visit. "Don't you worry, honey. Your father and I are in a cab as we speak. Once we got your message, we got the next flight out of

"Can I come home? Will you take me back to Forks with you?"

"Honey, I don't think babies can fly so young."

"Then can we rent a car? I just want to go home. Please? I'll help pay. I have some money saved away."

My mother sighed and I knew that she would see things my way. "Isabella Marie! Don't you worry about the money. We can afford it. Just concentrate on having my little Addison okay?"


I glanced at my phone before putting it back to my ear. "Mom, I need to go. I have another call."

"Okay, baby. We'll see you soon. We love you."

"Love you too."

I didn't bother to say bye. Instead, I quickly switched over to the next caller. It was then that I lost it.

"Bella? Bella, calm down okay? I can't understand a word you're saying."

"Oh Alice. Every thing is going down hill."

"What? Why?"

"James isn't here. He broke it off."


I wiped my eyes just as two nurses and my doctor came. "I have to go. Looks like it's time for me to have Addison."

Alice squealed from the other end, causing me to pull the phone away from my ear. Alice's phone call was just what I needed to distract me from the heartbreak I was feeling.

"I wish I could be there, sweetie," Alice said. "My parents send their love."

My parents arrived just in time. Twenty minutes after their arrival at the hospital, Addison Elizabeth Swan was born. She looked just like I had pictured she would with small brown curls on the top of her bald little head. Her eyes were blue, like most infants, with a hint of green that resembled James' eyes. She was absolutely perfect.

As I held my precious baby girl in my arms that night, with my father sleeping in a nearby chair, and my mother in the cafeteria getting coffee, I knew what was going to happen. It didn't matter if James was in my life or not. Addie would be loved no matter what. She didn't need a father to be happy. I was enough for the both of us.