A/n: Okay so this idea came to me out of nowhere obviously. While this may feel a bit weird not writing Jason/Jill anymore, I hope that you guys will come to love my character as you did with Jill. Enjoy!

Summary: Lexie Smith had recently moved to Bon Temps to escape her past and for a fresh start. She has made a few friends but when she meets Jason, Sookie's brother she is thrown into love, drama and not to mention her life getting threatened by the people from Hot Shots. What secret is she hiding from the others that made her past a bad one?

Pairing: Jason/OC

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Chapter 1


"I need two burgers one rare one medium well done and one of them with onion rings and the other fries" I said.

"It'll be ready whenever they get done" Lafayette called from the kitchen. I can easily tell it would be awhile for the food. After all, it is Lafayette.

Before we go on further, I'm Alexis Smith but everyone here calls me Lexie and even back home, everyone calls me by that name. My parents split up when I was five, they divorced when I was seven and I rarely saw my Dad which wasn't surprising to me. I think the last time I saw him was when I was eleven.

I'm only twenty three years old and been living in Bon Temps for about two months. I left New Orleans for a fresh start. My original plan was to go to LA and my car got stuck in Bon Temps and ever since then, I've come to love the town and lived here ever since. I've also dealt with the vampires that live here also. Yeah, vampires do exist and there is one living here and Sookie is currently seeing him.

Sure I'm only 5'6, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes but have I've ever been in a relationship? No but I have dated and some of the guys, well they were okay but not relationship material. I've been single for a few years and I don't mind at all.

"Lex, can you help me with these?" Sookie Stackhouse asked me. She was the first person to make me feel home here and we became close friends ever since.

"Sure it's not like I have anything else to do" I said the last part louder so Lafayette can hear. All he did was rolled his eyes and mumbled something.

I help Sookie and when we were heading back to the bar, I looked at my watch and saw that it was near ten at night. I couldn't believe it went fast but then again I don't get out for another hour and a half. By the time I got back, some of my orders were done and I gave them out. I collected some tip money and their bills.

"Hey sexy can I get your number?" a drunk guy asked me as I was collecting empty glasses.

"Yeah in your world" I mumbled as I rolled my eyes.

I had a feeling that tonight would be one hell of a night.

It was almost near the end of my shift when I heard the door open up. Thinking it was another customer, I continued to bring more dirty dishes in the back.

"Can I get a beer?" I heard a man's voice asked.

"If you're looking for your sister, she just left" I heard Tara saying to whoever it was.

"I wonder who's here now" I said.

"Jason, Sookie's older brother. Cute man but not so much in his head" Lafayette said.

"Sookie has a brother?" I asked.

"You didn't know she has a brother?" he asked.

"I kind of do but you got to remember I've been living here for a few months so do I know who's who? Hell no" I said. I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 11:37. I didn't even know my shift ended almost five minutes ago.

"Shit I got to go" I said, taking off my apron. I went in the back to grab my bag and was fishing for my keys. I wasn't paying attention to anything as I called out saying that I was leaving.

I headed towards my car and got in. I only saw a black truck that was outside and Lafayette's car. I started up the car and just when I was about to pull out, the car stalled.

"Oh come on not tonight" I moaned as I started up the car. My car is an old car. I've had it since I was only seventeen and I had saved enough money from babysitting to get the car after I got my license. It's nothing new but it was something, right?

I kept trying to start but it kept stalling. Well that's just fucking great. I got out of my car and locked it as I headed inside.

"You know if Sam's still here?" I asked.

"How the hell would I know?" Tara replied.

"My car fucking died on me again" I replied as I headed back towards Sam's office. I tried to turn the knob but it was locked. "God dam nit."

"Tried to get in?" Tara said as I stomped in the back of the bar.

"Damn door's freaking locked. Where the hell does Sam go when he leaves to get laid or something?" I replied as I started to flip in the yellow pages for a tow truck number. As I was dialing the number, I looked over and saw a man who had short brown blondish hair and dark brown eyes looking at me.

"See something you like?" I asked sarcastically.

"Oh you know it" he replied, still looking at me.

"Sorry but I'm off the clock" I said rolling my eyes. I heard the dial tone on the other line for the fourth time before I rolled my yes and hung up the phone.

"Would my car be fine here overnight?" I asked.

"Should be" Tara replied. "If it's robbed overnight, don't be bitching tomorrow."

"It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make" I said as I grabbed my IPOD out of my bag and started to untangle my headphones. I didn't have anything valuable in there and I didn't really see the point since I am saving up money for a better car someday.

"You're going to walk?" the man asked.

"Yeah that's how am I going to get home" I said. I put one of my headphone buds in my right ear as I was searching for a song.

"Maybe I should drive you home" he said.

"You don't even know me" I said, raising my eyebrows at him. I'll admit his is cute but I wasn't so sure about getting a ride from him.

"I could get to know you" he said with a smile. Yep, I rather not get a ride.

"I'll be fine" I said as I made my way towards the door.

"It's not safe out there" he called out.

"I got mace" I yelled out as I stepped outside. It was warm out tonight like any other night as I shook my head. I started to walk in one direction that usually took me home.

"There's a place downtown where the freaks are coming round it's a hole in the wall it's a dirty free for all" I sang to myself softly as I was walking home. So far I was doing alright and thank god nothing happened. Yet. Wait, I shouldn't jinx myself.

I was heading past Hot Shots which was known for drug dealing as far as I know and it just happened to be a short cut to my house, when something caught my eye. From what I heard, it's a dangerous place to go to. I looked around before I jogged lightly over there and crept quietly into the junk yard area.

I didn't see anything. I don't know why I even came here. I shook my head and started to head out when I saw something on the ground. I knelt down and picked up a small vial. It looked like something was in it but I couldn't tell.

"What the hell?" I asked softly to myself. I jumped when I heard banging not far away from where I was. I dropped the vial and ran out into the street. I looked towards my right and saw headlights. I ran as fast as I could away from wherever or whoever it was.

I kept on running until I saw the outside light to my house on. I ran up the steps and my hands grabbed my keys and I was putting my house key into the lock as my hands shook with fear. I got the door open and slammed it shut.

I leaned against the door and tried to catch my breath. I locked my front door and tossed my bag on the floor. I wrapped up my headphones and left my IPOD on the coffee table. I went upstairs and took off my work clothes and tossed them in the never ending growing pile of laundry that's in my basket.

Note to self: Do laundry tomorrow.

I changed into an old pair of sweatpants and night shirt as I got comfortable on my bed. I just lied there, staring up at the ceiling long before exhaustion took over and I fell asleep.

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This story will involve the people from Hot Shots. I'm not sure if Crystal will make an appearance but we'll see what happens. Her past will be revealed later on in the story.

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